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Top 7 American English Pronunciation Courses

If you are looking to improve your American English pronunciation, you have probably found that selecting the right program is a daunting task. The...
Learn Korean Best Korean Courses

Learn Korean: Best Korean Courses 2022 [Updated]

It has been found out that 71 million people in the whole wide world speak Korean which is only 1.004% of the population. Korean...
English Grammar Courses & Classes

10 Best English Grammar Courses & Classes

As we all know that English is a universal language. No matter which country you go, you will find someone who speaks English and...
Academic Listening and Note-Taking

Academic Listening and Note-Taking

Online Course Highlights UC Irvine via Coursera 32 hours of effort required 91,561+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ (704 Ratings) Enroll Now for Free Are you a person...
American Accent Mastery II Advanced Application

American Accent Mastery II: Advanced Application

Course Highlights Ashwin Gore via Udemy 473+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ (56 Reviews) Enroll Now Everybody wants to speak English in an American accent but doesn’t know how? In this...


Course Highlights Gabriel Burrafato via Skillshare 1 Project included 2,077+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ (45 Reviews) Enroll Now for Free In this course, you will learn...
American Accent Made Easy - Mastering the American Accent

American Accent Made Easy – Mastering the American Accent

Course Highlights Ashwin Gore via Udemy 4,181+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ (1,063 Reviews) Enroll Now This is a highly competitive, engaging, and challenging course that...
Lead in Spanish

Lead in Spanish | Spanish Language Course for Beginners

Spanish Language Course Highlights via Lead Academy Self-Paced Online Learning High-Quality Study Materials Certified by CPD 973+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ (6 Ratings) Instant Access 24/7 Enroll...
Best American Accent Training Classes

10 Best American Accent Training Classes 2022 [Updated]

Our team at takethiscourse.net has listed down the top 10 American accent training courses for 2022 to help you learn the very popular American...
Japanese Classes

11 Best Online Japanese Classes & Training Courses

Languages like Chinese and Japanese are very hard to learn. More precisely, the Japanese language has found out to be the most difficult language...

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