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What Most Graduates Overlook When Applying for Their First Job


Being fresh out of college is one of the most crucial moments in someone’s life. You passed all tests and trials, got your degree, and are ready to kickstart your career. Yet, you may feel lost and overwhelmed after the first month of looking for a job you would love. Why does that happen?

The truth is, you have to start working on your plan right away in college. Before jumping into a job search, you need to consider some aspects that can ease your job hunt and land you the position of your dreams. Let a professional essay writing service take some of your assignments from your shoulders while you look for plans A, B, and C. It takes patience and dedication to prepare for the job hunt.Applying for your first job

Having too high expectations

Everyone deserves a job that fulfills their passions. Yet, once you graduate, reality seems to be the polar opposite of what you pictured when you studied. No one runs with open hands toward you and offers you positions right off the bat. It is normal to feel disillusioned when looking for your first job.

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You have to sit down and genuinely review what you want, what you can do, and what you need to achieve in short and long periods. It’s better to start looking for different scenarios. It will help manage your expectations and the harsh reality of high competition and companies with poor ethics.

Searching for a job and waiting for a perfect one

The job application process doesn’t look pretty. You might expect it to look like a piece of cake:

  • Apply for your dream job.
  • Get an interview.
  • Land a job.

But in reality, you rarely get to hear from selected positions. You have to apply for as many jobs as possible to increase the chances of getting an interview. That’s how probability and statistics work in real life. The more you try, the more you discover.

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At the same time, don’t waste your time looking for a position that doesn’t exist. Be in a state of constant search because no one will return to you after weeks and months of waiting for that one offer. Invest your time in improving your skills, meeting new people, and caring for your well-being.Searching a Perfect Job

Adding new skills to your resume

Your learning process doesn’t end with your graduation. You need to keep your skills sharp and fresh. Once you land a job, you still need to constantly add something to your self-development list.

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Diversify your skillset and improve the skills you already have. That’s why it is helpful to sign up for finance, legal, or marketing courses that can benefit you to land a better position and grow within a company. Even though online courses don’t substitute for a degree, they show that you are proactive and are able to learn.

Treating interviews seriously

Many people overlook the interview significance when applying for a job. They think an interview is a potential yes right away. In reality, an interview lets HR observe your soft skills and make the final decision on whether to proceed with hiring you. You should treat interviews as the most relevant part of the hiring process.

Here are some aspects to pay attention to when preparing for an interview:

  • Relax and be your authentic self, don’t try to exaggerate or belittle your achievements.
  • Practice common interview questions with your friends.
  • Prepare questions for HR, as it shows that you are involved in the process.
  • Learn more about the company and its history.

Working freelance for experience

Freelance is a perfect opportunity to get skills, connections, and money while in college. It’s not the best option for students who have enough homework, but it diversifies your resume. You can confidently add your freelance gigs to your portfolio and resume to prove you have experience. It shows your future employers that you know and can work.

Freelance is also beneficial to keep up with industry trends. Knowing the theory is one thing. Working with something gives you a relevant insider perspective.

Using professional platforms

Professional platforms play a crucial role for fresh graduates. It helps you to connect with other professionals, gather feedback, and efficiently showcase your experience and skills. Many HRs are searching for candidates on LinkedIn or Indeed. The idea behind these platforms is simple: to match your profile with a position suitable for you.

If you strive to work in the creative industry, look for platforms like Behance and ArtStation. Share your most recent and successful works and projects, participate in competitions, and try to get as much recognition as possible. You may be the best person for the job, but it is hard to find a gem that hides.

Networking and Socializing

Networking is essential to get a position you wouldn’t get otherwise. Knowing the right people and connecting with them at the right time can land you the job of your dreams. It is all about communication and being in the right place and time. Many people believe networking is a cheat code, but it is the only way to find the position you want.

Don’t be shy to introduce yourself and get to know others. Even if networking doesn’t guarantee you land a job, it helps you find a community of like-minded people.

Digital Footprint

In the modern day and age, a background check is a must for any company. Many students have grown online, and some of the jokes and likes from even five years ago can be of poor taste. You should double-check the digital footprint you left behind before applying for any job. Be sure that your online presence won’t sabotage your future.

The Bottom Line

Looking for your first job is not an easy quest with all the pitfalls and hidden catches. You have to stay determined and focused on finding a job that will be perfect for you. Discover your full potential with additional courses, freelance gigs, and other aspects that can make you a valuable candidate for any position.