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PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification Review

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  • Umer Waqar via Udemy
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  • ★★★★★ (14,074 Ratings)

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Are you interested in preparing for the Project Management Professional Certification exam? If yes, then this course is the perfect fit for you. This course has everything you need to pass the new PMP exam and that too on your first attempt. The course covers not only PMBOK 6 but PMBOK 7 and Agile in detail as well. You will get access to high-quality videos and realistic practice questions which we believe are enough to help you get a picture of the actual exam. Taking this course will help you learn the PMBOK 7 performance domains and understand all about predictive project management and agile project management. You will also learn all the formulas involved and the 49 PMBOK project management processes and so much more in detail.

TTC Course Analysis:

Following are the results of comprehensive analysis of “PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification” online course by our team of experts.

TTC Rating
3,101 Reviews

TakeThisCourse Sentiment Analysis Results:

In order to facilitate our learners with real user experience, we performed sentiment analysis and text mining techniques that generates following results:

  • TTC analyzed a total of 3,101 reviews for this online course.
  • The analysis indicates that around 90% reviews were positive while around 10% of reviews had negative sentiment.
  • Umer Waqar’s online course received a total score of 4.5 out of 5, based on user opinions related to 4 effectiveness factors including content, engagement, quality practice and career benefit.

PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification

TTC Course Effectiveness:

Online Course Effectiveness Score (Learn More)
Content Engagement Practice Career Benefit
4.4 / 5.0
1,675 Reviews
4.6 / 5.0
1,926 Reviews
4.3 / 5.0
566 Reviews
4.5 / 5.0
385 Reviews

Based on learner reviews we believe;

  • This course offers easy-to-understand, thought-provoking, and straightforward explanations.
  • The instructor is clear and precise in explaining each concept.
  • The instructor teaches you all about project management through simplified examples.
  • Learners can take this course to prepare and pass the Project Management Professional Certification exam.

PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification

Pros & Cons:


  • Offers engaging examples.
  • To the point and engaging video presentations.
  • Offers broken-out sections having concise information.
  • Access to key points for the exam.
  • Offers engaging practice tests.


  • Contains fewer examples.
  • Some videos go too fast.

What Learners Are Saying About this Course:

This section contains feedback that users have given about this course. By reading actual comments from actual users based on our four main points, you will get a clear picture of this course.


  • This is a great course where the instructor has managed to explain all the concepts in the most suitable possible manner. The course content is quite relevant and can help you learn all about project management. (Hayes J, ★★★★★)
  • This course offers simple and easy-to-follow content that can be taken by anyone interested in project management. When I started this course, I had low expectations but now that I have completed it, I can say it is one of the best courses I have taken so far. (Dale E, ★★★★★)
  • The pace of the course is good and it allows you to take notes side-by-side. I really enjoyed learning from this course. (Sabina T, ★★★★★)
  • This was an easy-to-follow course containing content that is broken down into simplest forms. I really liked the way how the instructor explained all the concepts. (Kristal G, ★★★★★)
  • The format of the course is great making it simpler and easier to understand. It is well designed and looks lightweight to go through the content which is the best thing about this course. (Ankita T, ★★★★★)


  • This course turned out to be so amazing that I didn’t have to struggle through hours of words passing over my head. It really compiles almost all the sections in an easy manner. (John K, ★★★★★)
  • The explanations are not only straightforward but easy to comprehend. This course greatly focuses on all the important topics and gives important tips that will be asked in the exam. (Arya S, ★★★★★)
  • Yes, this course is easy to follow and I really liked the method of repeating the terminologies and equations from time to time. As it helped me memorize them easily. (Reila R, ★★★★★)
  • This course is exactly what I was looking for. Things are explained in a very simple manner and the topics are expounded on well. I really appreciate the efforts that have been put into this course. (Frank S, ★★★★★)
  • The course is so well organized that I can easily return to the previous slide if I have to without forgetting where I was in the first place. (Antonio C, ★★★★★)

Quality Practice:

  • I have been looking for a good and comprehensive PMP course in the market for a while now and found this one. This course just fits the bill perfectly and the instructor has done a great job in helping us develop a strong grip to pass the exam. I really believe he has helped me develop skills that have made me exam ready. (Aasha Singh, ★★★★★)
  • The practice tests along with bonus material are a great source for anyone to develop skills in project management and prepare for the exam. The instructor has made sure to talk about all the relevant concepts and the kind of questions you can see in the actual exam. (John P, ★★★★★)
  • The course was excellent and the instructor used direct and excellent examples to help us understand everything we need for the exam. (Roshond D, ★★★★★)

Learner’s Career Benefit:

  • With the help of this course, I was exposed to management knowledge and so far it has equipped me with all the necessary information to write and pass my PMP exam on the first attempt. I believe this course can advance my career by helping me pass the exam. (Ujala P, ★★★★★)
  • This was such a valuable course that offered the easiest possible way to learn project management. I can say this course has contributed a lot to my good score on the PMP exam. (Jake F, ★★★★★)

Learner’s Suggestions/Recommendations:

  • The course is fine but the only problem was with the PowerPoint show as it had the same template and it became a bit monotonous. I would suggest introducing fewer bullets and more images where possible.
  • The training is no doubt well organized however I would like it if the instructor arranges for more practice questions as it guarantees an understanding of the subject.
  • The course is not easy at many times and I would suggest that the instructor could make it a little easier to understand.
  • The course is entirely theoretical and there is a strong need to add case studies or practical examples.

Is this Course worth taking?

This course can help individuals understand and learn the essentials of Project Management and teach them to manage projects like a pro. With that, this course also aims to help you prepare and pass the exam. So overall we think this course is the best fit for those interested in Project Management.

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