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How Can University Friendships Become an Investment in Your Future?


University Friendships

University is a perfect time to meet new people and make some friends. Besides being exciting, it can also become an investment in your future. Networking and communicating comes with a lot of benefits that this article will dwell on.

Benefits of Making Friends at University

College is great for meeting people because everyone is new here, and there are plenty of people sharing the same interests. There are parties, clubs, events, and meetings to go to. It all comes naturally, and it is easy to reach out to people based on studies, classes, or similar passions.

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So there is help out there. University teaches us to be flexible in terms of time management and resources. And one of the essential parts of it is making friends because it offers a multitude of advantages.

Interpersonal Skills

The first benefit of being socially active is the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills. Whether you work on a group project, join a sports team, or go to a party – it is also a learning experience. Interpersonal skills are among the vital soft skills any employer is looking for. If you get better at them, this will make your future career more successful.

You can learn to:

  • Communicate efficiently
  • Listen to others
  • Come up with compromises
  • Network and follow up
  • Be more sympathetic to others
  • Be more persuasive

Overall, it ensures the development of emotional intelligence, which is crucial for professional and personal life. It is a foundation of self-development that is a part of higher education experience in general. And university gives immense opportunities to learn by meeting different people.


It is hard to underestimate the power of networking when it comes to any type of career. The people you meet and know define how easy it might be to get into the desired industry or company. Via university events, you can find a potential employer, business partner, or future colleague.

This might sound a bit cold, but networking doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to have an emotional connection with people. You can be friends and good acquaintances and still help each other in some way.

To make some connections, make sure to visit different events, career fairs, seminars, and guest lectures. Students can also reach out to alumni and ask for advice in terms of career or personal development.

Mood and Motivation

Studying with friends is more exciting than being in isolation. Having a strong support group is essential to better well-being and mood. University can be difficult in terms of stress and workload. Students have to deal with a lot of internal and external expectations and pressure.

Having friends around helps tremendously. You can just vent out, go to a movie party, or help each other with homework. This ensures you have support, which boosts confidence and an overall level of enjoyment when it comes to college. It is useful for mental health and keeping internal motivation high. As a result, friends help you to keep on going even when the times are hard.

Wider Worldview

In university, you are exposed to a much more diverse group of people than in your high school or hometown. There are people from all over the world, from other parts of your country, or even international learners. Making friends with them encourages you to think openly, learn new things about the world, and widen your worldview.

Students, from freshers to seniors, can teach you a lot about their experience, which helps you to be more open-minded, flexible, and accepting of others. Not only is it a part of growing as a person but also great for preparing for a job. You’ll be able to work with different people and find common ground no matter how different your opinions or backgrounds are.

Also, dealing with an opposite perspective on some things is a great learning opportunity. If you maintain productive discussion, you can get a better idea of other arguments and build your own stronger or even change your mind on the subject. Being open to change and new visions is amazing for any type of career you are going to pursue. It also makes you a constant learner, which is a secret to professional development.

How Can University Friendships Become an Investment in Your Future

Lifetime Friends

This might seem a bit obvious, but for many people, friends they make in college stay for a lifetime. You grow and develop together, share experiences, and learn from each other. This is something that is hard to replicate in other circumstances. And no matter how different you are, you already have a huge mutual bonding thing – university.

This is one of the great investments in having a fulfilling life – making friends to be there for you. And you will be there for them as well. Ready to dive into the world of investing? Explore our curated selection of resources and learn the art of value investing.

In Summary

Although meeting a lot of new people can feel a bit overwhelming for some, the university is a unique time to make friends. You get to work and communicate with different but like-minded people you can learn from. This is essential for self-development, growing emotional intelligence, and having a more enjoyable experience in college as a whole.