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Tableau Vs Microsoft Power BI

Tableau vs Power bi

Let’s analyze and discuss about Business Intelligence tools like Tableau vs Microsoft Power BI by understanding their key features.


Tableau is an amazing and effective business intelligence tool that is used to help people understand and organize huge piles of data and make proper conclusions accordingly. Tableau is now mostly used by all types of organizations as everyone has to deal with huge data on a daily basis and have to make decisions. So we can say that this business intelligence tool is the most appropriate solution to take care of huge data efficiently.

Microsoft Power BI:

Microsoft Power BI is a very efficient business analytics service that has been introduced by Microsoft. The purpose of this BI tool is to provide users with a number of interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities and also an interface that is so simple that a user is able to create his own dashboards and interactive reports.

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Which one is better Tableau or Power BI?

Well, both these tools are competent and helpful but still, there are huge differences between them and also the number of people that use tableau is more than the people that use Power BI. According to a survey, the total revenue for the first quarter of 2019 was $282.5 million, which is up 15% from $246.2 million for the first quarter of 2018. Whereas the total revenue for Power BI is far less than tableau.

So let now point out which business tool is better between the Tableau vs Microsoft Power BI:

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Power BI

If we talk about the description of tableau then we’d say tableau is a collection of different intuitive business intelligence tools that are used for discovering data, dealing with huge data and making possible conclusions based on it. Similarly, a Microsoft Power BI is known to be a cloud-based business intelligence platform whose function is to provide a full and clear view of the critical data.
Tableau is so much popular because it gives out its users a huge variety of visualizations if we compare it with Power BI. In a Power bi, the variety of sets of visualizations is very limited. That is, users don’t have a lot of options to decide from.
The best and most convenient thing about using tableau is that it supports both Windows and Macintosh OS. If we talk about Power bi, it only supports the Windows and not the Macintosh.
When using tableau, a user is going to find any types of charts, bars and graphs. But in Power BI, there are only regular charts, bars and graphs available for users to choose from.
Though tableau has its perks but one problem that tableau has is it is very costly. Any organization who would want to use tableau have to spend a lot on it. If an organization is using Power BI, then they don’t have to worry about the cost because the Power BI tool is very cheap in price.


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These above mentioned are very clear and common differences that one can spot out between Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, the two business intelligence tools and can realize afterwards which tool is better to use. After understanding these differences, we can say that Tableau is still the best, most effective and user-friendly tool than any other business intelligence tool. So start learning to use this tool now.

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