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Advance Financial Management in Power BI

Online Course Highlights
  • Muhammad Kashif & Asif Hafeez via Kaizen Analytic
  • 480+ students already enrolled!
  • Course Type: Instructor-led

This Advance Financial Management in Power BI trainer-led training workshop is all about explaining the automation of financial and business reports and what dashboard design is. This is the 24th batch of International Online Trainer-Led training workshops and aims to equip you with data analysis and data visualization skills. Gain valuable data analysis expertise without spending a dime by utilizing our free Power BI certification resources.

What will you get from this course?

  • Taking this trainer-led workshop will help you understand all about the 10 finance or business dashboards and that too in a step-by-step manner.
  • You will get access to one-to-one sessions with your trainers who will make sure to guide you in creating at least one dashboard for your company.
  • Similarly, you will get access to 36 hours of live online training which will be completed in 12 days.
  • Next, you will get access to 290+ pages of a manual that has every step written down in detail.


  • Muhammad Kashif
    • He is a C-Level Coach and Corporate Trainer having expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Analytics.
  • Asif Hafeez
    • He is a Professional Accountant, who also provides Excel based and Microsoft Power BI Trainings.

Our deep dive review of Power BI Desktop for BI explores the practical applications and effectiveness of this powerful tool in business intelligence.

Benefits of taking this course:

If you decide to take this course not only will you be saving a lot of time but also;

  • You get to learn how to extract detailed and meaningful insights with your data.
  • You will gain data analytics and visualization skills important to further your career in this field.

Basic Information:

Below you can find the basic details of this course or workshop:

  • The classes will only be held on Saturdays, via Zoom online application.
  • The number of classes will be 12 spread from June 2022 to September 2022.
  • The timings will be from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm (Pakistan Standard Time).

How to register?

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