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CIPD – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Courses Review


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Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the professional body for HR and people development. It is known well for helping people build their impact and career in the people profession. CIPD aims to champion better work and working lives by improving practices in people and organization development. CIPD is constantly helping and playing an active part to ensure that work benefits individuals, businesses, economies, and society.

What does CIPD do?

CIPD sets professional standards and supports all its members in making a real impact on the work and working lives of the people and organizations they are working in/with. With the help of independent research and insights, they influence policy and practice and then make sure that everyone is benefiting from it. This is how CIPD becomes a trusted adviser to not only individuals but employers, media, and policymakers as well.

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  • TTC analyzed a total of 1,246 reviews for 03 online courses.
  • The analysis indicates that around 96% reviews were positive.
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More about Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD):

Purpose of CIPD:

CIPD is working day and night with only one purpose to fulfill and that is to champion better work and working lives of the people. They try to create good work for the economy, society, individuals, and employers. This is indeed a big purpose and only be achieved if there is a clear understanding of the;
  • All the challenges can prevent individuals from working efficiently at work.
  • All such challenges can prevent an organization from valuing and investing in solutions that could ultimately lead to improved people management and development practices.
  • Similarly, all such challenges can prevent organizations from valuing and investing in their own people.

What does CIPD offer?

CIPD has a lot to offer and it is up to the individual to find the right service.

Shape your learning around your life:

With CIPD, you get the option to choose where and when you wish to learn as it offers 24/7 access to the CIPD learning hub. All you have to do is book a course with the CIPD and get access to the learning hub. Below you can find some of the names of the courses offered by CIPD;
  • Base and variable pay.
  • Basics of organization design and development.
  • Being an inclusive leader essential insights.
  • Business acumen introductory program.
  • Business partner practitioner.
  • Business partnering accredited program.
Note that some of these courses/classes are online. Some are self-directed while some are face-to-face as well. So it all depends on what you want.

CIPD member community:

They offer different discussion forums where you meet other people like you. You can discuss the latest topics with them in a secure and supportive environment. Ask them what you need to do and share your views as well.

Experts on work continuously:

CIPD’s experts are continuously trying to advance knowledge and understanding of people management and development.

Helping drive change:

CIPD has managed to help around 160,000 members in making a difference in work and working lives each day.

CIPD’s Online Courses:

HR FundamentalsHR Fundamentals

  • 99,976+ already enrolled!
  • 15 Hours of effort required!
  • ★★★★★ 4.8 (637 Ratings)

Inclusive Management and Leadership SkillsInclusive Management and Leadership Skills

  • 4,094+ already enrolled!
  • 12 Hours of effort required!
  • ★★★★★ 4.7 (39 Ratings)

People Management SkillsPeople Management Skills

  • 99,453+ already enrolled!
  • 15 Hours of effort required!
  • ★★★★★ 4.7 (570 Ratings)

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