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Using Scrum Principles in domains other than Software Development


The growing popularity of Scrum principles or agile management methods has forced domains other than Software Development to apply these principles as well. After careful research and exploration, it has been found out that scrum principles happen to be of great use not only in the software domain but in other domains as well including healthcare, cybersecurity, manufacturing, marketing, finance, and many others. So let us talk a little about how scrum principles are changing the way people and organizations use to work and how can these domains learn from it. Take This Course is the Best Online Platform for scrum masters to become Certified and Professional Scrum Masters by taking CSM Practice Test and PSM Certification Dumps that is very close to the real exam.

The growing popularity of Scrum Principles in different domains:

Though there is a long list of domains who are following scrum principles, we are going to talk about a few of them. How they used to work before, how they are working now, and what are the after-affects.


Studies have shown that the use of agile methodology or scrum principles has brought a drastic change in the manufacturing sector and supply chain management. A comparison was made between the way things were used to be done before implementing Scrum principles and after. Results showed that the agile manufacturing methods differed so clearly from traditional manufacturing that it was best described as a paradigm shift. In other words, scrum principles led the environment of an organization by placing their customers first and then the company. A whole team was developed and every member of the team is given a specific task and whoever the customer is, has to stay in the loop as well. By giving more importance to what the customer wants instead of saving capital for the organization, the products delivered were more reliable.


Similarly, the use of scrum principles was put into action in a medical family practice where the professionals were able to improve their skills by being transparent in whatever they do. Not just that, they also kept taking regular feedback from the peers just like a scrum master does, and then tried to correct themselves according to it. Applying these principles helped them become more effective.


As scrum is a framework that focuses on teamwork, transparency, and iterative processes for product development, its principles can also be applied in cybersecurity. By understanding and applying different aspects of a scrum, security admins are able to improve their development techniques. They can use scrum principles to implement and manage processes and controls and can effectively build an agile cybersecurity program. There are four basic principles of Scrum named transparency, inspection, adaptation, and time-boxing. If these four principles are strictly followed at every step then the chances of setting up a high-quality cybersecurity program are quite high.


Finance can be a tricky subject and you constantly have to deal with huge numbers and act according to it. And that is why it can become a little difficult for accountants to deal with such numbers. But after the scrum methods were implemented in relation to teams of accountants and also with the use of story-maps, sprints, and retrospectives, the whole system became easier to handle.

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Thus these domains mentioned can help you understand how the Scrum principles can also be used outside of a software development domain and that how fast it can change the views and working patterns of these sectors. So never consider scrum methodologies to be only useful in the software development domain as they can be implemented in almost any type of domain. All you need is a step higher understanding of what scrum is and can actually do.