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What kinds of Businesses demand a Scrum Master?


The terms Scrum and agile framework has tended to gain much of limelight lately. Whether you are at an office or at a meeting or even at a coffee shop, there is a talk about Scrum. You might ask about what Scrum Master or Scrum is because somehow you have heard it from somewhere like the internet, colleagues, social media or any other source. This is because Scrum is now gaining popularity among businesses and the majority of the organizations or businesses are in awe with Scrum.

Scrum Master is one of the key roles in organizations implementing the Scrum Framework. So let us talk about some of the concerns that come in mind when we talk about Scrum.

  • Which businesses need a Scrum Master?
  • To what extent they need him?
  • Will the progress of the company tend to improve after hiring a Scrum Master?
  • How experienced a Scrum Master we need?

These and other questions arise when we talk about a Scrum Master. So let us first clear our mind that the role of a Scrum Master is not a one-size-fits-all individual that if enters our business can take it to the highest level by himself. Instead, a Scrum Master has to be capable enough to lift the whole organization by implementing scrum practices. There are many organizations that have no idea how to evaluate their employee’s performance. Instead, they just leave it up to them to sort it out on their own. This is where problems arise.

So a Scrum Master has should be capable enough to implement scrum practices within an organization and to make his whole teamwork as per the scrum guidelines.

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List of businesses or industries that need a Scrum Master:

Now that we know what a Scrum master’s job actually is and why it is important to have him, let us take a look at the businesses or organizations that need them:

  • Financial institutions.
  • Manufacturing industries.
  • Government offices.
  • Consulting agencies.
  • Disrupters
  • Bottom line.

Be it government offices where a person is responsible for leading a whole team or financial institutions like banks, accountancy agencies where each transaction has to be recorded and kept safe everyone needs some kind of a personnel that can guide them, help them highlight their mistakes, make them work more hard, boost their morale and help them improve their performance so that the whole business flourishes.

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Similarly, if we talk about consulting agencies where different practices and techniques must be implemented or disruptors like Uber, Careem where they face high competition on a daily basis but have to keep going in order to increase their profits, all such people needs a Scrum Master to step in and build a high performing team so that they can smooth their business processes by continuous improvement, introduce new innovations and ideas, thrive on adaptability and flexibility, bringing drastic changes in the business if needed and continuously pushing the team to be more independent and productive. Check out your first guide to Scrum Events/Ceremonies.