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Facts that Justify PMP Certification Worth


A Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized professional certification that has proven out to be very useful for users in shaping their careers. This certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that is a US non-profit professional organization. The purpose of this certification is to help users get leverage on others and help them stand tall among the crowd. This certification has turned out to be very essential for all the Project Managers out there who are interested in taking their career to an advanced level. But many think that this certification is not worth taking. They don’t want to spend their time and effort on something that is very hard to pass so that is why they think it’s not worth trying. But today we are going to discuss some facts that will prove PMP certification worth.

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Facts that justify PMP certification worth:

It adds value to your resume:

Although there are many Professional Certifications out there that can be of help in shaping a person’s career, the PMP certification is the most valuable certification one can get. Nowadays, the Project Management jobs are very high in demand and that interviewers specifically look for those candidates who are PMP certified. So this means that becoming a PMP certified can help a person to differentiate himself from others.

Helps you develop all the crucial skills:

As we know that there are many Project Managers out there in the market which makes it very difficult for everyone to get a job in this field. So something special or different has to be done by an individual that can help him stand out in the crowd. So the best way to make that happen is to become a PMP certified. Not only you’ll be preferred among others but you will also develop skills that you have never learned before.

PMP Formulas

Here is the list of some important PMP Exam formulas :

PMP Exam Formulas

Can be the reason for earning a high income:

A survey has shown that those who are PMP certified incline to earn 20% more than the regular ones. This means that if you are a PMP certified associate you have nothing to be worried about as you have made your future secured. This certification will gradually help you get an increase in your pay and your designation thereby leading you towards a successful career platform.

Helps you by providing networking opportunities:

The PMI proudly states that they have a total of 773,840 active PMP certification holders all around the world. So this makes for a huge network. So as soon as you sign up as a PMI member, you also become part of that club. PMI is responsible for arranging different meetings regularly in major cities all over the world. This helps the users to make connections with other people easily.

PMP Practice Exams


The above mentioned were only a few facts that prove the worth of PMP certification. But in reality, there are many other factors that can prove that PMP certification is totally worth getting. So we would say that if you are a Project Manager who wants to take his career to the highest level then you’d better consider becoming a PMP certified associate.