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Overview of Korean MOOCs Platform


K-MOOCs is known to be a Korean MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) platform that was launched in the year 2015 by the Republic of Korea (RoK). The platform has managed to provide a wide variety of MOOCs that are not only engaging but also of high quality to all the learners who are interested. This platform is run and fully supported by the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Korea (RoK).

The platform is collaborating with a number of best Universities that are in Korea who are providing a handful number of MOOCs for learners. The platform started with only 27 lectures from 10 prestigious Universities, but since its commencing, it has only tended to grow.

Number of Universities who are partners with Korean MOOCs:

Like said above, the K-MOOCs is in partnership with a number of best Universities that are located in Korea to provide high quality, easy-to-understand and engaging Massive Open Online Courses  to the learners. So let us take a look at the Universities who have partnered with K-MOOCs. As of 2017, it was found out that K-MOOCs is in collaboration with a total of 70 Universities which are all located in Korea. The K-MOOCs haven’t had the chance to collaborate with universities outside Korea but this too will happen as they progress.

Among these 70 Universities, following are the names of the well-esteemed Universities in Korea that are collaborating with the K-MOOCs:

  • KYUNGNAM University.
  • KYUNG HEE University.
  • KOREA University.
  • DAEGU University.
  • PUSAN National University.
  • SANGMYUNG University.
  • SEOUL National University.
  • SUNGSHIN University.
  • SEJONG University.
  • EWHA WOMANS University.
  • HANYANG University.
  • INHA University.
  • YONSEI University.
  • SOOKMYUNG WOMENS University.
  • CHONBUK National University.
Best Free Online Courses with Certificates of Completion from Top Universities/Organizations

Programming Courses
100+ Courses

Cybersecurity courses
30+ Courses

Business Courses
70+ Courses

Blockchain Courses
20+ Courses

Data Science Courses
150+ Courses

Mobile App Development Courses
50+ Courses

What are the number of courses offered by the Korean MOOCs?

According to the year 2017, it was founded out that the total number of courses offered by the K-MOOCs were one hundred and forty-three. These courses are offered by different Universities and each University is responsible for deciding the course content and the level that is to be offered to the students. With that, it was also found out that the platform is working hard on expanding their number of courses in different areas like Robotics, Internet of things and many others. In the near future, the number of courses will only tend to increase.

Some of the best and most popular courses offered by K-MOOCs.

As we know that K-MOOCs is offering more than one hundred and forty-three Online Courses and this number only tends to increase as time goes by. Among all these courses, there are some courses that have turned out to be very popular and a huge number of learners have enrolled in such courses. So let us find out the names of these popular courses.

Introduction to economics:

This course is instructed by Professor Joon Koo Lee who is a professor at Seoul National University. The number of students who enrolled in this course is more than sixteen thousand.

Creative Ideation: The creativity in my hand:

This course has been instructed by the Professor Young-Taek Part who is at Sungkyunkwan University.

Life in the Universe:

This is also a very popular course that is offered by K-MOOCs and these courses has been instructed by Professor Hie Joo Kim at the Seoul National University.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

Can a learner earn credits or get a certificate upon completing any course from Korean MOOCs?

The answer to this question is yes. K-MOOCs issues a certificate of completion to all those who manage to take and complete the course properly. As far as about the credit earnings, all the students can earn credits if they have registered at these below-mentioned Universities.

  • The Ewha Woman’s University.
  • Korea University.
  • Pusan National University.

Of course, there are some conditions which if fulfilled by the learner will let him earn credits. He/she is bound to complete whatever the requirements are of any course he/she takes. This includes offline in-class examinations and offline course meetings that are organized by the course instructor.

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With this, our topic comes to the conclusion that Korean Massive Online Courses are an amazing opportunity for the people of Korea to take different courses and learn from them. The platform is not only in partnership with well-esteemed Universities but is also supported by the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Korea.Another reliable eLearning platform is lse online courses it is an online education platform where you also can learn a lot. So go to the website and get yourself enrolled in a course of your choice now.