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6 Best + Free Manipur University Online Courses 2021 [Updated]


Manipur University is a renowned university, located in Imphal, India. Manipur University has formulated some courses which can be taken by anyone. These have been taken and tested by our team and have proven to be very useful, furthermore, Manipur University courses are completely online and free of cost. Following are the Best + Free Manipur University Online Courses 2021

  1. Educational Technology
  2. Immunology
  3. Cell Biology
  4. Education in Contemporary India
  5. Sports Administration and Management
  6. Introduction to Marketing Management – 1

saveEducational Technology

      • Dr. Naziya Hasan | CEC and Manipur University via Swayam
      • 1,750+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 8 Weeks
      • Category: Teacher Education
      • Level: Undergraduate

education technology

Manipur University courses revolves around Educational Technology, but the main question is, what is educational technology? Now you may actually think that Education Technology is a computer, digital tools, internet, mobile phones, smart boards, electric gadgets, and a lot more. But Educational Technology incorporates everything that enhances teaching and learning. In short, it is the knowledge that helps in improving both teaching and learning methods. In Manipur University courses, you will be learning how to reach the pre-set goals of education through a systematic organization of learning by following different procedures and processes. At the end of this particular course, you will be familiar with Classroom Communication and Teaching Aids, Instructional Techniques and Phases, levels, and Models of Teaching and Understand the concept.


      • Prof. Sudip Kumar Ghosh, Prof. Agneyo Ganguly | CEC and Manipur University via Swayam
      • 3,761+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Bioengineering / Biosciences
      • Level: Undergraduate

ImunologyDo not get frightened by the title of this Manipur University courses, in fact, this course can be adopted by anyone who has knowledge about any branch of life sciences. These Manipur University courses will provide you with a thorough knowledge of Immunology. You can get introduced to a wide range of topics in immunology. With this course, you will be covering topics such as cells of the immune system, innate and adaptive immune systems, humoral immunity, antibody structure and function, basic immunological techniques, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, and vaccine production. Before enrolling for these Manipur University Courses, you need to have basic knowledge about Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell and molecular biology.

saveCell Biology

      • Dr. K. Sanatombi | CEC and Manipur University via Swayam
      • 1,975+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Mathematics
      • Level: Undergraduate

Cell biologyAll Cell biology lovers this is a perfect course for you. Get to know about the structure and function of cells and cellular components. Furthermore, these Manipur University Courses has been divided into different modules to study different areas of cellular biology including structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, membrane and organelle structure and function, the chemical composition of the cell, cell organelles and cellular communication. These Manipur University courses also covers some practical aspects of cellular study such as the methods to fractionate cells and cellular components. You can also cover some other important parts of the cell study such as cell communication, cell surface receptors, the structure and function of enzymes and kinetics of enzyme reactions, etc.


saveEducation in Contemporary India

      • Dr. Naziya Hasan | CEC and Manipur University via Swayam
      • 872+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 6 Weeks
      • Category: Education
      • Level: Undergraduate

What Education in Contemporary India is? It is learning the importance of education in today’s Indian context. For a teacher to be renowned and successful it is essential to have a good knowledge of philosophical and sociological bases of education especially in the context of India. With these Manipur University courses, you will be able to understand the meaning of philosophy and its relationship with Education, you will also understand the influences of various schools of philosophical thoughts on Education. With this course, you will be able to understand the relationship of education with culture and its role and understand teaching in the context of modernization and a lot more.

saveSports Administration and Management

      • Dr. M. Chourjit Singh | CEC and Manipur University via Swayam
      • 1,365+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 8 Weeks
      • Category: Education
      • Level: Undergraduate

Extra co-curricular activities are highly appreciated and are very beneficial for an institution. Managing any sports event is very different from managing normal events. In Manipur University courses, by learning the five main units of management you will be able to manage and plan any sort of sports event. These Manipur University Courses could prove to be very advantageous for the students and practitioners of the business of sports administration and management. The five units that this course focuses on are:

  1. Introduction to Management and Organizational Structure
  2. Facilities and Equipment’s
  3. Staff and their Qualities
  4. Intramural, Extramural and Budget
  5. Leadership and Public Relation

After the successful completion of this Manipur University Online courses, you will have all of the knowledge about the fundamental background of management and sports administration.

saveIntroduction to Marketing Management – 1

      • Dr. Nambram Amulkumar | CEC and Manipur University via Swayam
      • 2,603+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 8 Weeks
      • Category: Management Studies
      • Level: Undergraduate

Intro to marketing managementWant to learn what Market Managing is? If yes, then these Manipur University courses is meant for you. In these Manipur University courses, you will be learning how to formulate marketing strategic plans to sustain in such a competitive market. You can learn and apply the knowledge of different concepts of Marketing and their use in managerial decisions in order to formulate an effective marketing program. You can understand the core concepts of marketing and its functions and importance. Get to know what is a Marketing Environment like. With these Manipur University Courses course, you will go through the Marketing System and what it includes. At the end of these Online Manipur university courses, you will learn about the consumers’ behavior and the factors affecting consumer behavior.

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We hope that you found our article helpful and that it has provided you with a better insight to what these courses have to offer. So, sit back, relax, and enroll for one of the courses. Stay safe at home and keep learning.