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Overview of Malone Online Learning Platform

Malone Online Learning Platform

Malone University is a well-esteemed private liberal arts college that was founded in the year 1892. This institute was founded by Walter and Emma Malone as a small and co-educational Bible institute which was called Cleveland Bible College. Later on, Malone College was established in the year 1957 and then the foundation of the University was laid in the year 2008. The total number of students at Malone University as of spring 2018 was 1613 including undergraduates and postgraduates. The University further introduced Malone Online Learning Platform to provide 24/7 educational services.

Online Learning at Malone University:

Just as what is expected in a traditional classroom, Malone University’s online program has been initiated with this particular goal of providing the same standards as in a traditional classroom. The goal here is to develop or provide an active learning environment through a series of thoughtful and engaging activities.

Malone University’s online learning platform enables every student to get access to the course material twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Online Degrees for Undergraduates:

Now let us shed some light over the Malone online learning degree programs to offer for the undergraduates.

A.A in General Studies:

This online degree aims to help students achieve the educational goals that can ultimately prepare them to become professional. It doesn’t matter if you are resuming your studies or starting for the first time, this online Associate of Arts in General Studies program will act as an initiative towards earning a proper bachelor’s degree.

The degree has a lot to offer such as an accelerated curriculum, number of courses that feature various collegiate topics, a faculty of dedicated professors that will be by your side till the end of the degree and much more. Together, all this will help you to build a strong academic foundation which is going to support your business career. Also, once you’re done with the degree, you’ll have 60 credits that can be applied to a bachelor’s degree.

Key topics to be covered:
  • Writing and researching.
  • Literary and visual fine arts.
  • Global culture.
  • Quantitative literacy.
  • Public speaking.
  • Christian theology and philosophy.

For further details click here:    A.A GENERAL STUDIES

B.A in Social Work:

This online bachelor’s degree in social work is an amazing opportunity for the student to study the competencies that are required to advance as practitioners of care. With the help of advanced courses, rigorous training and the best curriculum, a learner will become an ethically-minded professional in a career that he is interested in.

The mode of learning of this degree in solely digital and provides students with full flexibility of learning whenever and wherever they want. The time limit to complete the degree in as little as two years and after completing the degree, a student will have 124 credit hours.

Key topics to be covered:
  • Human growth and development.
  • Social work theory.
  • Research and writing within the field.
  • Human behaviour.
  • Social welfare policy.
  • Working with individuals, families and groups.
  • Macro, mezzo and micro-level practice.
  • Psychology
  • Professional ethics.

For further details click here:   B.A Social Work

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B.A in Marketing:

As the marketing industry has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing workforces, there are many people whose interest have shifted towards this field. And that is where Malone’s B.A. in Marketing comes in the picture. With this degree, a learner will be able to develop the professional skills that are a must so as to thrive in today’s business marketing climate.

From public relations to innovative advertising, a learner will become a master in all the key marketing concepts thereby establishing a competitive edge as well. This will be a two-year program where the mode of learning is online. In the end, a learner will have 124 credit hours.

Key topics to be covered:
  • Advertising.
  • Public relations.
  • Market research.
  • Consumer behaviour.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Business ethics.
  • Economics
  • The global marketplace.

For further details, about the program click here:   B.A in Marketing

B.A Organizational Management:

This is an innovative online degree program that is very suitable for adult learners who are eager to develop skills to deal with people, products and processes. This student-centred program will without any doubt prepare a learner for any type of leadership positions.

The duration of this program is between 12-15 months and the mode of learning is entirely online so that learners can learn according to their own ease, pace and flexibility. By the end of this program, a learner will earn 124 credit hours.

Key topics to be covered:
  • Organizational behaviour.
  • Communications
  • Management and leadership.
  • Statistical methods.
  • Control systems.
  • Financial management.
  • Human resources.
  • Business ethics.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Critical thinking.

For further query regarding this program, Click here: B.A Organizational Management

B.A. Business Administration:

This degree program is a perfect solution to develop all the business, marketing and other management skills that will help a person to add value to their resume and stand tall in the crowd. The program contains a comprehensive curriculum that is overlooked by experts. The estimated program length of this program is 12-24 months.

It only depends on the speed of the person whether he completes it within a year or two. The teaching methodology is totally online and at the end of this program, a learner will have 124 credit hours.

Key topics to be covered:
  • Corporate and proprietor accounting
  • Product costing
  • Market research
  • Inventory control
  • Contracts
  • Labour-management relations
  • Consumer behaviour.
  • Marketing strategies
  • Business and nonprofit management
  • Business ethics
  • Financing
  • The global marketplace
  • Information systems for business
  • Economics

For further details regarding this program click here: BBA Program

With these undergraduate online programs, Malone University is also offering online graduate programs in the following fields.

  • M.A. Education, Clinical Mental Health Counselling.
  • M.A. Organizational Leadership.
  • MBA
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Ending our discussion with a viewpoint that Malone University is constantly playing its part in shaping the lives of thousands of students with these online programs. These programs being so flexible enable the students to work and study at the same time at their own ease and pace.Another reliable eLearning platform is google digital garage where you also can learn a lot. So visit the website and look for the Malone Online Learning Program you’re interested in and start learning today.