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Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies: Ionic and Cordova

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology University Online Course Highlights
  • 4 weeks long
  • 6-8 hours to complete
  • Learn for FREE, Upgradable
  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Jogesh K. Muppala, Associate Professor
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Online Course Details:

This course focuses on developing multiplatform mobile applications using the Web technologies (HTML5, CSS, and Javascript). In particular, we make use of the Cordova hybrid application framework to develop and target multiple mobile platforms with a single codebase. We make use of the Ionic framework (Ionic Ver 3.x), one of the most popular mobile application frameworks, that is built with mobile-optimized HTML5 and CSS based components and Angular. You will learn about UI development with Ionic and then using Cordova’s modules to access the native mobile platform’s capabilities from Javascript. You should have already completed the Bootstrap 4 and the Angular courses in this specialization before proceeding with this course.

At the end of this course you will be able to (a) Build mobile applications targeting multiple platforms with a single codebase, (b) Leverage your HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Angular skills, and (c) Use various features of the Ionic framework to build hybrid mobile applications


  • Ionic (Mobile App Framework)
  • Apache Cordova
  • Angularjs
  • Mobile Application Development

Coursera has again amazed us by introducing such an important short course for its learners named “Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies: Ionic and Cordova”. The course is really interesting and is suitable for all those students or professionals who are in this field. The main subject of this course is to focus on developing multiplatform mobile application s by using web technologies that includes HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The purpose of this course is to teach the learners how they can develop and target multiple mobile platform with a single codebase using Cordova hybrid application framework and how they can use different features of the Ionic framework to build hybrid mobile applications. By taking this course a learner will gain a lot of benefits such as being able to build different mobile applications and targeting multiple platform with a single code base. They will become capable of leveraging a lot of skills like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and Angular skills. The course is the perfect guide for developing mobile app in the most possible convenient way.

Who should take this course?

This course should be taken by all those who wishes to learn to develop HTML5, CSS, Ionic and Cordova and many other mobile development skills. The course has turned out to be very helpful for so many users and they have claimed that this course has taught them new concepts that they were unaware of before. If you are a beginner or an intermediate level person, you can take this course and start learning from it. Those who already have experience in this field should also take this course and learn different things from this course and also they will get to refresh their concepts too. So don’t hesitate to take the course and think that you can’t do this because you can. The course has different modules in it that will help all types of users to learn from it. So I would say that the course can be taken by any category of a learner, you just have to be determined enough to understand the course even if you think it’s difficult.

Social proof:

Let us now discuss the most important section of this while discussion that is the social review. A social review contains feedback from different users who have taken this course. These users after completing the course give their opinion regarding the course that how it helped them in different ways. The advantage of this section is that it gives other users who are planning to take this course an idea about it, they get to know what different users think of this course and how it helped them. In this way it becomes a little easy to decide whether a user should take this course or not. We will start from 5 star rating till 2 and 1 star rating and show different comments of the users.

5 Star rating.

A very excellent course that turned out to be very helpful for my job.

Of all the short courses that I have taken in my life, this course was the one that gave me such concepts that I could actually apply in solving my real life work problems. This resulted in excellent performance and I got a bonus.

A very well designed course that has given so much valuable information to its users.

This course has a lot of valuable information in it that if a user listens to carefully can get a lot of benefit from it. I was able to learn so many new concepts about mobile app development that helped me a lot in improving my performance.

The skills taught in the course regarding mobile app development are impeccable

The course has a lot skills about mobile app development that are being taught to the learners in a thorough manner. These skills are a guarantee of a bright future.

I would highly recommend this course.

This course is recommended to all those people who wishes to make their career in this field. I myself took this course because my friend recommended this course to me because he knew that I have interest in this field. So I took the course because of him and after completing the course, I thank my friend for suggesting me this amazing course. So I would recommend this course further to my other friends as well.

A great course that has very informational content in it.

I found this course to be beyond amazing. The course is filled with such useful set of instructions that many instructors fail to provide but this course has it all. So if a person takes this course, he gets an opportunity to learn the best from the best.

The body language of the instructor was very positive.

The instructor has tried to communicate all the concepts in a very effective manner. His body language was very optimistic that made the course easy to learn from.

The course made me apply all these concepts in my work too.

I have a good job and I am giving a good output. But then I took the course and learned so many new things from it that I was actually able to apply in my real life. I was able to solve so many of my work problems only because I had all the answers from the course. It really helped me in shaping my career. Today I have a job that I really love to do only because now my mind has all the answers that I need in doing my work properly.

This is a type of course that can add value to anyone’s work easily.

This is a course that can shape anyone’s work performance, it’s just like adding value to your work. I got to learn the best tips from this course that surely adds value to my work every day.

4 Star rating.

This course has a lot of general information regarding mobile app development that most people fail to share.

The course has such information regarding mobile app development that most of the teachers fail to give. But the instructor of this course have tried to be as elaborated as possible so that everyone can learn from it.

The structure of this course is very amazing and praise able.

The whole layout of the course is very organized and a learner does not feel lost in the course. Each module is independent of one another and one can start from anywhere.

The tutorials in the course are too good.

Each tutorial of the course is very helpful and has very interesting information on it.

3 Star rating.

A good introductory course but needed more practice exercises in the course.

The only problem I had in the course that made me give it 3 stars is the absence of more examples and practice exercises.

This is a very interesting course but the pacing of the videos are very inconsistent.

The course is no doubt interesting but I found the pacing of the videos to be very inconsistent.

The course is good but has a lot of theory.

The course has only theory and no practical explanation is given.

2 and 1 star rating.

A good course but more clear steps should have been given.

Some of the steps were very unclear. Also I was unable to understand some of the concepts otherwise it was a good course.


Now we are going to discuss some of the alternatives that we have for our users if they think that this course is not the right choice for them. These alternatives will help a user to decide which course he thinks is best for him. We are going to give a brief introduction about different alternatives. What these courses have to offer and what are their ratings will be discussed in this section. In this way, a user can easily decide which one to take.

Introduction to mobile application development using Android. [ Course is not Available]

This course aims to focus on teaching the basics of mobile application development using android as a platform. The course will help a learner in understanding all the basic components of an android application in an elaborated manner. The course has different modules in it that cover all the basic concepts there are regarding mobile application development such as multimedia, 2D graphics, networking support in Android and much more. This is a 6 weeks long course that only requires 3-5 hours of efforts per week. This means that the course can even be taken by those who have a job. The course has turned out to be very helpful for a number of learners so if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below link to take the course.

Multiplatform mobile app development with Native Script.

This course can also be taken as an alternative to our main course as its focus is on mobile app development also. The course will help a learner in leveraging angular, TypeScript and JavaScript skills and will able a user to learn and use various features of the NativeScript framework in order to build a cross-platform mobile application. The course has a very useful set of instructions in it that will help a learner to build a mobile application that will target more than one platform with a single codebase. This course is very useful for all those who wish to learn mobile application development skills. The course has an amazing rating of 4.5 which shows that users have found this course to be helpful. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below-mentioned click now to get this course at a very appealing price.


We can conclude this course by saying that in order to become capable of developing multiplatform mobile applications by using different web technologies like Ionic and Cordova, this course is the best choice. The course not only explains everything in detail but also helps a learner to develop a firm base so that he can continue with this field easily. The instructor Jogesh K Muppala has tried to be as thorough as possible and has tried to explain everything that he knows about this field so that the users can get all the information that they need in order to progress in this field. The course can be taken by anyone who has an interest in this field. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, if you take this course you are going to learn a lot of things from it that will surely benefit you also this course is available at an affordable price so that everyone can afford it which means that money is not an obstacle here. So don’t waste your time anymore and click on the take this course button now and start making your future.

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