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Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know

Materials Science 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know
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    • Taught by: James Shackelford, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
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Being an engineer is a very tough job. There are so many factors that are to be considered while working. In a professional life, what materials are being used, which material is most suitable, which is not good all these factors must be kept in mind. In order to deal with this type of problem, we have a course named “Material science”. In this course we are going to discuss 10 things that every engineer should know about. What materials are used in various engineering fields and how they are manufactured are all discussed in this course. You will be able to recognize all the important aspects of the materials used in modern engineering applications.

Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for all those who are engineers or are studying engineering. The course has everything there is to know about materials. The instructor has taken examples from everyday life in order to make it easier for a learner to understand all the concepts in a convenient way. The explanation given in this course will enable an engineer to apply all these concepts in the real life. He will be able to understand the nature of different materials and how they react. Many topics will be covered in this course that is going to help every type of engineer to do his job well. Any student who is studying engineering or is an engineer himself can take this course and it will be beneficial for them.

Social proof:

Let us discuss some of the reviews that students have given about this course. Starting from 5 star rating till 1, we will discuss some honest comments given by our students who have taken this course.

5 Star rating:

  • Gave me an idea about different types of material.

This course gave me an idea about different types of material and how they react. Before this course, I had a few interest in this field but now that I have completed this course, I am so in love with this field.

  • This course was a lot more educational then I thought it would be.

When I took this course, I thought it would be an ordinary course that would just give a little information regarding materials. But as I kept watching the videos I realized this course is too much informational. It had every term explained in a very proper manner. This quality of the course makes it unique from others.

  • This course made me a good tutor.

I am a tutor and I have a lot of information regarding materials. I am familiar with their nature and how and why they react. But then I took this course and this course amazed me as it had too much deep information regarding every concept. It made my teaching experience far better than it was before. Now my concepts are clearer and my way of teaching has become more elaborative.

  • Explanation given in the course is self-explanatory.

I would say that every explanation given in this course is explained in a way that could clear even the most confusing and commonly difficult concepts. This course is best for engineering students.

  • I would 100% recommend it to all the engineers out there.

I am an engineer and I think taking this course was the best decision that I could make for myself. My engineering concepts has been cleared by this course and I am so happy that I took this course. Will definitely recommend this course to all my engineering peers.

  • A very concise course covering all the essential concepts about material science.

This is the most amazing course I have ever taken. It has a very concise information regarding all essential concepts about material science. Most of my un-cleared concepts were cleared by this course.

  • The professor has explained the whole course in a clear way.

I want to take some time to praise the efforts of the professor who has made this course so easy to understand for students like me. I never thought I would be able to complete this course until I did. Everything explained by the professor is easy to understand. I would definitely give 5 stars to this course and the professor too.

  • I wish I had taken this course earlier when I was a student.

I am a professional and after completing this course, my knowledge about material science has been upgraded and this short course has amazingly given me a huge bunch of knowledge and I honestly wish that I had taken this course earlier when I was a student. Because then I would have been able to understand so many difficult concepts easily. Still I am happy that I took this course because now I have learned so much from this course.

  • Very useful course for industrial and technical purpose.

This course is very useful especially for industrial and technical purposes. The course has very useful information that can be very helpful in industrial purposes.

  • Gave me detailed information about material behavior.

This is an amazing course. It gave me so much information as to how materials behave at a molecular or atomic level. These concepts were new to me but I got to learn these concepts very easily because of this course.

4 Star rating:

  • Experimental videos and detailed explanation helped a lot.

The course is indeed very helpful and the best thing about this course was the experimental videos given in the lectures. These videos were the reason that I was able to understand such difficult concepts easily. Also the course had a very detailed information regarding every concept that helped a lot in understanding difficult concepts easily.

  • A very good learning experience it was for me.

I have taken many short courses and they have been average. But taking this course was a different experience for me. The course was so informational and had such a unique knowledge in it that made my learning experience so much better. I enjoyed learning everything that the course had to offer.

  • A nice refreshing course for all engineers.

This is the best course for professional engineers. As reforms continuously take place and one has to stay on top of his game. So this course is the best way for engineers to stay up-to-date regarding material science. It has so many new concepts that will help professional engineers to improve their work experience also their old concepts can be refreshed with the help of this course.

  • The professor made the course fun and interesting.

I found the professor very optimistic. His body language was so positive that made the course very interesting to follow. He was very optimistic his entire course which was a good thing.

  • The fundamentals of materials science has been explained very well.

The fundamentals regarding material science has been explained in a beautiful manner by the instructor. Also the eutectic and eutectoid explanations were also very helpful.

  • It covers many branches of engineering like mechanical, civil and structural etc.

This course covers so many branches of engineering that makes it favorable for any engineer student apart from his field. As it has all the branches covered, it will be a good help for any engineering student.

3 Star rating:

  • Lectures were average but overall a great experience.

Though the lecturer didn’t go too deep inside every concept but still he was able to give an overview about every important term in an organized way that was really helpful.

The material data illustrated was good and turned out to be very helpful but lectures delivered by the instructor was only average. His way of delivering such a technical information was a little disturbing.

  • The course consist of many beneficial topics for engineer.

This course has so many topics explained that are very important for an engineer to know. And if an engineer takes this course, it will turn out to be very helpful for him.

  • The quizzes are very helpful and I enjoyed a lot solving them.

The quizzes given at the end of the course were so helpful and interesting to attempt. I took these course as a challenge and tried to solve every quiz on my own. In this way I was able to clear so many of my concepts.

2 and 1 Star rating:

  • It lacked examples.

I would suggest if a bunch of examples had been given I the course, it would have helped a lot of students very much,

  • More elaborated explanation can make this course more exciting.

It is a good course but if the explanation regarding materials science had been given in an elaborated manner, then the course could have been more interesting and fun to learn.

  • More in depth information should have been given by the instructor.

I wouldn’t say I didn’t like the course because honestly it did clear many of my concepts regarding material science but if the instructor had given more in depth information about different terms then I would have loved the course.


Let us discuss some of the alternatives that we have regarding this course. We will discuss some of the features of those alternatives and in this way it can become easier for the new learners to decide which course is best or suitable for them.

Material behavior:

This is also an amazing course regarding how material react. What are the different properties of materials and how we can deal with them? The course is amazingly instructed by Thomas H.Sanders. The instructor has tried very hard to be as elaborated as possible and to cover all the terms there is regarding material behavior. The rating of this course is very amazing that is 4.7. The course is available at a discounted price for the students so that they can take benefit from it.

Material processing:

This course can also be taken as an alternative to our main course as this course is also focused towards material behavior and how they are processed. The course will enable an engineer or a student to learn basic terms about how and why a material react and how we can deal with it. There are so many ways in which a material can react and it is important for an engineer or student to learn to deal with these type of materials. In order to do that, this course can be taken. This course has a rating of 4.7 which is very amazing and a good enough reason to take the course.


We can conclude this course by saying that if an engineer or a student who is studying engineering wishes to become an expert in identifying different nature of materials and how he can deal with it then this course is the best of the best option for him. This will not only clear his concepts but will make him a good engineer. If you are a student and currently studying engineering, then now is the right time to take the course. And if you are a professional engineer, then still you should take the course and clear your concepts in a positive way. Also if you think that this course is not suitable for you then the above discussed alternatives are also equally competitive courses to take. Every course has informational terms explained that can brighten your future. So hurry up and take the course now at a discounted price.

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