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Master Course in Tableau 10 & 2018 for Business Intelligence

  • Created by Jamie Fry
  • 12,671 + students enrolled
  • 2,834 Review available
  • 9 hours on-demand video
  • 7 articles
  • 24 downloadable resources
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What you’ll learn:

  • Master the latest Tableau software for use in a professional business environment
  • See course description for all technical skills taught

Are you new to tableau and don’t even have a slightest of idea about what tableau really is? Or are you looking for ways to master tableau skills and start a proper career in this field, or do you have interest in this field but don’t have the proper means to study for it? If you are experiencing these type of problems then worry no more because Udemy has this proper and amazing course named “Mater course in Tableau 10 & 2018 for Business Intelligence”. This course is literally the solution to every student or learner’s problems. This course is a result of five years of hard word of the instructor, the instructor Jamie Fry has tried to enclose every piece of knowledge that he has in this course so that every person who takes this course can take all the benefit they can from the course leaving them totally satisfied. The course has different sections in it and every section has lectures in it in the form of videos. The purpose of this course is to help a learner become fluent in Tableau so that he can start his career in this field. The course is designed for both professionals and beginners.

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Who should take this course?

This course is made in a way that can turn out to be helpful for all beginners, intermediates and experienced professional. The information that a beginner can get from the course is an excellent way of developing a sense about what tableau is and how can it be used effectively in a business environment. This course is a first step for a beginner to advance in this field hence a beginner should definitely take this course. As for professionals, the course is an excellent opportunity for them to upgrade their skills and learn something new in the way. It is a guarantee whether you are a professional or a learner who has no prior experience of Tableau, you are going to get a lot of benefit from this course. The concepts that a person is going to learn from the course will help him solving real life problem that comes in a business. So we can say that the course is helpful and should be taken by everyone who is interested in this field ignoring the fact that he is a beginner or a professional.

Social proof:

A social proof is always helpful in deciding whether the course is helpful or not. A social proof always consist of positive and negative feedback of all those users who have taken this course. If we take a look at the reviews of these users, we can easily decide for ourselves whether this course is worth taking or not. So let us discuss the feedback of different users. We’ll start with 5 star till 2 and 1 star rating and discuss different comments that users have given about the course.

5 star rating:

Very helpful course that has a lot of practice tests to solve.

This course is a complete package for all those who have a need to master tableau skills. Every lecture in the course is helpful and the best thing about this course is the practice tests to solve. Once you complete the course and then start the practice test, it gets so exciting to solve them and so many concepts that were not cleared during the lectures are cleared through these. Indeed best course ever.

The instructor is very good at explaining how to use a piece of complex software.

Both the course and instructor were amazing. Information regarding how to use complex software is explained by the instructor very efficiently.

Made my work experience even better.

I already have experience with tableau but I took this course to update my knowledge and due to this course suddenly my work experience got even better. This course taught me so many new things that I had no idea about. Now I enjoy doing my work very much. It was a good decision for me to take this course.

A very well structured course with great delivery.

The course is made in a very organized manner. Every set of lectures has different topics covered that are totally independent of one another. You will find every lecture very useful and the way that it has been delivered by the instructor is amazing and gives confidence to its learners regarding how they can apply these concepts in business intelligence in an effective way.

Very experienced tutor. And gives good explanation of every term.

Judging by the way that the instructor has given the lectures, I’d say the tutor has a lot of experience in this field and he knew exactly what he was doing. He had delivered every piece of information with full confidence and his way of tutoring is amazing.

The data sets used in the course turned out to be very helpful in real life.

The course had data sets that were very helpful not only for learning purpose but they also turned out to be very helpful in real life problems. This made my work experience even better as I was able to solve all the real life problems easily with the help of this course.

Actually shows functionality.

This course is something that actually shows functionality. How you can turn tableau skills into actual functions is taught in this course and how it can be used in business is explained very well.

The course has technical details that are very helpful.

This course has many techniques that if performed in real life are very helpful. When I started the course I took notes of all these unique techniques and then I applied it on real life problems and this turned out to be very useful for me and had made my work experience really amazing.

Each unit of the course act as a building block that makes you competent.

The course is very much responsible in making a learner competent. This course can groom a learner’s tableau skills in ways that are very surprising.

4 star rating:

Best for those who wishes to learn tableau 10 for business intelligence.

If a learner wishes to learn tableau very deeply and want to learn all the terms and techniques there are about tableau in business intelligence then he should definitely take this course. This course is specially made for those type of learners who have a positive urge of learning these skills. You can follow me around if your wanted to improve your chances of success in tableau certification exam.

Helped me to take step by step understanding of tableau 10.

I am not a fast learner and it always take time for me to understand things. I like to learn things step by step and this course is exactly according to my need. It has all the step by step information available that helped me a lot in understanding every piece of information available in this course.

The questions and quizzes given in the end are very helpful.

When you complete this course, you are going to find a number of different questions and quizzes. I would suggest every learner to solve these quizzes and questions very carefully and honestly. In this way they will turn out to be very helpful for all the learners.

A refreshing course that will refresh all your tableau concepts.

I found this course very refreshing. It had so many concepts explained in a managed way that can refresh a professional tableau analyst’s concepts very easily. So I would recommend this course to even professionals as they also need to update their knowledge timely.

After this course, tableau 10 got easier for me.

Before I took this course, tableau was an issue for me. There were so many concepts about tableau that were difficult for me. But after completing this course, I started enjoying tableau. Those concepts that were once difficult for me to understand got easier for me. An amazing course indeed.

3 star rating:

It was a good course but the video delivery could have been more professional.

At some point I found the body language of the instructor a little unprofessional as he often had to correct his words. This was a little distracting but besides that everything was good.

2 and 1 star rating:

The wording for some of the practice questions was weird.

At some point I found the wording of the instructor a little weird. Sometimes I was unable to understand what he was trying to deliver.


Though this course is a perfect one for so many people but still there are other alternatives that can be taken if a person thinks that this course is not enough. Let us discuss some of the alternatives against this course. We will give a brief introduction about the course so that a user gets an idea about what the course has to offer. In this way a student or a learner can decide easily which course is the most suitable.

Tableau 2018 + tableau 10: qualified associate certification.

No doubt tableau is a highly demanded reporting tool and those who have mastered the skills in tableau are the ones with high paid wages and posts. So why not give a try to become a qualified associate and earn more? This course is for beginners and all those who have a prior knowledge in tableau. This course is the next step in tableau training. The course has an 11 hour video and 12 articles. With that it also has 3 downloadable resources and 353 reviews available. The number of students enrolled in this course are 1362 and the rating of this course is 4.5. Overall this course is a catch as it can help the tableau developers become professionals. It has different assignments at the end for the students to solve. At the end of this course you will be able to take the tableau qualified association test and also pass it without any doubt. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below link to get it now.


Tableau expert: top visualization techniques in tableau 10

This top visualization techniques in tableau 10 course will let you learn on how to create amazingly attractive visualizations and dashboards. The writer has condensed his long experience and knowledge regarding tableau in this 5.5 hours video course. The videos deliver highly explained lectures and if one listens to the lecture seriously and try to apply all the tips and techniques in real life then he can become a professional in no time. Take this course and you are going to find real life assignments and problems to solve. The course will help you learn how to think out of the box in order to solve different problems that can come in a business. It will teach you how you can make charts and visualizations that can help you stand tall among you peers and much more. It has 14 downloadable resources and the best thing about this course is that you don’t have to create a disciplinary environment to learn this course. Yes you can listen to this course even if you are lying in your bed as you have the option to access all the videos on your mobile phone or TV too. The rating of this informational course is 4.6 and the number of students enrolled are 4732. So if this course is the perfect fit for you then click on the below mentioned link to take this course now.



We can conclude our topic with a satisfaction that this course is for sure an amazing one that will help all kinds of learners whether they have prior experience or not. It only depends upon the user that how hard he tries to take benefit from the course. The course all the necessary material in it that can help a user in developing a complete sense about tableau and how it can be used in a business environment. The rating of this course is very appealing and thousands of users have enrolled in this course and with pride, we can say that majority of the users have given a positive feedback about the course which makes it really obvious that the course is indeed helpful. Also the course is available at a highly affordable price which means that everyone can afford it. Now it only depends upon the user whether he is determined enough to take this course or not. So make up your mind and click on the take this course button now and start learning today.

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