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Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety


An introduction to the emerging field of global healthcare quality.

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  • 10 weeks long
  • 2-4 hours a week
  • FREE, Upgradable
  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Ashish Jha, Director, Harvard Global Health Institute
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Online Course Details:

Improving access to healthcare is only as useful as the quality of care provided. Many agree that quality is important – but what is it? How do we define it? How do we measure it? And most importantly, how might we make it better?

The course is designed for those who care about health and healthcare and wish to learn more about how to measure and improve that care – for themselves, for their institutions, or for their countries. Each session will be interactive and provide concrete tools that students can use. We will empower you to raise questions, propose concrete solutions, and promote change.

We have assembled leading thinkers from around the globe – not only people who are experts – but people with real, hands-on experience running organizations, hospitals, and ministries of health. So join us – whether you are a physician, nurse, or another healthcare provider if you are a student of medicine, public health, or health policy, or a patient who simply cares about getting good care – this course is for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • The relationship between quality and population health.
  • A framework for understanding and thinking about healthcare quality.
  • Approaches to quality measurement.
  • The role of information and communication technology in assessing and improving quality.
  • Tools and contextual knowledge to improve the quality delivered in health systems.


  • Lesson 1: Burden
  • Lesson 2: Measurement
  • Lesson 3: Standards
  • Lesson 4: Improvement
  • Lesson 5: IT and Data
  • Lesson 6: Management
  • Lesson 7: Patients
  • Lesson 8: Public Systems

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