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Tableau vs Google Data Studio


We know very well how tiring it can be to decide which visualization tool is the one we can choose. Often we have heard that Tableau vs Google Data Studio are the most competitive data visualization tools to choose. And that is why we thought why not make a comparison between these two highly competitive tools. By doing this, it will become really easy for our readers to decide between these two tools Google Data Studio vs Tableau. You might also be interested in Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Dumps.

Tableau vs Google Data Studio

Based on Pricing:

Google Data Studio:

Is Google Data Studio like Tableau? Pricing is a big differentiating factor that forces many people to choose a specific visualization tool. If we talk about Google Data Studio then you’d be surprised to read that it is totally free  to use. With the help of this visualization tool, you can easily perform a variety of interactive data visualization operations and that too for free. All you need to do here is create a Google account and then start importing your data. Once you have created your account and done with importing the data, you are then ready to visualize your data. You might also be interested in caparison between Grafana vs Tableau.


Now if we talk about Tableau then you should know that the case is complete opposite here. Tableau doesn’t offer any free version but yes there is a 14-day free trial. The purpose of this free trial is to let users explore the data visualization features for free and then make up their minds for purchasing it. There are different tableau packages available depending on the number of people on the team. The price range also depends on the data visualization functions that you need to use. But if you are working alone (as an individual) then it is best that you buy a simple $70 a month annual plan. But know that you are going to have to invest more than that as an organization. Check out the best online DOMO training classes and courses at takethiscourse platform.

Data Visualization with TableauFundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

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Tableau 2020 A-ZTableau A-Z: Hands on Tableau Training for Data Science

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Based on Functionality:

Google Data Studio:

If you are interested in a very simple yet great data visualization tool that can help you shape your multilevel data into a single beautiful dashboard then Google Data Studio has to be your choice.  It lets you create a variety of line, bar, and pie charts which are further accompanied by complex filtering options. With that, it also offers sophisticated techniques which include utilizing Machine Learning and programming languages.


Are you a person who loves to be surrounded by huge data? Or do you love playing around with data and dive deep blue waters with data? If yes, then Tableau is the most effective and suitable data visualization tool for you. Precisely, if you are in need of very complex data reports and analysis or have to deal with very complex data, then Tableau is your answer. You can also check out the comparison between Domo Vs Tableau.

Based on Sharing Dashboards:

Google Data Studio:

Based on sharing dashboards, Google Data Studio which is a web-based tool offers easy collaboration. It allows all its users to collaborate on any type of project easily and also do sharing through a link. Similarly, with Google Data Studio, you can download the report in PDF format and send it to your client via email in a glimpse.

One drawback here is that Google Data Studio is not very great for poor connections. Meaning, all users who choose this visualization tool would have to rely on a very strong internet connection for using and filtering dashboards.


Can Tableau connect to Data Studio? With tableau, you get multiple options to share or view dashboards online (Tableau Server and Tableau public). A creator license comes with one key to tableau server or tableau online that will enable you to share the reports without facing any difficulty. In short, sharing reports using Tableau is super easy.

But with that, you would also face difficulty in refreshing the report if even a smallest change is made. It is because Tableau is primarily a desktop application and that is why such type of problem can be expected. Also if you want to share dashboards online then you need to make an account to purchase at least 5 tableau explorer licenses which are for $35 each.

Tableau Certification Practice Tests:

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Dumps     Tableau Certified Data Analyst     Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Tests

Final Thoughts:

By reading the above differences between the two, you can have a clear picture as to what both have to offer and which one is suitable for you.


  1. Tableau does not offer a simple basic chart, but it has a really big range of charts that can be opted. Since this software is on the top in the area of visualization, you will see that the visual impact it gives to data is refined to a high degree. Whoever can use Tableau in a good way can be positive that Tableau visuals will have the most prominent possible impression on their audience.

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