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Alteryx Vs Tableau


In this article, we will be looking at the differences between the two tech tools that are: Alteryx vs Tableau. But before we learn about their difference, let us look into the details of what these two Alteryx and Tableau tools are used for.

What are these Tech tools used for?

Both of these tools Alteryx vs Tableau are known for their software products in the world of analytics. Both of them are very widely and commonly used. The main purpose of using these tech tools is for the companies to obtain valuable insights from data. But the main questions that arise are: Are these two tools of different roles? Can we use just one of the tools? Do these Alteryx and Tableau tools have a completely different role in an organization? Are these tools competitors, or do they complement each other?

Which is better Alteryx or tableau?

What does Tableau do?

Talking about Tableau, I would like to tell you that this software plays a completely different role in the cosmos of analytics software. You can say tableau is by far the best data visualization tool. It gives data a beautiful visual representation, such as it can help to turn the data into compelling charts and dashboards, which let you reveal the insights that are restrained in your data.

Tableau does not offer a simple basic chart, but it has a really big range of charts that can be opted. Since this software is on the top in the area of visualization, you will see that the visual impact it gives to data is refined to a high degree. Whoever can use Tableau in a good way can be positive that Tableau visuals will have the most prominent possible impression on their audience. You can check out the comparison between cognos vs tableau.

What does Alteryx do?

If you have ever analyzed data, you will notice that you spend a significant amount of time preparing the data for analysis. This can take time as the data gets collected from multiple different sources, some data need a change in the format in some way. You may also get the need to combine data sources together and other such tiresome tasks. The time a data analyst spends on data preparation varies a lot from person to person. But we can for sure say it takes way too long.

This is a term for the time that this data takes to prepare, and that is ETL, which stands for Extract, Transform and Load. ETL is the task required to get data into a suitable arrangement for analysis. Empower yourself with hands-on learning experiences through our Alteryx Training, designed to boost your skill set.

Now you might be wondering that why are we even getting to learn about ETL. Well, that is because Alteryx is the best software tool for making the ETL process more straightforward. Alteryx works by providing a huge number of tools for processing data sets. It helps the analyst by importing data from a wide variety of sources, process it, and get it ready for further analysis. Alteryx is just a really really huge number of tools that you can explore. But let us summarize it by saying that Alteryx can do any task you can think of involving data processing.

Another one of the reasons why you should use Alteryx is that it is helpful with advanced statistical capabilities. This software has tools such as spatial tools and predictive analytics. These tools play a role in transforming your data. Moreover, you can also use it to run various advanced analyzes. These can be time series forecasting or predictive analytics that will give you deep perspicacity in your data.

So, now Alteryx is there to help you judge the tiresome part of data analysis easier, and then Tableau comes to help you make the exploratory part of data analysis both comfortable and delightful.

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Some more differences between the Software’s


  • Alteryx
    The price range for Alteryx is $1950.
  • Tableau:
    The price range for Tableau is $35.

OS Compatibility

  • Alteryx:
    It is compatible with Windows, Android, and Web-based devices.
  • Tableau:
    It is compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, and Web-based devices.

Customer Support

  • Alteryx:
    Using Alteryx, you can use Phone support, live support (chat), and Ticket.
  • Tableau:
    Using Tableau, you can use Phone support, and training videos.

Tableau Certification Practice Tests:

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Final Thoughts

Both of these software’s Alteryx Vs Tableau are popular and leading products in their areas of analytics. As both of these software’s Tableau vs Alteryx have a completely different purpose, so both of them actually complement each other well. Both of them can be used by any organization.