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Will eLearning Replace Traditional Learning?


For the past two years, eLearning has actually become a thing. It is like traditional learning methods no longer exist. The question that arises is that will the students be able to go back to the traditional methods of learning? Will the new generation ever be able to experience what traditional education feels like? Will eLearning Replace Traditional Learning? Let’s find.


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Was eLearning an actual thing before Corona times?

If we go back at least 20 years, at that time the concept of eLearning was just an experimental area dealing with very few, mainly technical, subjects. Now that the industry, technology, and the economy have flourished, but has taken a new perspective. Similarly, the methods of learning took a new fold too. That new perspective for education took the form of e-learning. Teachers all over the work are now using different e-Learning tools and principles to share their courses with an interested audience.

Another reason why e-learning has become an actual and worldwide this because of the corona. Corona has made it almost impossible for the students to approach the traditional methods of learning. So, we can say that e-learning is now majorly being influenced due to the corona. Do you think that this modification in the form of learning will cause a disruption of the traditional school empire? This is serious though to think about. You might also be interested in online learning for kids during a corona virus outbreak.

What is it like being able to study in a Traditional Classroom?

When you are sitting in a traditional classroom, the instructor will do their best to engage their students at every moment. They will make sure that every one of the students is learning properly as is concentration on their studies. It is normal that the students always get bored, zoned out, or too focused on the sun outside to pay attention to math.

In a traditional classroom, there is a need for engagement. The lack of engagement is a challenge for the student. The students need to be able to have their 100% focus on the instructor all the time since they can not stop them or rewind what they said. In order to not miss anything, they need to be attentive all the time.

The attention span of a student is also an issue in traditional classrooms. The amount of attention that a student can give totally depends individually. Some students can concentrate for straight 50 minutes. Whereas others after 15, and there’s no way to fix for that in a real-time environment.

Even though the problems that instructors face, the teachers always try to find that engagement. The reason why it feels good in a traditional class is because of the environment. You, see that in a traditional classroom, you are surrounded by people who are actively participating with peers. Seeing the participation, and the interaction that is happening can not be replaced by the online education of elearning.

What is eLearning like?

elearningThere are different types and ways of e-learning. One of the ways through which e-learning is working is by mimicking the social aspects of a classroom. It uses tools like message boards, Facebook groups, and sometimes using chatbots. Such aspects help the students to interact with one another, letting them feel what it is like to interact as they would do in a traditional classroom. Yes, it is obvious that you can never replace talking with peers or having a teacher know your name. You can find out top 5 online learning platforms.

It has been tested that students learn more from their environment. The social interaction for students with other students helps them to learn from one another while solving problems and operating collaboratively in a traditional classroom. The face-to-face interaction for students with their fellow students gives them the confidence that lacks in a pre-recorded video.

We also asked some of the teachers for their feedback on the process of e-learning. Most of the teachers said that the method and tool of e-learning have helped them to get clear-cut feedback on how a student is engaging with the material. It has also helped them to keep a track of their students, as to where do they get lost in a lesson and they can even grade assignments with the click of a button. The process of e-learning has definitely lessened the workload for the teachers. You can also find out How to leverage Vicarious Learning Theory in Online Learning?


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Will eLearning Replace Traditional Learning?

Online learning isn’t going. Unquestionably, this fall will see an exceptional spike in online classes thanks to continued school closures. Still, the investigation into online learning over the last decade has shown us that this sort of learning is not any longer a trend but rather a key professional within the educational sphere. Even after schools are back to normal, there’ll be many pupils for whom online learning is their most suitable choice.