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Online Learning for Kids during a Coronavirus Outbreak


With the contemporary Corona Virus outbreak, millions of lives have been affected and our deep condolence goes out to all those who are affected by it. Since there is no such vaccine available as of this time so the best way to stay safe is to avoid contact with one another as much as possible. And that is why all educational institutions, government sectors, entertainment places, and many other public places have been closed. Even though it is our lone alternative but nobody knows how long it will stay like this.

So that is why, we think all those students who are homebound now, why not make up your mind to start studying online? Whatever the circumstances are, students must not waste their time sitting idle. And that is why takethiscourse.net has gathered a variety of educational platforms that are providing free online courses/classes for different age groups and especially for kids. This will not only kill children’s ennui but will also make up for the loss that they are facing because of this status quo.

So parents, hurry up and start looking at the Online platforms mentioned-below and don’t stop your kids learning and decide which online learning platform is suitable for your kids. TakeThisCourse has the best collection of available online learning resources for kids to study remotely in this coronavirus outbreak.

Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Khan Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum for kids of all grades that make learning engaging and fun. Khan Academy’s Free Online Courses can be easily used for learning at home.

Discovery Education | Digital Textbook & Education Resources

Ignite student’s curiosity and unlock the power of discovery with standards-aligned, digital curriculum resources and easy-to-use technology by Discovery Education.

Creative Bug | Craft Classes and Workshops

With Creativebug, you get access to thousands of award-winning video classes that are taught by top designers and professionals. So start your free trial today.

Make Any Room a ClassroomBrainPop | Make Any Room a Classroom

Are you a curious learner? BrainPOP’s curriculum has been specially designed for you to stay informed and on-track even during school closures.

Take Small-group classes, from anywhereOutschool | Take Small-group classes, from anywhere

Customize your child’s learning with Outschool that provides access to 10,000 small group video chat class. So experience today the joy of live online classes for ages 3-18.

Beast Academy (Math)Beast Academy Online | Learn Anywhere

Beast academy offers a complete and interactive math curriculum for ages 8-13. Practice problems, puzzles, and quizzes help children learn math in a fun-filled way.

i-ReadyiReady | Actionable insights & Engaging Instruction

i-Ready for students is a free app that students who use i–Ready at school can access. App can be used to access Ready Classroom and Learning Games.

Curiosity StreamCuriosity Stream | Stay Curious

Curiosity stream offers thousands of documentaries on a variety of topics that are suitable for K-12 and post-secondary educators.

TynkerTynker | Coding for Kids

With 40+ award-winning block and text-based courses, Tynker is a #1 coding platform that teaches students from ages 5+ how to code using an internet connection and a computer.

ScholasticScholastic | Learning and Activities for Kids

With Scholastic’s special cross-circular journey, kids from kindergarten till grade 9 can learn at home. The day-by-fay projects help students to keep on reading, thinking and growing.

eLearning for Kidse-Learning for kids | Digital Education for Kids Worldwide

e-Learning for kids is a fun-filled digital education platform that is the best source for childhood learning. It can be taken by any kid from anywhere around the world and without any cost.

All in One HomeschoolEasy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

This platform provides a free curriculum to help parents homeschool their children. Easy peasy provides curriculum to pre-school students till 8th grade.

Starfall EducationStarfall Education | Kids Games, Movies, & Books K-3

Starfall education promotes exploration, positive reinforcement, and play that encourages students of Kindergarten, Pre-K, and grades 1, 2, 3 to become more confident and motivated.

ABCYaABCya! | Learning Games and Apps for Kids

ABCya is famous for offering educational games for kids of different grades. From Pre-K till grades 6+, there are exciting games for every child.

FunbrainFunbrain: Games, Videos, and Books for Kids

FUNBRAIN offers an extensive curriculum for kids from Pre-K till 8th grade. If offers a variety of games, videos, and books for children to learn from.

SplashLearnSplashLearn for Year 1-6 | Used by Over 30 Million Kids

With interactive games, personalized learning path and a comprehensive curriculum, SplashLearn provide a complete K-5 Math Learning program that is specially built for your child.

Storyline OnlineStoryline Online

Storyline Online is an award-winning children’s literacy program that aims to strengthen comprehension, verbal, and written skills for English-language learners.


The platform offers a tremendous opportunity for all children to explore new things through educational games, videos and other PBS KIDS shows.

Highlights for KidsHighlights Kids

Highlights kids aim to help children to become the best by providing such a curriculum that introduces children to an engaged, delighted and joyful learning experience.

National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids

The National geographic kid’s section has a complete package of different personality quizzes, information about animals, different animal videos and much more.

Cool Math for KidsCoolMath4Kids | Math Games, Quizzes 

CoolMath4Kids is a platform where logic and thinking meets fun and games. With a comprehensive curriculum, CoolMath4Kids offers games, lessons and much more to kids of ages 12 and under.

Unite for LiteracyUnite for Literacy

This platform is working to ensure that each child has access to an abundance of books that are according to their culture, moral values, and language.

LiterativeLiteractive | Teaching Children to Read

Literactive offers extensive yet fun reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students online. So help your child improve their reading skills without leaving your house through literactive.

Science KidsScience for Kids | Fun Experiments, Cool Facts, Online Games

At science kids, such educational resources are available for teachers and parents that can help them make science even more fun and engaging for the kids. It contains quizzes, experiments, games, projects, etc.

Switch ZooSwitch Zoo Animal Games

Switch Zoo offers 142 species and additional animal games, lesson plans, poetry, stories and much more for kids from grades 1 to 8.

Math Game TimeMath Game Time | Free Math Games & Worksheets for Kids

From Pre-K till grade 7, MathGameTime is the perfect solution to help your child not only understand math through games but also get homework help online.


Seussville is a reading platform that offers a wide range of books, videos to watch and games as well to help children develop reading skills.

Turtle DiaryTurtleDiary | Kids Games – Educational Computer Games Online

Turtlediary offers exciting new ways of learning through fun online games, videos, experiments, puzzles, coloring sheets and much more for kids.

Travel and LeisureTravel and Leisure | 12 Famous Museums Virtual Tour

With travel and Leisure, everyone gets to experience the best museums from London to Seoul without even have to leave his/her couch.

Udemy for KidsUdemy | Art and Coding for Kids Courses

With Udemy’s variety of online art and coding courses for kids, help your child engage in a learning process while they are at home because of this pandemic.

Youtube Channels for Kids:

All these platforms that we at takethiscourse.net have gathered for our viewers are as competitive and authentic as they can be and are the best way for kids to stay connected with learning even if they can’t go to school and learn. So visit the website today and find the right platform for your kids and help them make the most out of these holidays.

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