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Docomo Gacco Co. Ltd is known to be a member of the NTT Docomo Group. It is responsible for conducting e-learning business. In other words, it is a provision of education services that are provided through the internet. Through this platform, the sales and operation of e-learning courses take place. Gacco was formerly known as NTT Knowledge Square Corporation which was established in the year 2009. Then in the year 2015, the company name was changed to Docomo Gacco, Inc.

What does Gacco have to offer?

Gacco is famous for providing a huge number of courses to anyone interested in taking and that also for free. The number of free courses available at the platform is six lac, forty thousand. What Gacco offers is for anyone to take full-scale lectures with the help of highly professional instructors that also includes university professors for free.

Features of Gacco:

Gacco has three main features the details of which are given below.

  • Full-fledged university-level lectures.
  • One can learn deeply.
  • Proof of effort.


Checkout MOOC Options from Top Universities/Organizations in various domains

Programming Courses
100+ Courses

Cybersecurity courses
30+ Courses

Business Courses
70+ Courses

Blockchain Courses
20+ Courses

Data Science Courses
150+ Courses

Mobile App Development Courses
50+ Courses

Full-fledged University-Level Lectures:

Gacco has a variety of courses to offer like mentioned earlier. It offers courses that are directly connected to the business to even the courses that satisfy one’s intellectual curiosity. There is a course for every type of learner and in every type of field. The lecturers or professors of different categories will be giving full-scale lectures and learners will learn in the best possible manner that too for free. All these courses are offered by different universities and companies and are instructed properly.

List of Top GACCO MOOCs:

MBA戦略経営 (ga036)
Chuo University Graduate School of Strategic Management via gacco
Taught By: Ryoko Toyama & Emiko Tsukiki & Hiroshi Tanaka & Hiroshi Nakamura
4 Weeks Duration
3 Hours Weekly Study

スポーツビジネス入門 (ga039)
Waseda University via gacco
Taught By: Takeo Hirata
4 Weeks Duration
4 Hours Weekly Study

ランニングのスポーツ健康科学 (ga040)
Ritsumeikan University via gacco
Taught By: Takeshi Hashimoto & Akino Nagano
4 Weeks Duration
4-5 Hours Weekly Study

情報セキュリティ「初級」 (ga045)
Institute of Information Security via gacco
Taught By: Atsuhiro Goto & Nao Sato & Takao Okubo & Hiroshi Doi & Kendo Yuasa
5 Weeks Duration
4-6 Hours Weekly Study

One can learn deeply:

Though the courses are online and learners will learn from their homes, still the environment that Gacco provides is the same as in a class. Discussions are held with all such peers who are taking the same lecture. They try to share their views and start a discussion. Even sometimes, the lecturer also participates during the discussion. This activity enables deep learning very effectively.

Proof of effort:

With every course that one takes, there is a quiz or a report. If one submits a quiz or report and it meets the prescribed criteria then the learner is issued with a certificate of completion. This will be proof of one’s hard work that he has put in the course.
Thus we can say that Docomo Gacco – The Japan MOOC is a very helpful and unique platform that provides plenty of courses that are free for anyone to take. The teaching methodology of the courses is online and the duration of the courses is also not that long. Some might be of one week or two while others may be of 4 or 5 weeks.

In short, the courses are of short duration and enrolling is free. Also as discussed earlier, a learner gets a certificate of completion if he meets certain criteria. Overall we at takethiscourse.net have great remarks regarding this platform and can recommend it to all the interested learners. So all you have to do is visit their official website, choose a course that is right for you and start learning.

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