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Sauk Valley Community College (SVCC) is a public community college that was established in the year 1965. Located in Dixon, Illinois, it was built on the Rock River between the cities of Sterling and Dixon, Illinois. The SVCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has a lot of part-time, full-time and online degree programs to offer. Each semester, the SVCC manages to enroll about 2000 students that study full-time and part-time as well.


Sauk Valley works with one motto,

“Sauk Makes It Possible, You Make It Happen”.

This shows that Sauk aims to provide students with every type of opportunity and then all a student needs to do is make it happen.


What does Sauk Valley have to offer?

The college has a variety of programs to offer.

  • Transfer Degree Programs.
  • Career Degree Programs.
  • Certificate Programs.
  • Online Blended Courses.
  • Online Programs.
  • And other certificates to offer.

Career Degree (A.A.S.) Programs:

The Career Degree (Associate in Applied Science) is a type of degree program that is designed as a career program for students. In other words, this program is suitable for all such students who want to seek specialized education. The program in this way will help them to enter employment or to advance their skills in particular employment. But it must be noted here that these programs are not the ones that can be transferred to a four-year college and university. These programs have been developed by the Sauk valley Community College’s faculty. With them, the assistance of local citizens serving on occupational workforce councils can also be counted.

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Programming Courses
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Business Courses
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Mobile App Development Courses
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Certificate Programs:

Next comes the Certificate Programs that have been developed with the intent to help a student for different entry-level occupations. These are a series of courses in a specialized field and are designed in a manner to be completed in less than two years. They also have a few general requirements for a student to get enrolled in. Many certificate programs have the core courses of the associate in an applied science degree program in the same field. This will allow the students to continue with the additional study and can also earn an A.A.S. degree at the same time.

Transfer Degree (A.A./A.S.) Programs:

With all programs that the SVCC has to offer, there are many transfer degree programs to offer as well. These transfer programs are for all such students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university for a baccalaureate degree. These programs as the name depicts are designed around general education classes that can be transferred to a four-year college or university. The SVCC participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) as well. This initiative ensures that all the approved courses can be transferred easily to other participating colleges and universities.

The following are the names of the transfer degrees offered by the SVCC:

  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Science
  • Associate in Engineering Science
  • Associate in Fine Arts

Online degree programs details:

The SVCC also has several carefully curated online degree programs that any eligible student can take. With the help of these online degree programs, a student can learn at his ease and pace. The following are the details of the online degree programs.

One can complete a career degree online:

The following are the career degrees available online.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

One can complete a transfer degree online:

By only completing some selective online courses, the transfer students can complete the General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) requirements online. This can allow students to move straight into their major-level courses as soon as the student transfers.

One can even complete a certificate online:

There are several certificates that can be completed online. The names of which are given below.

One can even take a few classes online:

The SVCC also lets students take a few classes online. It is whether you are working toward a degree or a certificate or want to learn a new skill. Even if you want to enhance or polish your skills, there are many online courses available in regard to that.

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By taking a look at the variety of degree programs and the online program courses and certificates offered by the SVCC, we at takethiscourse.net are fully convinced of its authenticity. The SVCC is indeed a platform that is suitable for all types of learners. Whether you want to learn something online or get a proper degree, want to earn a transferable degree or an online certificate. Whatever you need, the SVCC has an answer to all your educational needs. So visit the website today and look for a course or a degree program that you wish to enroll in.