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Fully Accredited Vegan Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Diploma

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  • Dr. Karen E Wells via Udemy
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This is a full diploma course that can be taken by all the vegans or even vegan coaches out there who believe in a cruelty-free lifestyle that is, not eating any animal-derived ingredient. A variety of new things can be learned from this course regarding the vegan lifestyle and what type of vegan diet is healthy. One can also learn a lot about proteins and how to differentiate between the right type of vegan diet and much more. The best thing about this course is that there are no prior requirements to take the course, instead, anyone who has even the smallest of interest in learning about the vegan lifestyle is welcome to join this course. So make up your mind and start learning from this course now.


  • The Vegan Lifestyle
  • The Healthy Vegan Diet
  • Proteins
  • Being A Food Detective
  • A Vegan Lifestyle
  • Pregnancy & Children for Vegans
  • Accreditation
    And so much more!

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