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Free Online Python Specialization Courses


Everybody knows what Python is and what kind of miracles one can do using this language. So to be able to learn all about it, we present to you this specialization that has everything there is to know about Python. The specialization has five courses in it that build on the success of the Python for everybody course. In this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming which is going to include different topics. First, you will understand what data structures are, and then you’ll move to the next topic that is networked application program interfaces. Similarly, you will also learn about databases using the Python programming language.


Furthermore, the course capstone project where you will use the technologies that you have learned throughout. This will help you create your own applications for data retrieval, processing, and visualization.

What will you be learning from this specialization?

You will be learning a lot from this specialization which is mentioned below.

  • Learning to install Python on your computer and then understanding everything there is to write your first program.
  • Next, you will completely learn the basics of the Python programming language.
  • Moreover, you will also learn the right way to use variables to store, retrieve, and then calculate information. Our Expert Review on Python Data Analysis Course offers valuable guidance for aspiring data analysts.
  • Similarly, you will learn to utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops.
  • Then, you will learn about SQL, web scraping, and SQL very thoroughly.

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Skills that you are going to gain from this Specialization:

You are going to be gaining a lot of skills regarding the following:

  • JSON.
  • XML.
  • Python programming.
  • Computer programming.
  • Basic programming language.
  • Tuple.
  • Data structures.
  • Database (DBMS).
  • Python syntax and semantics And more.

Social proof:

This section is going to help you understand whether it is good for you to take any of these courses or not. By taking a look at the positive and negative comments that users have given about these Python courses, you can easily decide what you want.

Positive feedback:

  • The course was an excellent source for me to learn Python. Even though I had no experience in this field and yet I was able to gain so much in the comfort of my home. I’m really glad I took the course and decided to learn Python. (Eduards K, ★★★★★).
  • Though the course had quite basic things taught in it but the way the instructor had taught all this is too interesting and makes you want to learn more from the course. This engaging way of the instructor forced me to learn from the course with even more interest. (Rui D, ★★★★★).
  • What I liked the most about the course were the lecture videos. Instead of dumping everything on the listener, the lecture videos have been divided into small parts that were not only easy to watch but very interesting. Also navigating around the course was very interesting and the assessments of course were too great. (Bryan T H A, ★★★★★).
  • You can consider this my first time taking an online course and learn from it and I would say my first ever experience has been a blast. I have sincerely enjoyed learning from the course as everything was explained properly. I would definitely take more courses and learn from them. (Taniya M, ★★★★★).
  • As a whole, the course is a great introduction to Python and programming and one can learn a lot from it. I can say this class was a fun, engaging, and yet a challenging one. (Gregory S, ★★★★★).

Negative feedback:

  • Generally, the course is good but I would have given it 5 stars if the explanation or slides were linked to real-life cases. It would have helped to understand all the concepts much easier then. (Lin X, ★★★☆☆).

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So if you are that person who has a great deal of interest in learning Python then you have just landed on to the right page. In Python specialization classes, you have 5 courses on the list and the freedom to take whatever the free online course with certificate you want. So take a course now and never stop learning.


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