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10 Best Paying Customer Service Jobs 2023 [Updated]


Customer service is known to be a large and quickly-growing field. As it is a very stable field, it tends to offer a variety of job roles available at every experience level and plenty of opportunities for advancement. This shows that getting a job in customer service can allow you to build skills that can be transferred to almost any industry. If you are that person who has been working in customer service for a while or looking for a career change that can allow you to earn handsome income, then know that there are plenty of high-paying customer service jobs available. And that is why, to help you find the right job opportunity, we present to you a list of 10 best paying customer service jobs.

Job Title Average salary per Hour
Help Desk Analyst $18.22
Patient Coordinator $15.39
Call Center Representative $14.50
Technical Support Representative $14.48
Concierge $14.37
Member Services Representative $14.32
Medical Receptionist/front Desk Coordinator $13.59
Front Desk Manager $13.85
Bank Teller $12.90
Receptionist $12.62


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Best Paying Customer Service Jobs

Below are the details of the 10 best paying customer service jobs.

1. Help Desk Analyst

A help desk analyst is known to be an IT professional whose job is to help customers or internal users in resolving different technical issues. These issues can be related to hardware or software as well.

Key Responsibilities

Following are the key responsibilities of a help desk analyst.

  • He has to handle different types of requests through phone, email, or in-person or even through live support software.
  • Then he has to help setting up new equipment and ensure security compliance.
  • Similarly, he has to run all the software updates.

Average Salary

  • A help desk analyst is supposed to make an average salary of $18.22 per hour.

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2. Patient Coordinator

Patient care

Patient coordinators are mostly known to be working in hospitals and long-term care facilities. They have to meet with patients and their families and discuss the patient’s care plans.

Key Responsibilities

Following are the key responsibilities of a patient coordinator.

  • They are supposed to provide educational information to the patients about their treatments, procedures, and medications.
  • Then they have to stay in touch with the patient and also their families if need be throughout the patient’s care and evaluation process.

Average Salary

  • The average per hour salary that a patient coordinator can expect to make is $15.39.

3. Call Center Representative

A call center representative is usually the one who works for a contact center or may be a telemarketing firm. To be able to do this job really well, one must possess good communication skills. You might also be interested in 5 key skills for call center jobs.

Key Responsibilities

A call center representative has to do the following tasks,

  • He has to handle all the inbound and outbound calls in the most effective manner.
  • He is tasked with following call scripts.
  • Then he needs to determine his customer’s needs and research issues and then provide timely solutions to the given issues.
  • Similarly, he has to suggest and up-sell different kinds of products.

Average Salary

  • An average salary that a call center representative makes per hour is $14.50.

4. Technical Support Representative

A technical support representative is the one who has to work either remotely or in call centers. They can also work on behalf of cable and internet providers or consumer electronics companies. You can also find out  best paying accounting jobs.

Key Responsibilities

As a technical support representative, you have the following tasks to take care of,

  • You are responsible for handling customer technical concerns either through phone, email or chat.
  • Then you need to analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues and determine what the next steps should be.
  • Similarly, you have to handle customer transactions like purchases and refunds.

Average Salary

  • The average salary which you can expect to make as a technical support representative is $14.48 per hour.

5. Concierge


A concierge is usually the one who is employed at a hotel or resort and has to work at the front desk. As you are working at the front desk, you are supposed to be very active, professional, and good at communicating with others.

Key Responsibilities

Below are the key responsibilities of a concierge.

  • As a concierge, you have to welcome guests.
  • Then you need to confirm the guest’s reservations.
  • Similarly, it is your job to show guests around the facilities and making sure that they have everything they need for a comfortable stay.
  • Next, you are required to answer guest questions and provide them with different dining and entertainment suggestions.
  • In addition, you are supposed to arrange different activities for them and more.

Average Salary

  • As a concierge, you can expect to make a per hour salary of $14.37.

6. Member Services Representative

A member service representative is the one who usually works in a bank or insurance company. With that, he can also work at a fitness club or any other membership-based organization.

Key Responsibilities

  • Member services representatives have to do the following tasks.
  • They have to greet guests and answer their phone calls no matter what.
  • Then they have to submit the guest feedback to senior employees and educate members on organization benefits, policies, and procedures.
  • Similarly, they have to upsell or cross-sell services and completing financial transactions.

Average Salary

  • A member service representative is expected to make a per hour salary of $14.32.


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7. Medical Receptionist/front Desk Coordinator


Medical receptionists typically work in a hospital, clinic, or private practices. Since they are considered to be working in a medical field, they need to be very vigilant all the time.

Key Responsibilities

Medical receptionists have the following responsibilities,

  • They have to answer phone calls and schedule appointments to the right doctor.
  • They need to send appointment reminders to the patients.
  • Similarly, they have to greet and check in patients and other clerical duties.
  • Next, they have to assist with payment transactions and do tasks like data entry and book keeping duties.

Average Salary

  • A medical receptionist can easily make $13.59 per hour.

8. Front Desk Manager

A front desk manger typically works in a hotel or resort. He has to train and lead the entire front desk staff including concierge, receptionists, and night auditors as well.

Key Responsibilities

As a front desk manager, following are the key responsibilities.

  • They have to ensure that the lobby is clean and presentable.
  • They have to handle all the escalated customer questions and complaints.
  • Similarly, they need to fill in with receptionist or concierge duties which include greeting guests, answering phone calls, and booking and retrieving reservations.

Average Salary

  • A front desk manager makes $13.85 per hour.

9. Bank Teller

Bank teller as the name suggests would typically work in a bank or credit unions. They are supposed to help customers manage financial transactions which demands full attention and concentration.

Key Responsibilities

Below are the key responsibilities of a bank teller.

  • He has to greet customers and assist them with deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
  • Similarly, he has to take care of money orders and cashing checks.
  • Then he has to manage ATMs, count the entire available cash and file deposit slips and balance numbers.

Average Salary

  • A bank teller can easily expect to make a per hour salary of $12.90.

10. Receptionist

Receptionists are supposed to work in a variety of organizations usually in a front desk environment. They have a lot of work on their plate and thus need to work meticulously. You can also checkout 5 key skills for receptionist jobs.

Key Responsibilities

Below are the key responsibilities of a receptionist.

  • They have to greet customers and answer their questions and complaints.
  • Then they have to handle all the light administrative work.
  • Similarly, they have to check visitors in and provide guest security badges and more.

Average Salary

  • The average salary of a receptionist is $12.62 per hour.


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Final Thoughts

So these were the details of the 10 best paying customer service jobs. Now all you have to do is read the details of each job title and then decide which one is suitable for you. And don’t forget to stay safe, stay home, and never stop learning.