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10 Best Paying Accounting Jobs in 2024 [Updated]


There is no doubt over the fact that accounting now-a-days is one of the most high-tech and cutting-edge professions out there. It is making advances in realms ranging from big data analytics to cloud computing to block chain technology. If you are an accountant then it is your job to make sure that all the money of different corporations, government organizations, and the individuals are being used efficiently. This shows that accountants will remain indispensable as long as there is money. Being an accountant, you can easily find highly rewarding jobs. From an associate level job to a doctorate one, you can find a job at every degree level. So let us take a look at 10 best paying accounting jobs.

Job Title Average salary per Year
Vice president, Finance $132,890
Chief financial officer (CFO) $127,780
International tax manager $112,000
Finance Director $110,050
Corporate Controller $93,030
Cost Accountant Manager $82,950
Senior Financial Analyst $77,720
Compliance Officer $75,830
Assistant Controller $71,160
Accounting Software Developer $69,570

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1. Vice President, Finance

The job of the finance VP is to lead and coordinate a company’s financial planning, debt financing, and budget management. With that, they have to report back to the upper levels as well. To become a finance VP, if you have a master’s degree then this can give you an edge while competing with others. You can also checkout Finance jobs.


The finance VP job comes with a variety of responsibilities, some are mentioned below.

  • To set benchmarks and measure overall performance.
  • Then a finance VP has to manage the preparation of all the financial reports, white papers, and forecasts.
  • Similarly, it is a finance VP’s job to prepare the financial analysis for contract negotiations and investment decisions.
  • In addition, he has to work with department managers to develop long-term plans.
  • Then, he also has to prepare planning and policy-making committees.

Average salary

  • The average salary of a finance VP is $132,890 a year.

Educational requirements

  • To become a finance VP, you need to have a master’s degree. Even though having a bachelor’s degree can also work in some cases. But an MBA can definitely help you stand tall in the crowd.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

From best Paying Accounting Jobs, The chief financial officer (CFO) is known to be one of the highest levels of authority and responsibility an accountant can ever get. If you want to become a CFO then you must have to possess the highest level of expertise, experience, and excellence. With that, a long-standing track record of leadership and results is also a must. Know that, if the organization you work in is complex and large then it is more crucial to fulfill all the roles of a CFO. You might also be interested in key skills for Accounting Jobs.


Being a CFO, following are some of the responsibilities.

  • You need to oversee the annual and long-term financial goals and budgets.
  • You have to ensure accuracy, timelines, and compliance of financial reporting.
  • Similarly, you need to develop and implement systems to maintain your corporation’s long-term financial well-being.
  • In addition, you need to instruct managers of financial departments like accounting, accounts payable and receivable, and more.
  • Then, you need to report to executive and board of directors in the financial status of the corporation you work for.

Average salary

  • The average salary that you can make as a CFO will be $127,780 a year.
  • Educational requirements:
  • To become a CFO you need at least a master’s degree.

3. International Tax Manager

AccountentFrom best Paying Accounting Jobs, International business is one of the fastest-growing specializations in business education. And that is why international tax managers are quite high in demand and valuable. Being an international tax manager, you need not only a thorough understanding of the American market and tax regulations but also a good understanding of foreign regulations, cultures, logistics, and business practices is required. This type of tax managers turn out to be pivotal in mergers and partnerships between any American and foreign businesses. You might also be interested in best online bookkeeping classes.


Being an international tax manager you have to,

  • Analyze and then determine alterations in exchange rates.
  • Record all profits and losses from variations in exchange.
  • Similarly, you need to review tax laws and regulations for different countries.
  • Then you have to establish strategies and business models for reconciling the regulations of other countries.

Average salary

  • The average salary of an international tax manager is $112,000 per year.

Educational requirement

  • To become an international tax manager, you need a master’s degree.

4. Finance Director

A finance director is the one who is just under the VP of finance in the chain of command. He works more directly with managers and employees and develops different plans with them. To become a finance director, you need to have many years of experience and a lot of latitude for developing your own procedures and best practices. You can also checkout Key Objectives of Accounting.


Below are the responsibilities of a finance director.

  • He has to direct all the financial policies for his company or group.
  • Then he has to oversee all the financial functions. It includes accounting, budgeting, crediting, insurance tax, and treasury.
  • Similarly, being a finance director, he has to report to top executives on the accomplishments of financial departments.

Average salary

  • The average salary of a finance director is expected to be $110,050 a year.

Educational requirements

  • A master’s degree is a must to become a finance director.

5. Corporate Controller

The job of a corporate controller is one of the most critical jobs in any corporation. In a smaller company, the job of the controller can be equivalent to a CFO. But in most larger companies, the controller is recognized as an expert manager who has to make sure that all the work in billing, budgeting, and tax preparation gets done properly. A corporate controller is the sergeant in the trenches who has to make sure that his soldiers are completing their tasks efficiently meanwhile the higher-ups are busy making plans. If there is no corporate controller maintaining the day-today financial integrity, then many companies would tend to fail or drown.


Below are the main responsibilities of a corporate controller.

  • Preparing the taxes for the corporation.
  • Make direct spending based on the approved budget.
  • Similarly, he has to manage employees in billing, accounts receivable, and other finance departments.
  • Next, a corporate controller has to ensure compliance with workplace regulations and human resources practices.

Average salary

  • The average salary of a corporate controller in $93,030 a year.

Educational requirements

  • To become a corporate controller, Bachelor’s degree is required at least. With that, having a Master’s degree can also add value to your CV.


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6. Cost Accountant Manager

tax MangerFrom best Paying Accounting Jobs, As your business becomes more complex, you are going to have to hire specialized professionals who can keep track of everything. A cost accountant manager has to focus on analyzing the costs of producing a product. They need to have strong analytical abilities and a wide-range understanding of all the economic forces that determine the cost and value of a product.


Becoming a cost accountant manager comes with the following responsibilities.

  • Managing cost control procedures and systems.
  • With that, a cost accountant manager has to analyze and interpret cost audits for management.
  • Similarly, he has to report on cost accounting to higher management.
  • Then he has to manage employees within the cost accounting department.

Average salary:

  • The average salary of a cost accountant manager tends to be around $82,950 per year.

Educational requirements:

  • A bachelor’s/master’s degree is required to become a cost accountant manager.

7. Senior Financial Analyst

A senior financial analyst can be easily found in just about every industry. Whether your company is small or large, you need a senior financial analyst who can review the finances of your company. He is the leader of a group if financial analysts who has to work with money that the company he works for is spending and making in all areas of a business. He has to be very diligent, detail-oriented, and accurate. You can also checkout CFA Course and training here.


A senior financial analyst has to following responsibilities on his shoulder.

  • He has to preside over a team of lower-level financial analysts.
  • Then he has to prepare reports of director of finance, VP of finance, and CFO.
  • Similarly, it is a senior financial analyst’s job to prepare financial forecast and make recommendation for future plans.
  • Next, he has to prepare and review financial reports for white papers or publications.

Average salary

  • A senior financial analyst is expected to make around $77,720 per year.

Educational requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree is a must to fall in the criteria of becoming a senior financial analyst. But a master’s degree in the relevant field can help to stand tall in the crowd.

8. Compliance Officer

ComplianceA compliance officer is the one who has to make sure that the company is abiding by all the required and relevant regulations. From environmental regulations to discrimination laws, he has to take care of many things. With that, they also have to make sure that the company they work for is ethical and legal in all its dealings.


Below are some of the major responsibilities of a compliance officer.

  • He is required to communicate all the relevant laws, regulations, and standards to employees, managers, and executives.
  • Next he has to educate employees as to their roles in maintaining all the ethical and legal standards.
  • Similarly, he has to keep the authorities informed of any change in regulations.
  • Next, he has to manage a whole compliance team effectively.

Average salary

  • The average salary of a compliance officer is around $75,830 per year.

Educational requirements

  • To become a compliance officer, you must have a master’s degree.

9. Assistant Controller

From best Paying Accounting Jobs, An assistant controller is the one who has to support the corporate controller in all the accounting-related activities. This includes managerial accounting, high-level accounting, and finance activities within a company. If you are an assistant controller, then you need to be familiar with all the company’s practices and procedures. With that, you need to have a lot of experience in this field to make wise decisions.


An assistant controller has to,

  • Establish and maintain the entire accounting practices and procedures.
  • Then he has to manage the production of budgets and other financial operating reports.
  • Similarly, he has to report recommendations to top management.
  • Then he has to manage the employees of the controller department.

Average salary

  • The average salary that one can expect to make as an assistant controller is around $71,160.

Educational requirements

  • To become an assistant controller, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

10. Accounting Software Developer

As an accounting software developer, you have to have a significant level of expertise to design and create programs that meet the needs of not only modern accounting but finance, banking, and business too. With that, you also need to have leadership experience and skills.


Below are the responsibilities of an accounting software developer.

  • You have to research and analyze the technological needs of accounting.
  • You need to design programs that meet specific needs.
  • Similarly, you have to lead a development team to program tools for accounting and finance.

Average salary:

  • You can make an average salary of $69,570 a year as an accounting software developer.

Educational requirement:

  • A minimum of bachelor’s level degree is required to become an accounting software developer. With that, some companies might demand a Master’s degree.


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Final Thought

So, here is everything you need to know about the 10 best paying accounting jobs. Therefore, read all about the 10 best paying accounting jobs carefully and never stop learning. If you’re interested in iMSA Courses – Online Masters of Accounting, then click here.