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5 Key Skills for Receptionist Jobs in 2021

Key skill for Receptionist jobs

Receptionists are just the first line of interaction in a company. Most of the time, they are the ones responsible for providing outstanding customer service. Their management and multitasking skills assist employees in staying on track and keeping the company working perfectly. This brings us to question what are the most attractive receptionist skills on your resume that can increase your chances of being selected as a promising candidate by a hiring manager. But there’s nothing to worry about. We decided to present a comprehensive stat-based list of the top receptionist Jobs skills that will help you advance in your career in 2021 and beyond.


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What is the Job Description for a Receptionist Job?

Your position as a front-line employee will be instrumental in maintaining customer service and satisfaction. Wherever you work, your aim should always be to make guests and visitors feel at ease and pleased. As a Receptionist, you will be responsible for answering customer questions, providing customer service, directing and managing customers, keeping the front work area clean, as well as representing the agency by adhering to agendas and scripts. You might also be interested in key skills for human resources jobs.

Since May 16, 2021, the average annual income for a Receptionist in the United States is $29,500 per year or $14.18 per hour. This adds up to $567 a week or $2,458 per month.

Top Receptionist Jobs Skills

The following is a list of the most valuable skills for a front desk receptionist. The top skills are ranked based on the percentage of front desk receptionist resumes that included them. Let’s look at what skills a front-desk receptionist jobs requires to be competitive in the workplace.



The ability to communicate one’s ideas and feelings to others through gestures, sentences, or acts is referred to as communication. It all boils down to receiving or sending some kind of information. To run a successful company, receptionists must be able to communicate and transmit their message to customers. You are the middle person because you are always communicating with people, whether by phone, email, or face-to-face. So, important promotional communication—both verbal and non – verbal is crucial for a receptionist to have because it leads to a more positive workday.

According to Zippia, a total of 4.9% of the skill of excellent communication makes into the job outlook for receptionists.

Customer service

How a receptionist deals with customers shines a spotlight on the business as a whole. A rude receptionist can cause a customer or client to have a negative impression of the business. This type of action may often result in a negative report. The primary aim of customer service is to develop good relationships with customers so that they can return for more company. Customer service is the act of assisting both existing and future customers by answering inquiries, resolving complaints, and delivering outstanding service. The aim of delivering excellent customer service is to increase customer loyalty and generate regular business. So, all you need is the charm.

According to Zippia, 9.3% of potential employers ‎ listed customer service as a high in demand skill for receptionists.


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Phone Calls

As you might know, a call creates a bond, and this is how the majority of people are interacting amid the pandemic. Attending phone calls for receptionists is now more important than ever in 2021. Take it from here that almost all companies are conducted online. So, who is in charge of all these online/on-call appointments? This is where our hero receptionists step in. Employers require receptionists that can handle phone calls like a pro. Answering all the questions a confused customer may want to know about becomes more difficult as you operate online. So, for long-term jobs, you need to practice by yourself to take quick phone calls and tackle all the sudden customers over the phone.

According to Zippia, it has been recorded that 11.4% of the skill of attending effective phone calls is necessary for a receptionist.

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling Appointments

Finding a free slot with the person(s) you want to see is the process of scheduling appointments. Finding mutually available time, negotiating follow-ups, issuing notes, and creating new appointments are all part of the appointment-initiating process. You must also ensure that the times of successive meetings do not conflict with one another. Being a receptionist, you must perform all administrative/clerical duties such as answering busy phones, arranging meetings, filing, insurance verification, and co-payment processing. You should also focus on better planning your schedule and prioritizing your time. If you are still struggling to complete all of the tasks assigned to you, try entrusting (where possible) and arranging your tasks. You can also check out skills for administrative assistant jobs.

According to Zippia, 6.8% of the skill of Scheduling appointments is needed on the part of a receptionist Jobs to take care of a massive customer base.


It is common to remain calm under pressure when performing well. Professional receptionists sometimes put people on hold and handle several phone conversations at the same time. You may even have to handle a long queue while coping with whoever just came in the door. Receptionists must be able to multitask, especially in a fast-paced work environment. To make yourself more appealing to a potential employer, emphasize your multitasking ability as well as your technological abilities. If you lack this skill, consider taking a course that can be productive for you. Bring yourself closer to better working and earning conditions by learning about the particular techniques used in your field.

What is a Receptionist’s Jobs most Valuable Skill?

Receptionists must be excellent communicators with strong interpersonal, customer service, and organizational skills. This shows that why communication grabs the first spot in our list.  Because you spend the majority of your time interacting with a diverse range of guests and tourists, better verbal skills are your go-to skill. This requires you to communicate with others who have a variety of attitudes and behaviors.

Qualifications for landing on a Perfect Receptionist Job

The following criteria and qualifications should be included in a receptionist jobs description:

  • 2 years of experience as a Front Desk Representative or in a similar position is needed.
  • Understanding of office computers (e.g. fax, printer, etc.)
  • Office management and basic bookkeeping skills are required.
  • Outstanding experience of Microsoft Office (especially Excel and Word)
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are needed.
  • Part of a team
  • Excellent time management abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal and listening abilities
  • High School diploma with a focus on the customer
  • Additional qualifications would be advantageous.


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Final Thoughts

You must be on top of your game to maintain the company’s image in a blended workplace. Get familiar with the above receptionist jobs skills because whether you work from home or in an office, you will always be responsible for making good first impressions as a receptionist. As a multi-tasking superhero, you are charged with several other big administrative and security duties, and we trust in you. You are going to do GREAT!


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