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Android App Components – Intents, Activities, and Broadcast Receivers

Android App Components – Intents, Activities, and Broadcast Receivers

This is a 4 week MOOC that aims to provide guideline to the learners regarding Java and Android. With that the course also aims to dig deeper into the core android app components such as intents, activities and broadcast receivers. By taking this course, a learner will not only be able to understand Java and android but will also be able to get a chance to go deeper into this world. The course has everything there is to know about android apps. All of the terms will be taught with the help of authentic examples and with that, learners will side by side work on a project that involves how to download, store and display images from remote websites. There will be a number of skills that a learner will get to learn such as android studio, android software development, concurrent computing, computer programming, how to use the git source code management system and much more. The teaching methodology of this course is very helpful and the course contains a number of quizzes, assignments, lectures, examples and much more that can help learners to understand this field in no time and can then take his understanding to an advanced level.

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  • 7 hours per week
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  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt, Dr. Jules White, Michael Walker
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Who should take this course?

This informative, engaging and easy to understand course has been instructed in such a way that can turn out to be suitable for all those people who have interest in java and programming. If you are a beginner who is just starting off in this field and is facing problems to cope with this field, taking this course is the best choice that you can make for yourself as the course has everything that can help you understand the different terminologies in a better way. With that, the course can also turn out to be suitable for all those people who have prior experience in this field and are looking for ways to take their understanding to an advanced level. This course can help all such people according to their need. Taking this course by a professional can help him improve and refresh his skills that can lead him to perform even better. Hence we can say that this course is suitable for all such people who are interested in computers and programming.

Social proof:

Now we are going to discuss some of the comments that our learners have given regarding this course. These comments are given by the learners themselves and they have shared with us their experience from the course like how this course has helped them achieved what they wanted to. So let us take a look at the comments below and get an idea about what the course has to offer.

5 star rating:

The examples given in the course were really helpful and to the point.

The best thing that the course had were tons of examples that were used to explain different terminologies. Because teaching something with the help of an example is a much better and convenient way to make someone understand something. So I would say that the whole course was amazing and especially the examples.

The course is too good to understand the android framework fundamentals.

I would say that this is a very easy to understand and precise course that can help even the beginners who have no prior knowledge of android app components, understand its framework. For me as a complete beginner, the course was overall an excellent experience.

The course helped me understand the different components of android app quite easily.

With the help of this course, I was able to understand the difficult components of android app after some careful consideration. At first it was getting a little tough for me to pick up the pace but then as soon as things started to get clear, I actually started enjoying the course.

Because of this course, I was able to start a career in this field.

After completing this course, I was able to decide for myself whether I have my full attention to this field or not or whether I should start a career in it.

The course made me apply all these concepts in my real world job too.

I have a good job and I am giving a good output. But then I took the course and learned so many new things from it that I was actually able to apply in my real life. I was able to solve so many of my work problems only because I had all the answers from the course. It really helped me in shaping my career. Today I have a job that I really love to do only because now my mind has all the answers that I need in doing my work properly.

I can recommend this course to all those people interested in this field.

When I started the course, I was unsure whether this could help me the way I want it to, but it turned out to be totally opposite of what I thought it would be and hence I can say that this amazing course can be recommended to all those people out there who are interested in this field.

This course has a lot of general information regarding android app components that most of the tutors don’t even bother to share.

The course has such information regarding how android apps are developed and what are its components that most of the teachers fail to give. But the instructor of this course has tried to be as elaborated as possible so that everyone can learn from it in a most amazing way ever. This course has indeed gone deeper into the components of android app that majority of the instructors fail to give.

The course provides useful set of instructions regarding how to use the GIT source code management system.

The whole course was good and made me learn a lot about the android app components. This was a whole new experience for me learning about components of android apps. And the part where how we can use the GIT course code management system was the best one for me.

4 star rating:

Overall the course is great but it focuses more on the theoretical part rather than the practical part.

Well I wouldn’t say that the course was no use to me because I did learn quite a bunch of new things from it but I felt like the focus of the course was more on the theory if we compare it to the practical part.

The instructors are awesome. Method of teaching is amazing.

I really loved the way that the lectures have been delivered by the instructors. Their body language and way of delivering was very professional throughout the course. Also I didn’t know making apps can be so easy until now! Perfect as an entry level programming course. I would definitely say that after completing this course, my concepts regarding android app components are very much cleared.

I am an advanced android programmer and still I was able to learn so much new from this course.

I am an android programmer and my job is perfect, but still I have this thought that maybe I should take a course and refresh my skills so I took it and I would say that not only was I able to refresh my skills but learned so much new from it even though I thought I knew everything about this field.

3 star rating:

I was expecting the course to be much more engaging than this.

I didn’t find the course to be that engaging. When I started the course, sure it was engaging and relevant and made me understand a bunch of things but as you go further, things get really slow and less engaging.

2 and 1 star rating:

The course has zero useful information in it from what I have experienced.

I was hoping the course had some useful information in it but that was not the case as there was nothing new or different in the course that could help me.


Now we are going to discuss some alternatives that can be taken if one feels that the course is not what he wants. We are going to give a brief introduction about different alternatives that what they have in them for our learners so that it can help a user decide which course is better for him.

Multiplatform mobile app development with Native Script:

This course can also be taken as an alternative to our main course as its focus is on mobile app development also. The course will help a learner in leveraging angular, TypeScript and JavaScript skills and will able a user to learn and use various features of NativeScript framework in order to build a cross-platform mobile application. The course has very useful set of instructions in it that will help a learner to build mobile application that will target more than one platforms with a single codebase. This course is very useful for all those who wish to learn mobile application development skills. The course has an amazing rating of 4.5 which shows that users have found this course to be helpful. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below mentioned click now to get this course for free.


Introduction to computer science:

This course aims to teach learners what a computer actually does and how it does different things. As we all know that there are millions of people out there who have access to a computer but among them, there are very few people who actually know the methodology behind it. So this course aims to teach people how a computer works. This is a 2 to 4 months long course and contains a number of lectures in it that can help learners to develop a strong base of computer sciences and how it works. What is logic and computational thinking, introduction to Python, fundamentals of analytic logic, how a logic is related to a computer science, what are different functions, loop and conditionals in Python, how to process different files and wat good can be done from them and much more will be taught in this course. The rating of this course is very appealing and both the instructors have a lot of experience in this field and have tried to be as elaborative as possible so that learners can fully understand the fundamentals of a computer. So if you think that this course can help you better with programming then click on the below link to get further details.



We can bring our discussion to an end by saying that the above mentioned course or MOOC is a best way for a learner to develop multiple skills regarding android programming, java programming, computer programming and many other. The course has indeed everything there is to know about the core android components and how to deal with them. By the end of this course, a learner will have full knowledge of the structures, functionality and use of android intents. Majority of the terminologies will be taught with the use of real world examples so that the learner can understand the concepts in a much clearer way. With that the course also contains quizzes and assignments at the end of each module for the learners to practice with. By solving these quizzes and assignments, it will become a little easier for the learners to grasp the concepts taught. All three of the instructors of this course are experienced enough and have tried to be as explanative as possible. The rating of this course is 4.2 and thousands of students have enrolled in this course already. So if you think that this course can help you get on track then enroll yourself in this free course now. Yes you heard it right, the course is for free so don’t waste your time anymore.

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