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3 Best + Free WGU Computer Science Courses


Western Governors University is a highly-recognized and well-reputed private university that is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. This university works on the principle of using an online competency-based learning model which is entirely opposed to the traditional and cohort-based class model. This institute is known well to offer computer science courses and that is why our team at takethiscourse.net has compiled a list for you that has names of the 3 best WGU computer science courses.

        1. Information Technology Foundations
        2. Network and Security Foundations
        3. Scripting and Programming Foundations

Best WGU Computer Science Courses for FREE:

So down below are the names and descriptions of the 3 best WGU computer science courses.

saveInformation Technology Foundations

      • Western Governors University Via edX
      • 60 hours of effort required
      • 7,499+ already enrolled!
      • Course-Type: Self-paced
      • Instructors: Gerri Light & Ryan Whisler

Information technology Foundations

This information technology foundations course aims to help you understand IT as a discipline and what are its various roles and functions. Starting the course, you’ll get to know the different IT disciplines which include systems and services, network and security, and more. With that, you will also get a chance to understand what scripting and programming are, then a complete introduction to data management, and then the business of IT. Also, our aggregated list of 25 best computer courses list is really helpful for beginners.

Going further in these WGu Computer Science Courses, you will get to understand the different technologies behind these disciplines. Then, the instructor will explain to you in detail what the role of information technology systems is in converting data to organizational knowledge. After that, you will learn about the role of different types of software in a computing environment and then the fundamentals of software development. Next, the instructor will give a detailed explanation of the structure, function, and security that is associated with networks. Thus, these and many other topics will be taught in detail.

CS50 - Introduction to ProgrammingCS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

  • Harvard University via edX
  • 9 Problem Sets, 1 Final Project
  • 1,993,914+ students enrolled
  • 12 weeks of effort required
  • ★★★★★
Python for EverybodyProgramming for Everybody – Getting Started with Python

  • Michigan University via Coursera
  • 96 hours of effort required
  • 914,425+ already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (318,541 Ratings)
Programming with a purposeComputer Science: Programming with a Purpose

  • Princeton University via Coursera
  • 88 hours of effort required
  • 77,205+ already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (384 ratings)

saveNetwork and Security Foundations

      • Western Governors University Via edX
      • 80 hours of effort required
      • 8,161+ already enrolled!
      • Course-Type: Self-paced
      • Instructors: Gerri Light & Ryan Whisler

Networking and security Foundation

A WGU Computer Science course that is going to introduce you to the components that are a part of a computer network in the most effective possible manner. You will get to understand the concept and role of communication protocols. The instructor aims to cover the widely used categorical classification of networks in this course. With that, he is also going to talk about the network topologies, physical devices, and then the layered abstraction in a step-by-step guide. Furthermore, you will get a detailed introduction to the basic concepts of security and covering all the vulnerabilities of networks and mitigation techniques thoroughly.

You may also be interested in our aggregation of Best Free Computer Networking Courses & Certifications.

Going further in these WGU Computer Science Course, the instructor is going to talk about the security of physical media and the security policies and procedures. This is how you will get a complete understanding of the basic concepts that are essential to networking. Other topics that you will get to learn from this course are the functional and technical components of network systems, basic security concepts, and more.


Scripting and Programming Foundations

      • Western Governors University Via edX
      • 80 hours of effort required
      • Course-Type: Self-paced
      • Instructors: Gerri Light & Ryan Whisler

Scripting and Programming Foundations

A very engaging, interactive, and yet challenging course that aims to give you an introduction to programming theory. Through this course, you will get a chance to cover basic elements in programming like variables, data types, flow control, and design concepts. Note that this course is language-agnostic in nature which is ending in a survey of languages and introduces the distinction that is between interpreted and compiled languages. Taking this course will help you understand the basic computer programming elements which include constants, operators, expressions, and more. The national program for technical enhanced learning India also providing a thorough list of NPTEL Online Courses for computer science.

With that WGU Computer Science Course, you will get to understand the basic constructs of programming that includes functions and control structure. After that, you will get to interpret algorithms in a step-by-step guide. Next, the instructor will explain to you the steps of the software design process. After that, you will learn to compare various scripting and programming languages thoroughly. The instructor has detailed lecture videos that will introduce you to computational thinking and algorithms. Not just that, you will also get to understand the sequence of instructions that solves a problem. So, if you are interested in computational or mathematical thinking or algorithms, then enrolling in this course is what you need.

ADMachine Learning

      • Stanford University via Coursera
      • 64 hours of effort required
      • 2,975,908+ students enrolled
      • ★★★★★ (129,908 Ratings)

ADCS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals

      • Harvard University via edX
      • 6 weeks (2-6 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 62,059+ students enrolled
      • ★★★★★
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Thus these were the details of the 3 best WGU computer science courses that our team has hand-picked for you. Now all you need to do is read the description of these three WGU courses and understand what they have to offer. And then choose the one which you think is suitable for you. You can further checkout Free Online Courses with Certificate of completion from other top universities worldwide. Enroll in that one course now and don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.