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Overview of UEL Moodle


The University of East London is known to be a public university that is located in the London Borough of the Newham, London, England. The University’s roots can be traced back to very old times when the West Ham Technical Institute was established in the year 1892. Since 1892, the status of the institute changed and kept becoming superior and advanced. At present, it has the status of University which it gained in the year 1992. The University has a lot of faculties and schools to offer like the School of Sciences, Psychology, Arts and Digital Industries, Graduate School and much more. In this article, we are going to focus on UEL Moodle eLearning platform.

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Following are some general details about the UEL.

  • It has an academic staff of 716 individuals.
  • The total number of students as of 2018-19 was 13,395.
  • Among this figure, undergraduates are 9750.
  • Postgraduates among this figure are known to be 3645.

UEL Moodle Overview:

Now let us talk about a very meticulous, effective and easy-to-use online learning platform that is used by the University of East London which is, the Moodle. Moodle is an online learning platform where the majority of the courses taught have a moodle course which can be accessed by the students either by getting enrolled automatically or by self-enrolling. UEL’s virtual learning environment is built on this popular Moodle platform. The UEL by providing this amazing online platform in the form of Moodle makes sure that their students are getting a high-quality education.

What does UEL Moodle provide?

Moodle provides a number of courses that are available for students to access. In these courses, learning materials and activities can also be accessed and other learning resources like

  • Turnitin
  • MyPortfolio
  • Panopto
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Module Evaluation surveys
  • And much more is available.
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What types of activities does a Moodle contain?

Moodle contains a different number of activities which can be accessed through each available course. The purpose of these activities and resources is to give students online help in studying. The activities and resources include

  • Quizzes
  • Communication tools
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Lecture slides
  • Links to recordings of lectures
  • Links to reading lists

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Where to login to the Moodle?

In order to use Moodle, one needs to login first. For that, a learner has to visit the website (moodle.uel.ac.uk) and then log in easily using the staff UEL network username and password. Follow the details and then you are all set to go. Remember one thing in mind that your account credentials are unique to you only and that it must never be shared to a third person.

Are there any support links available at Moodle?

There are different support links available that students can use for study purpose. All you need to do is enter your username and password and then you are all set to go. Following are different support links available.

  • OFFICE 365 (Online & Desktop Apps).
  • Student information.
  • Library and learning services.
  • Staff development and teacher.

We at takethiscourse.net have a standpoint that Universities should provide both their students and teachers with the best possible educational facilities like the University of East London. This is because teachers need a technology-based platform that can help them teach better. Also at the same time, students need some kind of a platform that can let them study at their own ease and pace. That is why UEL-Moodle is something that we appreciate a lot. With the help of this online learning platform, students can get a lot of help in studying. The quizzes, assignments, communication tools and other support links available regarding each course are a great way for students to learn better. So visit the website today.

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