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Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Tableau and R


This is a type, of course, that aims to provide knowledge regarding how we can extract valuable information with the help of twitter that can help in marketing, finance, and many other research works. There will be a number of things taught in the course like how to connect twitter and R in order to harvest tweets for a certain type of keywords, how we can clean and process different tweets for further analysis, how we can export text-based data and sentiment scores from R, how to use Tableau to visualize sentiment analysis data and much more. This means that taking this course can pretty much help learners to extract, clean and process data. Check out Tableau Certification Preparation here.

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Who should take this course?

This type, of course, can be taken by the above-mentioned people.

  • All types of data professionals whether they have experience in this field or just beginners.
  • Different marketing professionals who are looking for ways to use data to improve sales.
  • Different entrepreneurs and researcher are also welcome to join this course.
  • Analysts in marketing, finance and other fields that are related can also take this course.
  • And any other people who are interested in learning how to extract valuable information through sources can take this course.

Social Proof – Reviews of International Students & Professionals about this course:

Now we will take a look at some comments that have been given by our professionals and international students. By taking a look at their experience it can become easy for us to decide whether this course is actually helpful or nor. We have two sections here positive and negative comments. So let’s take a look at these comments.

Positive feedback:

  • The curriculum of the course is well laid out that can help a person to learn to extract data from different tweets. (Celia banks/5 star).
  • I haven’t completed the whole course but so far the course is really great and I have managed to learn a lot from it. (Alexandru Tofan/5 star).
  • I loved how the course uses a simple library approach to sentiment analysis. With that, there are also a number of interesting things that were worthy of our time and effort. The instructor has done an amazing job in executing this course. His way of delivering the lectures was impeccable. (Lela Knavs/5 star).
  • The idea of enhancing tableau with the help of R was a great idea, I really liked it. Also, the main project is very well explained. Each step is easy to understand and has enough information in it. (Cindy Malone/5 star).
  • The course is very helpful and the best thing about the course is that if you have any questions, you get an instant reply, which is appreciable. (Sarah Parsley/5 star).
  • The concept taught in the course is very interesting and unique. Also the videos in the course follow a logical order and the slides also contain supporting material which was all very helpful. I can precisely say that this is a well-developed course. (Celine Theroux/5 star).
  • The quality of the course is very good and the steps explained in it are very easy to follow. In short, I can say that I have really enjoyed learning from the course. (Analytics_Toronto43/5 star).
  • I would really like to thank the instructor for making this course. It really helped me wrap my head around these difficult concepts. Indeed the course is really engaging and easy to understand. (Iris Lee/ 5 star).
  • The examples that have been used in the course are very practical and can be totally applied in solving real-world problems. (Geetanjali Barua/4 star).
  • I am totally new to this field and decided to take this course and after watching the lectures, I can say that this is a very interesting course and I am enjoying it so far. (Kanya Parameswari4 star).
  • Well, I’d the whole course is overall really good. The R sections were very interesting and I was able to learn a lot from it but the tableau section was not that interesting if compared. But I would say the overall course is very amazing. (John Gordon/4 star).

Negative feedback:

  • The details regarding connecting to twitter need to be updated because they are of no use. (Tomasz Rybicki/ 3.5 stars).
  • There are a lot of errors in the course. If you get stuck there is no one that can help you. Also, the course code is very confusing and makes you frustrated. I am totally not satisfied with the course. (Shama Alfiya/1 star).


Let us now discuss some of the alternatives that we have with this course. By looking at what each of these courses has to offer, we can then decide which course is better for us.

Tableau desktop with R integration: [Course not available]

This is the type of course that will help learners to master the data visualization techniques with the help of tableau desktop. By taking this course, there will be a number of things that learners will learn like how to connect tableau with a number of datasets like CSV files, Excel, MS SQL database, how to create maps and pie charts,  how text tables and different animations can be created, how to navigate between dashboards through actions and much more. Anyone who is interested in learning tableau whether experienced or someone with no experience is welcome to join this course. Also, the rating of this course is very appealing and all those people who have taken this course have given positive feedback about it so if you think this course is the right choice for you then click on the below link to take this now. You might be interested in tutorials for tableau certification.

Tableau for R users-Explore tableau and embed R code:

This course can also be taken that aims to help learners to understand how to create data visualizations in tableau. With that, the course also teaches how to use R from within tableau. By the end of this course, learners will have full grip over a number of concepts like how to install tableau, how to load and connect to various files, how to create stories and different presentations, how to use R within tableau, how to create a number of different charts and tables and much more. In order to make the most out of this course, a learner should have some knowledge of R so that he can understand the course properly. And also if a person needs to know which tableau product is best suited to him, then he should take this course in order to learn that. The rating of this course is 4.5 and all those thousands of students who have given this course have found it to be very helpful. So just click on the below link to get this course now at a discounted rate. Visit here tableau training certification courses.


We can conclude our discussion by saying that the above-mentioned course is the best way for learners to develop different skills that can help them extract valuable information with the help of twitter and can make better decisions in different fields like marketing, finance and other related fields. Taking this course will help learners to achieve their goals and become better. The instructor of this course has tried to make the course as simple, precise and easy to understand as possible so that any type of learner whether beginner or professional can make the most out of this course. The rating of this course is very appealing and all those people who have taken this course gave satisfactory remarks about it.

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