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Tableau VS SAP Lumira

Differences that can tell whether tableau is better or SAP Lumira

There are many data visualization tools available among which, tableau and SAP Limra are one of them. Tableau as we all know is an excellent data visualization tool having a variety of features and bigger community. Whereas, SAP Lumira is considered to be a visual intelligence tool that is used to create and visualize stories on dataset. Both are effective tools and are used in data visualization but our main question here is to find out which one is better. And the only way to find it out Tableau vs SAP Lumira is by pointing out some genuine differences between them.

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So our team at takethiscourse.net has dug out several differences between the two that you need to see for yourself.


SAP Lumira

Tableau is used widely in places where there is an extreme need of business enhancement. It is because the tableau technology is appreciated well in dealing with numeric data and anything can be chart with ease using it.Whereas, Lumira is mostly suited for such places where you need to customize and create tailored benchmarks for high effective customization.
Tableau is a steady and mature visualization tool that can connect with many different sources without any difficulty.But, SAP Lumira is not as effective as tableau and is primarily focused on SAP data sources only.
Tableau is an excellent choice for complex models. As it offers a variety of rich visualization features which lets you create data models and visualizations easily.Contrary, if you intend to do simple visualizations, then SAP Lumira has to be your ultimate choice. You can use this tool very comfortably and it takes only a few minutes to get up to speed.
Tableau has a wide range of upgrades without which you can’t simply enjoy using it.On the other side, Lumira is a desktop application and can run on its own JVM. This means that it mostly installs its own Java runtime environment libraries.
One of the best things about tableau is that there is no downtime as per the reports. Which means that there are no interruptions or issues while working.Similarly, SAP Lumira is also quite fun to use as it performs really well. It can be probably launched in the 32 or 64-bit environment depending on the host’s system and then you are all set to use it.
The main purpose of Tableau is to optimize performance only so you can expect it to perform really well. No matter how big or small the data is, you can totally rely on tableau for organizing the data effectively.As far as we talk about SAP Lumira, then you can also consider this a good visualization tool. It allows you to connect to SAP HANA, SAP BW, Universe and other sources and prepares the data quickly. With that, it is also used to instantly prepare the different types of visuals thereby considering it an effective visualization tool.
Tableau offers great linking factor with various objects to the users. This means that these objects given on the dashboard can be used to enhance the visualization and interaction for the user.Whereas, Lumira offers multiple graphical objects with drilling facilities on the given display to help you enhance the visualization.


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So these were some differences Tableau vs SAP Lumira that we were able to find out for you. Now it is up to you to read them carefully and then decide which tool is better for you. we sugest you take tableau desktop specialist practice test and become tableau certified .So read this topic with full concentration now, stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.