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6 Best PSAT Prep Courses & Classes 2020

Best PSAT Prep Courses & Classes

Takethiscourse.net has always worked with full determination and one goal in mind, which is, to help our big family of learners with their educational needs. By each passing day, we try to find something helpful and informational that can be of some help to our readers in learning something new. We hope we’d keep this cycle up and running as long as we can because, at takethiscourse.net, we always believe in to never stop learning. And that is why today, our team after a lot of effort and time presents to you a list of 6 best PSAT Prep Courses and Classes for the year 2020. The 6 courses on the list have been handpicked by our team and we believe these courses to be the best. Below you are going to find a thorough description of what each course is going to offer. So let us take a look at it.


This list has been compiled after careful consideration and proper research has been made to hunt down only the best courses and training platforms.

  1. PSAT Prep (Kaplan)
  2. DOUBLE800 SAT & PSAT Prep Course
  3. PrepScholar PSAT
  4. Test Prep: PSAT
  5. PSAT Prep Courses (TestMasters)
  6. PSAT Prep (Elite Educational Institute)

List of Best PSAT Prep Courses:

savePSAT Prep (Kaplan)

      • via Kaplan
      • Online Prep Classes
      • ★★★★★

When you’re preparing for something very important to you and your future depends on it, you’d want nothing but the best right? Similarly, when you have to prepare for PSAT, you’d definitely want to learn from the best platform. And that is why we present to you one of the best platforms for the PSAT preparation which is the Kaplan. The platform offers a wide range of PSAT prep courses for anyone to take who has to appear in one. Kaplan’s PSAT prep courses are instructed by world-class professors. And for a decade now, they have been using online learning expertise to help the PSAT students to achieve their goal score.

The PSAT prep courses are available in a variety and it depends that which course you think is best for you. Everyone knows that preparing for the PSAT is going to help you get ready for the SAT. But did you ever consider the possibility of getting qualified for a National Merit Scholarship if you score high in it? If no, then know that passing the PSAT with a high score can get you a National Merit Scholarship and many other awards. So you have to choose the most suitable course for yourself.

Now learning from one of the PSAT prep courses from Kaplan is as easy as learning the spellings of an apple. Why? It is because all of the courses and classes offered by Kaplan are instructed, overlooked, and designed by top professors. They have a team of experts who know what they are doing and how they can keep the students engaged not only in a classroom but in an online course as well. Professors at Kaplan uses the latest teaching strategies that will help you boost your Math, reading, and writing skills. So visit the website today and find the most suitable PSAT prep course now and start reaching your goals.

saveDOUBLE800 SAT & PSAT Prep Course

      • DOUBLE800 LLC via Udemy
      • 3,015+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆
      • (80 Reviews)

We get that students are always finding it hard to prepare for the SAT’s or the PSAT. They are not wrong at their end because it indeed is a difficult task to prepare for these types of tests. But it’s not like this problem doesn’t have a solution because it does. With the help of this course, you are not only going to prepare for the PSAT but also for the SAT’s. You will be getting all the training, tips, learning material, and whatnot to prepare yourself for these tests.

What this course has in it for you are all the concepts that make up for the SAT and PSAT. You as a student are going to take and review three of the official SATs. Now how will it help you? First, these three official tests are for sure the real SATs. This means that solving these tests will decrease your exam anxiety.

Secondly, you will get an idea about what the real exam be like and how to solve them.

After reviewing all the concepts in each subject area, you are going to take an official College Board SAT. You will solve the test independently and will review all the test answers in the videos given. After completing the first test, you’ll then solve the second one and then the third. In this way, you will gain total familiarity and confidence with all types of questions on the SAT.

savePrepScholar PSAT

      • via PrepScholar
      • Free Consultation
      • ★★★★★

Want to score 150+ points on your next PSAT? Enroll in the PrepScholar online PSAT prep course and see for yourself how well you’re going to perform on your next PSAT. PrepScholar is the only online program that has been scientifically designed to understand every type of student’s strengths and weaknesses. And then prepare a customized plan for each student according to their abilities.

What PrepScholar offers is way more than just a bunch of questions and video lessons that you keep on rewinding over and over. Prepscholar offers more than that. The program customizes your learning to your strength and weaknesses. In other words, you’ll learn what you can actually understand. When you enroll, you’ll get an hour-by-hour study plan which is mandatory for you to follow. This study plan has been divided into different tasks that you will be doing per hour. Like in the first hour, you have to take a diagnostic test. Then from hours 2-10, you will get training and develop skills through the lessons available. Then from hours 11-14, you will be taking a full-length practice test. And the cycle goes on and on until you ace the PSAT.

Next comes the lessons that have included many top quality videos that are quite engaging. The purpose of adding these videos in most of the lessons is to show you the content and strategies you need to ace the PSAT. With the help of these videos, you will be able to understand the most difficult concepts at your ease and pace. So enroll now and see the other features you’ll be gaining to help you prepare for the PSAT. 

Free Online Courses with Certificates

saveTest Prep: PSAT

      • Vince Kotchian via LinkedIn Learning
      • 15,629 viewers
      • ★★★★☆

This PSAT test prep by LinkedIn learning is the best thing that you can do for yourself to prepare for the PSAT. Scoring high in the PSAT is difficult and if you don’t manage to get a high score in it then it is highly likely you won’t be able to do well in the SATs as well. So it is very important to prepare in the best possible form for the PSAT. And that is why we recommend this PSAT test prep course that will solve your problem.

You will be gaining a complete understanding of the structure of the PSAT very thoroughly. Then what comes next is preparing a study timeline. You need to make a solid plan that is actually going to work for you. Otherwise, you’d face difficulties in managing everything. Next what the course has for you a variety of sample questions that you will review. Now, what good can come from that? Many of you would skip this activity but we strongly recommend to review these sample questions as much as you can. It is because these sample questions are according to the latest format and can give you a hint as to how you can solve in the actual exam. Similarly, you will also improve your reading skills and the course will make you capable enough to read efficiently and critically.

After that, you will learn to answer grammar and punctuation questions as well. This will improve your writing skills. Then comes the part where you’ll learn to back solve Math problems. This activity will improve your Math skills to a great extent. Moreover, you will also learn to decode charts and graphs, work without a calculator, and much more from this prep course.

savePSAT Prep Courses (TestMasters)

      • via TestMasters
      • Online, Private, Custom PSAT Prep Classes

TestMasters is a well-recognized platform that is famous for the preparation of PSAT, SATs, and more. With this platform, you can prepare for your PSAT and SAT very thoroughly and can gain all the required skills that you were unable to gain otherwise. Testmasters fully understand how challenging a PSAT can be. But at the same time, they believe if a student has a clear understanding of a test grader thinks then it is most likely to defeat the test easily.

And that is why TestMasters has the best teachers to offer in the industry that will teach you how to think as a test grader and solve the test accordingly.

With that, there are experts available that have only one job which is to analyze every available exam. The team at TestMasters has accumulated more than 15 years of course analyses and test strategies. These are done for students like you so that when you sign up you can get access to this valuable information.

With the help pf engaging, experienced professors who give extensive training to all the students, you will gain a good understanding of all the knowledge areas and ace the test. One thing that you need to know here is that the SAT and PSAT both courses are combined. It is because all the topics between these two tests are common. So that is why TestMasters courses cover all the topics covered on PSAT and SAT. With that, you also get access to three full-length official college board SAT practice exams. And computerized feedback and over course materials of more than 1200 pages. The syllabus is divided into three sections. Verbal topics, math topics, and writing topics. Thus each will be covered very thoroughly.

Master the SAT Writing section by learning a few simple rules.

savePSAT Prep (Elite Educational Institute) 

      • via ElitePrep

Are you ready and excited to raise your PSAT scores? With elite educational institutes PSAT prep classes you will be able to get the highest score in your PSAT. The institute offers a variety of PSAT prep classes that are not only engaging but also fit your timeline, budget, and goals. The professors at elite educational institutes teach with a different mindset. Instead of focusing on tips and tricks that everyone does to beat the test, they strive to instill a true passion for learning. With that, these professors try to go for the roots so that whatever the skills they teach you are taught from scratch.

Millions of students take PSAT, and out of these millions, you have to prove yourself to the world. And that is the mindset of elite educational institutes, to help you prove yourself to the world. The PSAT prep classes are designed in a way that focuses on helping students to first develop math skills. Then you will focus on improving your reading and then writing skills.

After that, you are going to solve PSAT tests that will serve as a good barometer of college readiness. So you can say that enrolling in these PSAT prep classes will bring out the best in you and will prepare you for the PSAT in the most meticulous way.

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So these 6 courses, classes, or platforms are right in front of you and you can take a look at the details of each of them and then decide what you want. Whether you decide to enroll in an Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a prep class where you have to follow a proper schedule. Whatever you decide from this list will help you ace the PSAT that we are sure of. So make a decision now and never stop learning.


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