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How to Crack SAT Exam? Best Tips & Strategies


Today a lot of universities and colleges have their own entrance exams and this cannot be a standard for admission as some universities might set up a paper would be easy for the students to attract a large student body. Thus there was a need to have a universal exam that would test the knowledge of the students alike.

This universal approach of entrance exam will not only help in setting the same standards for everyone but it will also aid in giving a perspective about the students of different institutions and their abilities. Now we will give you an introduction of one such exam.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized exam that is conducted by the College Board in the USA. And it is admissible all over the world. It is also the exam that is accepted by the top 100 universities of the world.

And just like its high level of importance, its level of difficulty is also high. So here we will give you the top tricks and most necessary tips to crack your SAT exam and to pass it with flying colors.

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Best Tips & Strategies

Paper Pattern:

Before taking the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) exam the students must know the paper pattern. It will prove very helpful to the students because by knowing the paper pattern students will know what type of questions to expect in the exam. This will not only help them in preparing in the right direction. It will also help them in dividing the paper in a way that they could solve the easy ones first. And then the different ones later. It will also be of vital importance in time managing. The students can spend time more time on the questions that demand it and waste less on the questions that don’t. You have to check out 22 Best SAT Online Courses.


self analysis

The students must at first take a self-analysis exam of Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) to know what they know about. This will help them in knowing the pattern of the exam and also help them in preparing by keeping the time aspect in view.

One fruitful and very productive way of learning is to take mock exams. Mock exams are specifically designed to help the students by giving them a glimpse of what they will be facing in the exam hall.

Comprehension Preparation:

Students often find the English part of the SAT exam difficult because of the extensive and lengthy comprehensions. Because they are both, time consuming and difficult to solve.

Thus students must specifically prepare for the comprehension part. They can do this by forming two habits. Firstly, in order to solve comprehensions swiftly, the students must develop a habit of reading. This will help them in quickly understanding the text.

Correct your Weakness:

One of the most fundamental mistakes the students make is that they are never aware of their weakness and they just shoot for the exam. This not only just undermines the confidence of the students but a futile effort like this also results in the wasting of time and money.


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Understand the Test Format:

test format

Understanding the format of the exam is usually one of the most integral part of preparation. And students must keep in mind that need to be fully aware of the pattern to know what they are getting into. The subjects of SAT are Math, Reading, Language and Language sections.

If the students are familiarized with the format of the exam they can prepare much better. This will not only help them in getting better grades but it will also save their time and efforts in learning un-needed content. You might also be interested in Best PSAT Prep Courses.

Analyze SAT Scores for Different Colleges:

SAT scores vary from college to college, thus for a student aspiring to be in a college by clearing SAT must know the amount of the marks required by that college. Thus they can prepare accordingly. And if they need any additional help, they can also enroll into an academy or some sort of training center for better performance.

Practice with a Time Table:

The students, no matter of what field, must adhere to a timetable. But especially students going to undertake the SAT exam, who have so much to cover in such a short time, must have to have a timetable. This will not reduce their burden, but it will keep them motivated and on the track to get the work the done.

Don’t Believe in Myths:

Man Talking in Other Man's Ear

The thing about time is that ‘it’ changes. The same is the case with students. Do not believe in the myth that only intelligent students can pass the SAT exam and get better grades than average students. The truth is that with intelligent preparation and smart work, an average student can outperform a brilliant student.

Take Mock Papers:

Another method to prepare effectively for SAT exam is to study the mock papers. The benefit to study the mock papers is that helps in a lot of other preparatory fields. After studying the mock papers, the students can prepare a timetable for preparation. They can also learn the paper pattern and can understand the subjects and they can also understand the nature of questions.

The mock papers will also be helpful in telling the students about the complex questions that come in the Math portion. They can also learn the complex and lengthy comprehensions, which would help them in the English, Language and Reading sections.

Past Paper Study:

One of the most important and productive way of preparing for a SAT exam is to study the past papers. This will make a question bank in the mind of students. The students will also come up with the ability of learning the concepts with a new and better perspective.

It will also be beneficial in another way. When SAT makes an exam, they cannot always make new questions. They might change the values, but a similar question will be ultimately asked. Thus if past papers have been studied thoroughly, they may help great deal in cracking the SAT exam.


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Final Thoughts

These were the tips and tricks that we deem important for our audience to help them in cracking the SAT exam. If any of these tips have helped you, or if you have any other experience to share on the same topic than do reach out to us. And share with us your experiences.