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22 Best SAT Online Course List – 2021


The SAT is a critical test that should not be ignored or neglected by anyone planning to attend college. It is important to adequately prepare for the exam by taking a SAT Online Course as this is the only way you can be assured of performing well in the test.

How to study for SAT?

An in-person prep class is a great way to study for SAT especially for those who are unable to study on their Saturdays off. In-person SAT prep classes are complete with in-class practice sessions and homework with an instructor who will guide you appropriately. The class may be a small group setting or a large classroom taught by high school teachers and SAT test experts.

For the busy students, most SAT online courses have an online component where you can study when and where you want. With the SAT online course, you will benefit from repeat lessons and you can even skip ahead depending on what suits you best.

Studying online is also a great option for self-starters who do not need constant supervision to motivate them to study.

We have prepared a list of best SAT prep courses to help you sharpen your skills before taking the actual test. We are also working on preparing a real-time online SAT test to help you verify your skills.

List of SAT Online Course

Course Name Instructor Rating Students Enrolled
New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results Philip Lee 4.4 1,390
New SAT 2018 | Video Solns to 464 Official Study Guide Math Olu Sanya 4.6 280
Master the SAT Probability problems Anis MURR 4.9 1,470
SAT Math : Solve along, learn key concepts & master SAT Math Malaya Biswal 4.5 40
New SAT Writing 800: Guaranteed Results Philip Lee 4.6 1,580
Express New SAT 1300+ Preparation Formula Examizy Media 4.7 530
SAT Practice Test: Watch Me Solve! (official 2016 new test) Nicole M. 5.0 40
SAT Math 1 Subject Test – Watch Me Solve! Nicole M. 4.6 9
Ace your SAT and SAT Subject Test Peace.University USA, Zainab Chaudhery, Sundas Waheed, Ziad Khan 5.0 200
Power 800 SAT Math Huzefa Kapadia 4.2 1,990
The New SAT Video Series Jesse Patrick, Robert John Hovel 4.2 760
English Vocabulary SAT Jane Cui 4.1 4,050
GRIFFIN SAT: A Complete Course On Acing the SAT Paul Griffin 4.4 980
Beat the SAT Math Mourad Kattan 4.3 450
Nova’s SAT Math Prep Course Jeff Kolby 4.2 650
SAT Prep English & Math in One Minute Lessons Marc Hoberman 4.3 120
SAT Math 2 Subject Test – Watch Me Solve! Nicole M. 4.2 30
SAT Video Training: 15 Lessons to Master SAT Strategy Craig Anthony 4.3 2,860
Nova’s SAT Verbal Prep Course Jeff Kolby 4.3 600
Master SAT Writing: Easy Essay & Perfect Grammar Craig Anthony 4.2 350
Master SAT Reading: Improve Your Vocabulary and Reading Comp Craig Anthony 4.4 420
Nuevo CFDI 3.3 desde la plataforma del SAT Inteligencia y Consultoría PyME SC 4.1 40
Take an Online SAT Test

SAT Online Course list provides with course name, the instructor, it’s average rating and number of students enrolled. This information will definitely help you to choose the most appropriate SAT Online Course for you. We highly recommend to leave your feedback about these courses at the end that will help others to take advantage of your feedback.

For a more personalized study approach, you can also get a private tutor who will offer one-on-one tutoring lessons thus ensuring that you get customized lessons that compliment your learning needs and style. This is a flexible study method that also allows you to get on-the-spot feedback and is best for students who are on strict deadlines or those with limited availability.

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When should one start preparing for the SAT?

As a SAT exam-taker, time pressure can be overwhelming especially when you have a minute or less to answer an English or Math question. It is therefore necessary to budget your time in order to get the best score. For students who have already taken a SAT test before and performed moderately well, they may only need four to eight weeks to prepare for the second attempt but the novice SAT exam-taker will require three months of preparation. However, high school sophomores intending to take the SAT in the fall should start studying around mid-summer. Juniors planning to take the test in the spring should begin studying anytime during the winter.

You should have enough time to cover all relevant study material at your own pace but be careful not to lose focus as a result of so much prep time as this may hurt the quality of your SAT test preparation leading to a poor performance. On the other hand, studying too early means that you are likely to forget some important material during the test day. You will need to prepare a study schedule in order to successfully study for SAT.

When should one take a SAT Prep course?

The best time to take a SAT Prep is that time of the year when you have the most time. Although this is rare especially when students join high school, summer is a good time when one is most likely to have at least the 100 hours required to reach the score potential. This should be around 3 months which means that if you begin your SAT Prep in June, you will complete in time for the fall SAT test.