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12 Helpful ACT Prep Courses List 2018

Best ACT Prep Course

The ACT was first introduced by Professor Everett Franklin Lindquist of University of Iowa in November 1959 to compete with the scholastic aptitude test. It is basically a standardized test that is used for College admissions in the US. In this ACT Prep Course List, we are presenting with helpful courses related to ACT test.

About ACT Prep

ACT preparation enables students to familiarize themselves with the ACT format as well as what-is covered in the test. Over the years ACT Prep has gained popularity among students and is recognized as the standardized college admissions test-in the US with most people taking the ACT compared to-the SAT. Students can Study at their own pace with online materials such as manuals or ACT Prep books. They can also sign up for an ACT Prep Courses administered by instructors who had also taken the test and scored well.

ACT Prep introduces students to Math, Science, Essay, English and reading sections with practice tests and sections that allow them to become familiar with how ACT questions are phrased so that they do-not get overwhelmed during the actual ACT test. Students learn some proven strategies that will help them improve their performance and understanding of the standardized test. For instance, they are taught how to work backward when solving multiple choice math problems in order to determine the correct answer as well as using the elimination Process to remove incorrect answers which improve the odds of choosing the right answer.

How to Study for ACT Prep?

If you find it difficult to study on your own, you can enroll for an in-person ACT Prep class taught by an instructor who will guide through the entire courses. You will also benefit from plenty of in-class practice sessions as well as homework. ACT Prep classes may range from small groups taught by high school teachers or test experts.

Most ACT Prep courses offer an online alternative for busy students who may not find time to schedule an in-class session. This allows them to study when and where it suits them best. It is also a good option for self-starters who do not need regular Deadlines to motivate them to study.

List of ACT Prep Courses

Below ACT Prep Courses list covers all areas of study for ACT including English, Essay & Reading, Science, and Math, along with ACT Practice Test to make student more familiar with actual exam. Checkout below ACT Prep Courses and choose the best for you.

Course NameInstructorRatingStudents Enrolled
ACT Math Test Prep Course Exam Review Made EasyJulio Gonzalez4.3106
Premium ACT® Prep Course: Improve Your ACT ScoreTutorMe.com4.41,590
ACT Prep Course: Strategies to Maximize Your Math ScoreNeilson M.A Secondary Education4.160
Express ACT 30+ Preparation FormulaExamizy Media4.4310
ACT Math Made EasyNancy Hubing4.4890
Ace the ACT English TestDaniel Johnston3.81,070
Nova’s ACT Verbal Prep CourseJeff KolbyN/A9
Nova’s ACT Math Prep CourseJeff Kolby4.1590
Take the SAT or ACT Free!Lynnette Khalfani-CoxN/A7
ACT® Prep – MATH & SCIENCE MADE EASYMauri Artz3.980
CrACT: Raise Your ACT ScoreArbaaz MuslimN/A250
Power 36 ACT MathHuzefa Kapadia3.51,340

Getting a private tutor can also offer you a completely personalized approach where your tutor ensures that you receive customized lessons and on-the-spot feedback to suit your learning needs and style. This flexible study method is great for students with fast-approaching Deadlines or limited availability.

Benefits of the ACT Prep

ACT Prep CourseWhile a perfect ACT prep score is not a guarantee to secure admission into top universities, good test scores will keep you out of the rejection list. The rate of admission into a top university is at the lowest but a student with a good ACT score has a greater chance of being considered for admission. Through ACT Prep, students are able to master and understand various concepts that they may not be familiar with which significantly improves their scores.

ACT Prep Books

There are several ACT Prep books out there but most of them are not very thorough. However, choosing ACT books will depend on your weaknesses or where you need to prep. There are some critical prep books that are a must-have while others are subject training books as well as books for top scorers and-low scorers. Some of the best ACT Prep books available include: