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Want to score 150+ points on your next PSAT? Enroll in the PrepScholar online PSAT prep course and see for yourself how well you’re going to perform on your next PSAT. PrepScholar is the only online program that has been scientifically designed to understand every type of student’s strengths and weaknesses. And then prepare a customized plan for each student according to their abilities. What PrepScholar offers is way more than just a bunch of questions and video lessons that you keep on rewinding over and over. Prepscholar offers more than that. The program customizes your learning to your strength and weaknesses. In other words, you’ll learn what you can actually understand. When you enroll, you’ll get an hour-by-hour study plan which is mandatory for you to follow.

This study plan has been divided into different tasks that you will be doing per hour. Like in the first hour, you have to take a diagnostic test. Then from hours 2-10, you will get training and develop skills through the lessons available. Then from hours 11-14, you will be taking a full-length practice test. And the cycle goes on and on until you ace the PSAT.

We’ve created a tried-and-true lesson style that teaches you each PSAT reading, writing, and math skill most effectively.

  1. Learn content by interacting with an expert lesson or watching a video.
  2. Practice what you learned on realistic PSAT test questions.
  3. Review your practice questions and learn how to improve.

You’ll find our method so effective that you’ll wonder why you ever prepared any other way.

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