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Top 10 Free Online Biochemistry Course and MOOCs 2023 [Updated]


Online courses are without any doubt the most comfortable and affordable way of learning something. It is because of these online courses, you can work and study at the same time. Takethiscourse.net is always working to find the best online courses for you to take covering different subject areas. And that is why today our team has successfully compiled a list of the top 10 Best Online Biochemistry courses and MOOCs for you. These Biochemistry online degree courses, MOOCs are a suitable way for you to understand this subject area at your ease and pace. So let us get to this list.

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List of 10 Best Online Biochemistry course and MOOCs:

savePrinciples of Biochemistry Online Course

      • Harvard University via edX
      • 90 hours of effort required
      • 191,952+ already enrolled!
      • Skill Level: Intermediate
      • ★★★★★

Principles of biochemistry

This, Principles of Online Biochemistry Course is going to help you understand more than you think. Starting from understanding the structure and functions of the chemical building blocks of life. Then moving on to another section where you are going to learn to navigate protein structures using PyMol will be learned. Similarly, what is the central role of enzymes in catalyzing the reactions of life is a topic not to be missed ever. Furthermore, other topics like the exploration of simple cells to more complex issues, understanding primary metabolic pathways that power cells will be learned. Then going further, you will be taught intricate mechanisms that regulate cellular metabolism. In addition, you will also learn to integrate biochemical processes in the context of cells, tissues, and whole organisms, and much more in the course.

saveBiochemistry: the Molecules of Life

      • University of East Anglia & Biochemical Society via FutureLearn
      • 9 hours of effort required
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • Course Type: Self-paced

Biochemistry the molecules of life

Online Course Effectiveness Score 
Content Engagement Practice Career Benefit

The perfect course to get a complete introduction to what Biochemistry and its contemporary significance in life sciences. When you manage to complete this Online Biochemistry Course, your mind will be filled with a bunch of new concepts. Starting from realizing how biochemistry brings together the natural sciences. Then understanding the seminal experiments that have led to advances in biochemical knowledge. Moreover, you’ll recognize the variety of job and career opportunities that can come your way as a biochemistry graduate. So we’d recommend you to start this course today. You might also be interested in Biology courses online.

I just loved how the instructor has tried to explain all the concepts in such an easy manner. The entire content was highly informative and all those people who have an interest in biochemistry should take this course. (Samra M, ★★★★★).

The course had a variety of difficult topics as well but fortunately, they were explained very well so that everyone can make the most out of this course. Through this course, I was able to understand other areas of biochemistry as well. (Amy P, ★★★★★).

Coursera Plus Courses

saveBiochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods, and Mechanisms

      • MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
      • 72 hours of effort required
      • 14,075+ already enrolled!
      • Skill Level: Intermediate
      • ★★★★★

Biomolecules Method and mechanisms

Improve your scientific thinking skills and become a better data analyst with the help of this online biochemistry course. With this Biochemistry Online Degree Course in hand, you’ll learn to apply the scientific method to pursue research questions. Moreover, how you can analyze protein purification schemes and determine the structure of proteins will also be learned here. With all this on your plate, you’ll further learn how allostery, the Bohr Effect, and structure influences the hemoglobin function.

Going further, you will get a chance to visualize real molecular structures with PyMol to understand their function and mechanism the better way. In addition, the instructor will make you appreciate the quantitative aspects of biochemistry and practicing this quantitation through MATLAB. Moreover, the instructor will make you implement the science of learning in the best possible manner. Thus you can learn a handful of biochemistry skills through this Online Biochemistry Course.

saveStructural Biochemistry

      • Nanjing University via Coursera
      • 7,947+ already enrolled!
      • 53 hours of effort required
      • ★★★★★ (92 Ratings)

Structural biochemistry

An engaging and informational Online Biochemistry Course that will give you the most detailed introduction to Biochemistry. The main content that you will learn here is the structure, properties, and functions of different biological molecules. Various topics like amino acids, proteinogenic AA, and non-proteinogenic AA, what are essential and non-essential AAs, etc will be learned. On one hand, you learn the abbreviations for 22 amino acids, while, on the other hand, you understand the AA condensation reaction as well. Which in short means that you will be learning quite things from this Online Biochemistry Course. You can also checkout biotechnology courses.

The course starts with a thorough introduction to what structural biochemistry is. Then you will learn everything there is about the structure and function of proteins. Going further, the instructor will talk about structure and function of nucleic acids. After that, the properties of proteins and nucleic acids will be discussed. In addition, the function of enzymes and carbohydrates will be taught in a step-by-step guide. Thus you will be learning a lot from the course.

saveFree Online Biochemistry Course (MIT OpenCourseWare)

      • via MIT OpenCourseWare
      • Lecture Videos by MIT faculty
      • Interactive Concept Quizzes
      • Exams with Solution Keys


Want to get a better understanding of reactions in cellular respiration and photosynthesis? This Online Biochemistry course is just what you need. Completing this course will leave you with a greater understanding of different concepts. This includes getting familiar with different levels of organization of life and understanding the different levels of protein structure. Furthermore, you will understand the differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, the effects of amino acid substitution on the general structure and function of a protein, and more.

Going further, you will get a chance to understand the molecular composition of a cell. Then the instructor will define the basic components of biological macromolecules in detail. Similarly, there will also be a detailed discussion on ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, and more. Hence you can think of this Online Biochemistry Course Accredited as a feasible way to enhance your skill.

saveBiochemistry & Molecular Biology

      • Dr. Sheetal Bhasin & Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya, Indore via Swayam
      • 3,600+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
      • Level: Undergraduate

Biochemistry & molecular biology

Being a learner, you are going to learn about one of the branches of science that is, Biochemistry. By the end of the Biochemistry class Online, you would have full knowledge of different concepts like what is DNA and RNA. Similarly, other concepts like what are carbohydrates, lipids, and vitamins will also be learned here. Moreover, you will also learn to discern the functioning of proteins nucleic acids, and enzymes as well.

The Online Biochemistry Course instructor will explain in detail the types of immunity. It includes a complete understanding of innate immunity and adaptive immunity. After that, you will learn about the primary and secondary immune responses in a step-by-step guide. Going further, you will get a chance to understand what humoral immunity is. Then, there will be a detailed discussion on cell-mediated immunity and much more. Thus taking this course will be worth your time.

saveIntroduction to Biology – The Secret of Life

      • MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
      • 160 hours of effort required
      • 132,658+ already enrolled!
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • ★★★★★

Introduction to biology

This introduction to Biology is a way for you to explore the secret of life through the basics of biochemistry, genetics, genomics, and more. Upon the completion of this Online Biochemistry Course, you should learn to describe the building blocks of life. How the interaction of the building blocks dictates the structure and function in biology will also be explored. At the same time, you’ll also learn to predict genotypes and phenotypes. How you can convert DNA sequence to RNA sequence to protein sequence. With what strategy you can apply the principles of modern biology to issues in today’s society, etc. It is therefore clear that you can learn a lot from this course. You can also find out online biochemistry degree programs.

Now going further, you will get to understand how molecular tools can be used to study biology. After that, the instructor will explain the principles of early sequencing in detail. In addition, you will also learn about modern sequencing and its effects on genomics in detail. Along with all these topics, you will be taught how to apply the principles of modern biology to issues in today’s society and much more.

saveBiochemical Principles of Energy Metabolism

      • KAIST – Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology via Coursera
      • 9,149+ already enrolled!
      • 12 hours of effort required
      • ★★★★★ (110 Ratings)

Biochemical principles of energy

Online Course Effectiveness Score 
Content Engagement Practice Career Benefit

Energy being an essential part of life sustenance, it is important to understand it well. That is where this course serves the purpose. You can get a thorough introduction to the basic fundamentals of energy metabolism through this biochemistry Online Degree course. For starters, you’ll establish the concept of energy metabolism. Then examine the different biochemical steps that are involved in energy production. As you go further, you’ll understand the dysregulated energy metabolism in pathological conditions like cancer and diabetes. This and much more will be learned by taking this  Online Biochemistry Course.

I just loved how the instructor has tried to explain all the concepts in such an easy manner. The entire content was highly informative and all those people who have an interest in biochemistry should take this course. (Samra M, ★★★★★).

The professor of this Online Biochemistry Course has connected all the dots in the most refined manner. Everything that he has explained was very clear, concise, understandable, and demonstrative. And seeing how amazing this course is, I really want him to do a course on RNA and DNA with demonstrative samples. (Joanne ER, ★★★★★).

I would like to thank the instructor here as because of him, I was finally able to understand all the biochemistry principles. (Abhishek KM, ★★★★★).

saveOnline Biochemistry Training Course

      • Prof. Swagata Dasgupta, IIT Kharagpur via Swayam
      • 5,964+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Chemistry
      • Level: Undergraduate/Postgraduate


An introductory level course that fully focuses on the basic concepts of biochemistry. You are going to have to deal with topics like biological macromolecules, nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Not just that, you’ll also study the structure and functional roles of the macromolecules here. After completing all the topics, you would have a clear mind regarding different concepts. This includes the chemical properties and the three-dimensional structure of the biological macromolecules, basics of membrane transport and biogenetic principles, etc. You can also find out more best online Courses with certificates at takethiscourse.net Platform.

The instructor will give a detailed explanation of what amino acids are. Then you will get to understand all about the protein structure. Going further, there will be a detailed video lecture on enzymes and nucleic acids. Then the instructor will talk about vitamins, metabolism, and bioenergetics in detail. Hence you can start learning today from this Online Biochemistry Course.

saveOnline Biochemistry Class (UC SanDiego)

        • via UC SanDiego
        • Skill Level: Introductory
        • ★★★★★

UC San Diago

In this course, you will study life at both the atomic and molecular levels. This course aims to help you understand the concepts of biochemistry in a precise form. What are the four classes of biomolecules which happen to be the building blocks of living organisms? Further, you’ll understand how inheritable genetic information can be stored in the form of DNA. How through the processes of transcription and translation you can orchestrate the functions of cells and much more.

You will be given a detailed explanation of what atoms are. In addition, you will also understand all about protein composition and structure. After that, the instructor will talk about the concepts and kinetics of enzymes. Then you will learn about hemoglobin, carbohydrates, and lipids in detail. Similarly, you will also understand what acetate, metabolism, and DNA replication are. Thus you can call this course a way to help you understand the basics of an Online biochemistry Course.

Biochemistry Courses FAQs

What are the benefit of studying Biochemistry?

Studying biochemistry gives you knowledge of both biology and chemistry and it contributes in the medical discoveries like pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and forensics. Studying biochemistry can give you enough knowledge to understand the chemical reactions at molecular level.

Is Biochemistry difficult to study?

There isn’t a just yes or no answer to this question as it all depends on the learner’s dedication and willingness to study this field. But one thing must be kept in mind that this field is itself very vast and thus requires extra efforts as compared to other fields.

Which is better; Microbiology or Biochemistry?

From job point of view, if you have a degree in Microbiology then sure there are opportunities in both private and government sector. But if you have a degree in Biochemistry then the chances of career growth is much high in this field, and this is all due to the increasing demands in the industries. So we believe biochemistry is more suitable.

Is Biochemistry a good career?

Those individuals who have studied biochemistry are able to find better career options in their plate. They can work in different research establishments and chemical and drug industries. With that, they can also work in food and beverage industries. Similarly, the employment rate of biochemists and biophysicists is expected to grow by 5% from 2020 to 2030.

What are the best online Biochemistry courses or classes?

We have listed down some of the best Biochemistry courses and classes which can be found out at takethiscourse platform: • Principles of Biochemistry Online Course • Biochemistry: the Molecules of Life • Biochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods, and Mechanisms • Structural Biochemistry • Free Online Biochemistry Course (MIT OpenCourseWare) • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


BioChemistry Tests

      • Abira Jeoffrey via Udemy
      • ★★★★☆

ADBiochemistry (CHO, Lipid, Ptn, Enz. and vit. chemistry)

      • Mahmoud Ettaweel via Udemy
      • ★★★★★
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After looking at this complete list of online biochemistry courses, we believe anyone interested in this field can benefit from it. The list is quite original and helpful in deciding which course can serve you the best. So start looking at this list and find the right course for yourself. Enroll yourself in any of these ten online biochemistry courses for free and never stop learning.