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MexicoX MOOCs Platform – Free Online Courses


MexicoX is a very operative online education platform of the Mexican government. The purpose to introduce this platform is to introduce a wide range of Massive Open Online Courses to the learners. This platform belongs to the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico, with that it is operated by the Directorate General of Educational Television in coordination with the National Digital Strategy. MexicoX started in the year 2015 and since then it has been increasing its list of MOOCs. As of 2018, it has been found out that the MexicoX has managed to make a family of more than 2.5 million registered users. The majority of students are located in Mexico but still there are a large number of students who are not located in Mexico but still enroll themselves in one of the courses. Also the number of MOOCs reached to 200 but in Spanish.

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Main objective of MexicoX:

The MexicoX platform was established with the aim,

To contribute to the creation of an inclusive digital society, developing in people the skills of search, selection and application of information, as well as of digital citizenship, which allows them to be competent in the current century.

What does MexicoX has to offer?

MexicoX has managed to provide a number of MOOCs on its platform that can be taken by anyone. At present, they have offered more than 140 MOOCs which includes different categories like archived, current and starting soon. Providing such MOOCs is one thing but taking a MOOC and completing it till the end is a totally different scenario. But the completion rate of different MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) offered by the platform is acceptable. It is 73.25% for SPOCs and is 18.13% for MOOCs. Thus the average is 27.18%.

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Categories of Online Courses in accordance with the National Development Plan:

MexicoX has six major strategic lines which are covering different content of the courses that is in accordance with the National Development Plan.

  • Fundamental academic skills.
  • Specialized skills.
  • Teacher training skills.
  • National challenges.
  • Global challenges.
  • Promotion of art, culture and for the enjoyment of knowledge.

Some of the very popular MOOCs at MexicoX:

Though every platform has a number of online courses to offer but still there are some courses which are considered to be very popular or taken by majority of the learners. This is also the case at MexicoX, though they have a lot of courses to offer but still there are a few courses that are very popular and a bigger category of students enroll in such courses.

  • Redacción para todos from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
  • Finanzas para emprendedores from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
  • Introducción a los Ambientes Virtuales de Aprendizaje from Dirección General de Educación Superior para Profesionales de la Educación (DGESPE)
  • Algebra Lineal from Teconológico Nacional de México (TecNM)
  • Piérdele el miedo a las mates from Teconológico Nacional de México (TecNM)
  • Iniciación al uso de hojas de cálculo en el aula con Microsoft Excel  from Microsoft
  • Álgebra Lineal from Teconológico Nacional de México (TecNM)
  • Cálculo Diferencial from Teconológico Nacional de México (TecNM)
  • Informática en la vida moderna from Teconológico Nacional de México (TecNM)
  • Aritmética y principios de Álgebra from Teconológico Nacional de México (TecNM)

Free Online Courses with Certificates

MexicoX in Partnership with other Universities:

As MexicoX has a number of courses to offer and also has a family of more than 1.5 million users, it is clear that the platform is in partnership with different universities and institutions from the Federal Public Administration. At present, MexicoX has more than 40 partners and is still growing. With that the platform also has a couple of international partners such as the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja. But this is not just it because MexicoX intends to expand their platform across Central and South America.

More about MexicoX:

Following are some general information regarding MexicoX.

  • It has 1,083,072 registered users.
  • There are also 707,000 unique users.
  • The completion rate for MOOCs is 18.13%.
  • The completion rate for SPOC is 73.25%.
  • The average completion rate is 27.18%.
  • There are 47 universities or institutions MexicoX is partnered with.
  • The total number of instructors or staff at MexicoX are more than 350.
  • The total courses offered in the year 2015 were 33, 110 in 2016, 43 courses in 2017 which makes it more than 183 courses altogether. At present, it is more than 200.
  • Though the courses are taken by many different degree holders like PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, advanced technician, high school, junior high and many other. But the majority of learners who take an interest in these courses are the one to hold a Bachelor’s degree or the one at high school.

How to register?

Registering to any of the free courses at MexicoX is not a problem. All a person needs to do is visit the website and find the register button that would be on the top right of the homepage or simply click here (https://www.mexicox.gob.mx/). Follow the instruction, enter the details required and then you are all set to go. The details of each course that you enrol yourself in are available in your account. By just logging in, you get all the required information at a glance.

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Before ending our discussion, we at takethicourse.net would like to say that this platform is very efficient and is working very diligently to provide a number of courses to the students. The platform is still very young and that is why the facility of earning a certificate of completion or earning credits for taking the course is not available yet. But the platform itself is very informative, well renowned and works day and night to provide high-quality MOOCs to the students so if you’re interested in taking a course from MexicoX, then visit the website today and enrol yourself as soon as possible.