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Learn DevOps with Jenkins All in One Guide

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This is an all in one guide that will help learners to become a DevOps Guru and also master the Continuous Integration and Continuous Development with the help of Jenkins. With this course, learners can work on real-world projects and implement all these concepts in real life as well. Also, the course has a lot of professional tips and tricks to offer that will enable better Jenkins management. The course has been designed and built by world-class professionals who can help you break down the concept of Continuous Integration into small and easy to understand parts. You can consider this tutorial as a guide for all the newbies to not just learn what CI is but also understand how they can integrate CI in their codes.


  • Integrate CI and CD in your development process
  • Learn to use Jenkins for process automation
  • Work on a real world project and implement the concepts
  • Learn professional tips and tricks for better Jenkins management
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