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DevOps Engineer Salary Stats 2023 [Updated]


Development operations engineers or DevOps engineers are the ones who typically have to work full-time in a company’s headquarters. These people are responsible for the production and ongoing maintenance of a website platform. Similarly, they also have to manage cloud infrastructure and system administration in the most meticulous possible manner. DevOps engineers have to work with different teams in order to identify and repair issues on an as-needed basis. And that is why, it is very important for a DevOps engineer to have strong communication skills. With that, DevOps engineers are also expected to work efficiently even under pressure and completing all the tasks with tight deadlines.

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Development Operations Engineers Tasks

Below is a checklist of the different tasks a DevOps engineer has to perform.

  • A DeVops engineer has to research new technologies that is going to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • He has to implement highly scalable applications.
  • Similarly, he also has to integrate infrastructure builds with application deployment processes.
  • Then he needs to analyze, design, and evaluate automation scripts and systems.

Thus these and many more tasks are expected to be completed by a DevOps engineer.

How much can a DevOps Engineer make?

Now that you know who a DevOps engineer is and what he does, let us take a look at how much a DevOps engineer can make.

  • As of July 13, 2021, it has been found out that the average annual pay for a DevOps engineer in the United States of America is $114,359 per annum.

Salary Graph

  • If you need to know the per hour estimate then that would be $54.98.
  • With that, the per week estimate would be $2199 and $9530 per month.
  • Majority of the DevOps engineer tend to make between $95,500 and $131,000. Here 25th percentile of the engineers makes $95,000. And 75th percentiles of the engineers are making $131,000.
  • Similarly, 90th percentile of the top earners is making $150,000 annually across the United States of America.
  • Next, you should know that the average pay range of a DevOps engineer varies greatly by as much as $35,000. This shows that there are many opportunities for advancement and a handsome pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience as well. You might also be interested in MasterClass for absolute beginner – hands on DevOps.

Top 10 highest paying Cities for DevOps Engineer Jobs

Ate you a DevOps engineer and looking for different areas or cities where you can earn well as a DevOps engineer? Below we have identified 10 cities where you can find the typical salary of a DevOps engineer to be more than the national average.

Here you can find out that Sunnyvale, CA is known to have very active DevOps engineer job market. It is because there are many companies over there who are currently hiring this type of role. You can find out the comparison between SysOps Vs DevOps at takethiscourse platform.

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA $144,494 $12,041 $2,779 $69.47
Santa Rosa, CA $139,673 $11,639 $2,686 $67.15
Cambridge, MA $135,440 $11,287 $2,605 $65.12
Vacaville, CA $132,838 $11,070 $2,555 $63.86
New York City, NY $131,356 $10,946 $2,526 $63.15
Fairfield, CA $131,228 $10,936 $2,524 $63.09
Rockville, MD $131,211 $10,934 $2,523 $63.08
San Mateo, CA $130,470 $10,872 $2,509 $62.73
Lynn, MA $129,335 $10,778 $2,487 $62.18
Anchorage, AK $129,134 $10,761 $2,483 $62.08

With these above mentioned 10 cities having the average salaries higher than the national average, you can see that the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a DeVops engineer turn out to be exceedingly fruitful. Similarly, if you look at the above table, you’d find out that the average salary for these top ten cities varies very little, that is, at 11% between Sunnyvale, CA, and Anchorage, AK thereby reinforcing the limited potential for much wage advancement. Thus if you are looking for a job as a DeVops engineer then the possibility of a lower cost of living should be considered when considering the location and salary. You can also checkout azure DevOps certification dumps.

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Top 5 best paying DevOps Engineer job in the U.S.

Below we present to you the least five jobs that are related to the DevOps engineer job category and that pay more per year than a typical DevOps engineer salary. You can consider the top examples for such roles to be DevOps architect, lead DevOps engineer, and Senior DevOps architect.

Job Title Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Devops Architect $157,928 $13,161 $3,037 $75.93
Lead Devops Engineer $149,054 $12,421 $2,866 $71.66
Senior Devops Architect $144,571 $12,048 $2,780 $69.51
Azure Developer $138,264 $11,522 $2,659 $66.47
Big Data Devops Engineer $138,000 $11,500 $2,654 $66.35

You can clearly see from this above table that all the mentioned jobs are paid between $23,641 (20.7%) and $43,569 (38.1%) which is more than the average DevOps engineer salary of $114,359.

Average DevOps Engineer salary by State

Below are some of the states and their details of the average salary and hourly rate.

State Average salary Hourly rate
California $113,567 $54.60
Washington $109,807 $52.79
District of Columbia $100,065 $48.11
New York $95,947 $46.13
Delaware $94,251 $45.31
Virginia $91,882 $44.17
Oregon $90,598 $43.56
Texas $90,358 $43.44
New Jersey $88,470 $42.53
Utah $88,050 $42.33

State graph

As you can see from this above map, the darker areas show the states where the DevOps engineers can earn the highest salary.


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Final Thoughts

Thus we can say that, if you are a qualified DevOps engineer and have this passion to work in the best place and earn as much money as you can (which is more than that of the average DevOps engineer position) then this article can give you a lot of information about where to look.