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Learn ASP.NET with Bootstrap, Entity Framework, JavaScript, C#


There are a number of ways that can help users to learn to develop production-based web applications using different tools like bootstrap, JavaScript, C#, entity framework, and many others. With the help of these tools, a person becomes able to develop such web applications that are not only efficient but also fast. There are many ways to learn to develop these skills and that is why this course has been developed that fulfills just the purpose. The aim of this course is to provide learners with a full set of instructions as to how they can develop web applications that are very effective. A learner will be able to learn about object-oriented programming basics with C#, what is session management? What is its purpose, you will be able to work with Linq to entities for data access, how an ASP.NET project is created and test it in a web browser and many more? The course will start by installing visual studio and then we will gradually learn about different server controls and what they do. The course contains a number of quizzes and assignments that will help learners to develop a strong understanding of the terms. In this way, a learner will be able to develop web applications using ASP.NET in a proper way.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Learn Object Oriented Programming Basics with C#
  • Learn How to Interact with a SQL Server Database using Entity Framework
  • Learn the basics of the ASP.NET Web Forms architecture
  • Work with Standard, Data, and Validation Controls
  • Learn About Session Management
  • Learn the basics of the web.config file
  • Work with Linq to Entities for Data Access
  • Learn to Incorporate Bootstrap with all Standard, Data, and Validation Controls
  • Learn Bootstrap fundamentals for designing nice user interfaces
  • Create an ASP.NET project and test it in a web browser

Who should take this course?

This course should be taken by all those who intend to learn to develop web applications using different tools like bootstrap, JavaScript, ASP.NET and more. The course is a perfect option for all the beginners out there who are just starting in this field. Taking this course in the very beginning can help them develop strong understanding of the terms and also help them to excel in this field. The course is not only suitable for beginners but also advanced professionals are also welcome to take the course and learn from it as it contains a lot of valuable information in it that can help out these professionals in shaping their way of work. The course can turn out to be a best way for refreshing all the concepts of a professional as well. it doesn’t matter who the person is and how much experience does he has in this field, taking this course will help individuals to excel in this field hence we can say that the course is very suitable for all types of individuals having interest in this field.

Social proof:

Let us now take a look at the social proof that contains different feedbacks from different learners around the world who have taken the course. This section contains honest opinion about the course that can help other users to get an idea about the course and can help them decide whether the course is good enough to take or not.

5 star rating:

The explanation in the course was very clear and precise and up to the point.

This course has been very helpful to me. Every piece of information given in the course is very relevant, to the point, clear and easy to understand. The course was very engaging and I really enjoyed learning from the course.

I am new to this field and this course turned out to be perfect for me.

I am a beginner and I was facing a lot of problems in getting a hold of this tool. But then I took this course and I was very much amazed by the contents of the course. Everything in the course was very well structured and elaborated. It is because of this course I developed huge interest in this field.

 A very excellent course that turned out to be very helpful for my job.

Of all the short courses that I have taken in my life, this course was the one that gave me such concepts that I could actually apply in solving my real life work problems. This resulted in excellent performance and I got a bonus.

A very well designed course that has given so much valuable information to its users.

This course has a lot of valuable information in it that if a user listens to carefully can get a lot of benefit from it. I was able to learn so many new concepts about web development and ASP.NET that helped me a lot in improving my performance.

I would highly recommend this course.

This course is recommended to all those people who wishes to make their career in this field. I myself took this course because my friend recommended this course to me because he knew that I have interest in this field. So I took the course because of him and after completing the course, I thank my friend for suggesting me this amazing course. So I would recommend this course further to my friends as well.

A great course that has very informational content in it.

I found this course to be beyond amazing. The course is filled with such useful set of instructions that many instructors fail to provide but this course has it all. So if a person takes this course, he gets an opportunity to learn the best from the best.

I got to learn so many tips regarding bootstrap, entity framework, JavaScript and much more.

Understanding web development has always been a difficult job for me, so my friend told me to take this course and I am so glad that I listened to him and took the course because I was able to understand about bootstrap, entity framework and much more so quickly and easily. The course also taught me different tips and techniques that can help me do my work even better.

I completed this course as a refresh of ASP.NET having spent some time away from the platform, concentrating on other technologies.

The course helped me to refresh a lot of concepts regarding ASP.NET and I was able to understand everything with the help of real world examples. These examples were very helpful in getting a hold of many difficult concepts. So I would say that this course was totally worth buying.

4 star rating:

A very fun and engaging course that gives out more than just about web development.

I found the course to be very engaging and fun to take. It just not only focuses on web development but gives out so much more too.

The structure of this course is very amazing and praise able.

The whole layout of the course is very organized and a learner does not feel lost in the course. Each module is independent of one another and one can start from anywhere.

The pacing of the videos was very suitable.

The video pacing was very balanced. Neither it was too long nor too short. Instead the duration of the videos was very suitable.

I like the structure and flow of how the instructor presents the material.

The instructor has done an amazing job in making the course. His focus on key concepts, backed up by good coding examples that enforces these concepts. Hence the course turned out to be very amazing for my understanding.

The instructor has showed so many different ways in order to get things done.

Instructor has taught different ways about web development so that a learner can pick the best way for himself and develop an excellent understanding about bootstrap, ASP.NET, entity framework and many other web development tools.

3 star rating:

I found the instructor to be a little tensed but overall the course was good.

When I was watching the videos, I found the instructor to be a little tensed. Otherwise the course was not a total waste of time.

A good introductory course but needed more practice exercises in the course.

The only problem I had in the course is the absence of more examples and practice exercises. The course should have had more of them. Because understanding something with the help of examples becomes really easy. So i only think that the instructor should have added more examples in the course.

This is a very interesting course but the pacing of the videos are very inconsistent.

The course is no doubt interesting but the pacing of the videos were very inconsistent.

2 and 1 star rating:

The course was not what I expected it would be as there were many concepts missing.

I was hoping the course had explanation of every important concept too but it hadn’t.


In this section we are going to discuss some of the alternatives that can be taken if a user thinks that this course is not suitable or he wants something more from the course. We are going to give a brief introduction about the courses that can give the users an idea about what each of the courses has to offer and whether the course is helpful or not. Or it can help a user to decide which course a user should take.

The complete web developer course:

This course is also an amazing choice for those who are interested in learning web development skills. The course will help a learner to develop websites and mobile application by using different programming languages like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript and many other. The course has turned out to be very helpful for thousands of students and the rating of this course is 4.5 which means that majority of the users have given a positive feedback regarding the course. Also the number of students who enrolled in this course are 180800. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below link to take this course. Also if you take this course, you get a lifetime access to all of its contents. This means that you can study from this course as much as you want to without any problem.

Web developer bootcamp:

Udemy has this amazing course named The Web Developer Bootcamp. This course contains a detailed set of instructions as to how a learner can become the best web developer and become capable of developing his own websites and blogs using cutting-edge technologies. The course will help a learner to write web applications that are totally authentic. How browser games can be programmed with the help of java programming, how the command line interface can be mastered and much more is explained in this course. The course has everything in it that a learner needs in order to get a sense of HTML, CSS, JS, Node and much more. This course is not like other mainstream courses that are very expensive and only contains less information in it. But this course is not only available at affordable rate but also contains every single piece of information that is required in understanding everything about web development. Hence the course can change a user’s career in a positive way. So click on the below mentioned link to take this course now.


We can conclude our topic by saying that if a person really wishes to become excellent in this field then taking this course will be a wisest decision one can make. The course is the perfect key to become capable of developing web applications that are fast, reliable and effective. It has been found out that many people were able to start a proper career in this field after completing the course, some were able to improve their work performance and many were able to develop strong basics of bootstrap, JavaScript, entity framework and C# etc only because of the course. The material available in the course is very helpful and important and totally relevant and the whole course is really engaging so that a learner pays full attention toward the course. The rating of this course is 4.1 and thousands of students have been enrolled in this course and have benefited from it. Also the course is available at a very affordable price so that everyone who wish to learn from it can afford it. So don’t waste your time anymore and click on the take this course button now and get a lifetime access to the contents of the course.

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