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9 Tips to become a successful Seller on Fiverr


The world has changed. In today’s world people don’t necessarily have to go to the offices to make money. Today’s world is a world of knowledge and skills. Millions of freelancers around the world are offering their services online. With the help of freelancing websites it has become easy to earn by sitting at home. One of the biggest platforms for freelancers around the world is Fiverr. Millions of buyers and sellers around the world are benefited by Fiverr. However, it is more difficult to sell on Fiverr than to buy services because the website has now become saturated with skilled freelancers offering services at rates as low as $5. It is quite difficult to become a successful seller on Fiverr especially if you’re a beginner or a newbie but it is not impossible. Learn to capture leads with expert lead generation classes.Successful Fiverr Seller

Different Levels of Sellers:

Fiverr has introduced a system of levels based on the number of orders, the quality of work and the positive reviews. After completing ten orders while maintaining the quality and positive response from the buyers you get promoted to level one. Similarly after completing 50 fine orders, you get promoted to level two. It is necessary to maintain high quality, timely and professional work in order to reach these levels. Each new level unlocks new features that help you increase your earnings.

Fiverr Gigs:

Fiverr believes in the idea of gigs. Gigs are like a pamphlet or a poster that depicts everything that you’re offering to the buyer. The key to becoming successful seller on Fiverr is to create the kind of gigs that stand out among the others. Even the skilled and experienced freelancers cannot sell successfully if they don’t create distinctive and unique gigs. Gigs are there to persuade the buyer to accept your services. You’ve got to learn your marketplace and your buyers only then can you sell successfully on Fiverr. A gig to a seller is what a sword is to a warrior. They have power learn to use it. Having said that, let’s see how we can make our gig powerful enough to convince the buyer to buy our services. Explore our guide on creating a Fiverr Freelance Account to kickstart your journey into the world of online freelancing.

Recommended Tips to become a Successful Top Seller:

If you’re a beginner who wants to become a successful seller on Fiverr, follow these steps.

  1. Keep the title short and to the point

There is this one mistake that most of the freelancers do unintentionally. They write long and distracting gig titles. Your gig title is not supposed to persuade the buyer it is only supposed to tell the buyer about the services that you’re offering. Keeping this in mind use short gig titles of five to eight words and use searched keywords in your gig titles. This helps the buyers locate your gigs easily.

  1. Gig description

Gig descriptions should be comparatively longer, detailed and explanatory because they tell the buyer how skilled and experienced you are. Describe your gig clearly. Tell the customers what exactly you are offering. If you’re an article writer, what kind of articles do you write? If you’re a web developer or a graphic designer, explain the kind of work that you do. Let the buyer know about your work. Add as many details as you can and try to use the searched keywords as well.

  1. Highlight the important points in the gig description

Fiverr allows you to highlight the important point of the gig description. You can highlight the keywords or change their font size so that they stand out. Try to discover Fiverr and make use of the tools available to you. Make your gig unique and distinctive, make it outstanding and make it convincing.

  1. Offer market competitive rates

A good dealer knows how to deal with his marketplace. When there are so many producers and all of them are trying to produce quality work, the price is what influences the market. The world of freelancing is full of skilled freelancers and the customers now look for those who offer market competitive rates. Do not start doing work for free in order to get work but at the same time do not set your standards too high to get work. Play around with the prices and remain in the middle of the ship. Set comparatively low prices in the beginning then start increasing them gradually. Once you’ve gained experience set a standard price and do not settle for anything less than that. Make your place in the market and then stick to that place.

  1. Add Graphics

There is no doubt in the fact that graphics appeal the eyes more than the text does. Fiverr allows you to add videos or images to your gigs. Recent surveys have proven that gigs with graphics appeal more customers than those without them. Make a video to explain your work or your gig. If you don’t have a video you can add an image. However, the image must be in high resolution. Do not add random videos or images on your gigs, they leave a bad impression on the buyer. Add professional images or videos only. You can higher Photoshop and photography experts to do this job for you. Check out the best TikTok Courses here.

  1. Offer a money back guarantee

In order to avoid negative reviews or thumbs down, you can offer a guarantee with your gigs. If buyers are not happy with your services, you can offer them to cancel the order so that their negative remarks disappear.

  1. Ask for feedback

Just like negative reviews are bad for the reputation of the seller, similarly positive feedback adds to his reputation. Always ask the buyers to leave you their feedback.

  1. Share your gigs

You can share your gigs wit your friends, family and clients. Fiverr allows you to share your gigs on social media sites. Make sure your gigs reach maximum people so that you get more buyers.

  1. Stay online

Stay online as much as you can because active Fiverr members have an edge over the inactive ones. You get more orders if you stay online more often.

Sign up today, create a unique gig, add a video, share your gig, find a buyer and start working.