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ASP.NET MVC 5 Project – Facebook Clone Review

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As the scope of developing a website on your own is increasing and there are many people out there who try to make a lot of effort in becoming efficient in developing websites that are effective and fast and require less coding. So here we have a very interesting course for all those people out there who are interested in learning to develop websites by using SignalR with ASP.NET MVC 5 and also entity framework. Along with these two concepts, the course will also teach learners to develop websites using bootstrap. The ASP.NET MVC 5 Project course is very interesting and there are a lot of tools that a learner is going to learn after completing the course.

What is SignalR and how it can be used to make websites, how we can use SignalR along with ASP.NET MVC 5 to create custom websites will be taught very thoroughly in this course. All that is required of you is to have some experience of ASP.NET MVC and visual studio installed on your computer and then you are all set to learn from the course. The course contains a number of lectures, videos, assignment materials, and other resources that will collectively help learners to become capable of developing custom websites.

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ASP.NET MVC 5 Project - Facebook Clone Review
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ASP.NET MVC 5 Project Course Effectiveness Review – Facebook Clone

Who should take this Course?

This ASP.NET MVC 5 course is suitable for all those people who have an interest in the web development field. Whether you are a professional or a person who has even a little experience in this field are welcome to take the ASP.NET MVC 5 project course. And as the beginners who have not even the slightest of experience in this field are recommended to get some prior knowledge of ASP.NET MVC in order to completely understand the course. Otherwise, the ASP.NET MVC 5 course is an excellent choice for all types of web developers, whether intermediate or advanced professional level. The course will help each learner according to their level of understanding and determination. So if you have the interest to develop custom websites with the help of ASP.NET MVC, SignalR and bootstrap then come take this course and you won’t regret taking this ASP.NET MVC 5 course not even for a single second.

Social proof:

Let us discuss some of the reviews that students have given about this course. Starting from a 5-star rating till 1, we will discuss some honest comments given by our students who have taken this course. By reading the comments that users have given against the ASP.NET MVC 5 course, users that are planning to take this course can get an idea about what the course has to offer. In this way, it will become a little easy for them to decide if this is the right pick for them.

5-star rating:

The course contains some advanced level concepts about web development and have been explained quite amazingly.

When I started the ASP.NET MVC 5 course, I was unsure of whether it could benefit me the way I want it to be. But when I started learning from it, it totally gave me a better understanding of all the advanced level concepts regarding web development. So I must say that the course was really beneficial for me.

I would highly recommend this course to my peers.

After completing this course, I am pretty much convinced that thus course is highly recommendable. So I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and peers out there who also have interest in this field.

The instructor is worth praising here as he has tried to deliver everything to the point.

I found the instructor to be very competitive. His method of teaching is really interesting and easy to understand. And I think that it was only because of the optimistic body language of the instructor that made me understand all the concepts and develop a strong base.

The course taught me how to use SignalR tool exactly the way I wanted to learn.

The only purpose why I took this course was to learn about SignalR and I am so glad that my purpose was fulfilled through the course. I was able to understand all the technicalities of SignalR through the course.

This course is exactly what I was looking for, so glad I found this course.

I am a professional web developer and a lot of challenges come with it. I had been facing some problems regarding how I can develop a custom website using SignalR tool. Found this course and started learning from it and soon I was able to get all the answers that I was looking for about the technicalities of SignalR. Thanks to the instructor for making such a useful course as this course made me able to develop a strong understanding of this difficult tool.

The course contains exact, precise and to the point information in it that makes it really engaging.

There are many online short courses that are filled with unnecessary and irrelevant information. This kind of material can really make listeners reluctant to learn from the course. But this course is totally opposite as it contains to the point, exact and precise information in it that keeps learners engaged to the course.

The course first covers the basics and then takes the learners to the advanced level thereby leaving learners with an excellent understanding of every tool.

I really loved the way how the instructor starts from the basics and then takes learners to an advanced level gradually thereby letting them get a hold of all the concepts.

The structuring of the whole course is really admirable.

The whole course has been structured in a very organized manner. Each video has been arranged according to a sequence. In this way, learners don’t feel lost in its contents.

This is a great course that helps learners to build apps (Facebook clone) using SignalR.

I would say that this ASP.NET MVC 5 course is an amazing opportunity for people who wish to learn to build applications using SignalR.

4-star rating:

I really enjoyed learning from the course and hope that the instructor will make more courses regarding SignalR.

When I took the ASP.NET MVC 5 course I was a little hopeless whether it would benefit me the way it should. But my views totally changed after completing the course as I was able to learn so much from it. And I am really looking forward to learning more courses likes these.

Throughout the course, the instructor was there to answer any question that a learner wanted to ask. I really appreciate this gesture of help.

The course has a lot of useful information in it and the thing taught in the course were though technical but the instructor was there to answer all the ambiguities throughout the course which was really acknowledgeable.

The course has a number of quizzes and assignments that are really helpful.

At the end of each section, there were assignments and quizzes to solve. Trust me this is the best part for someone who is really determined to learn from the course. By solving these quizzes and assignments, I was able to get a firm grip over the concepts taught in the videos.

Every material available in the course is totally related and helpful.

The material available in the course was totally relevant and there was not even a single lecture or video that seemed out of context.

3-star rating:

The course was really interesting but I would suggest the instructor should add English subtitles in the lectures too.

The course was helpful but if the instructor could just add English subtitles in the videos then it would help all those who are not fluent in English understand easily.

What I loved most about the course was the part where how to use the ASP.NET MVC tool was explained.

I have started to develop an interest in web development but understanding the ASP.NET MVC tool was getting difficult until I found this course. I’m really happy I took the course.

2 and 1-star rating:

I found the voice of the instructor to be a little low.

The voice quality of the instructor was very poor. I had to rewind again and again to be able to listen to him clearly that was really time-consuming.


Let us discuss some of the alternatives that we have regarding this course. We will discuss some of the features of those alternatives and in this way, it can become easier for the new learners to decide which ASP.NET MVC 5 course is best or suitable for them.

The complete ASP.NET MVC 5 course

This is a course that aims to teach how to build effective and fast web applications with the help of ASP.NET MVC 5. There are a number of things that a learner is going to understand with the help of this course like what are CRUD operations and how we can implement them, how to use entity framework to update or query data, how to create and customize build configurations, manage different clients and server dependencies and much more. The ASP.NET MVC 5 course contains lectures in a very organized manner and the instructor has tried to be as thorough as possible. The course also contains a number of quizzes and assignments that are recommended to be solved at the end of each section. In this way, learners can develop a better understanding of how these tools can be used. The rating of this course is 4.4 and more than sixty thousand students have been enrolled in this course. The course is a wise choice that can help learners to develop a good understanding of ASP.NRT MVC 5 so if you think that you are the one in need of this course then click on the below-mentioned link to take the ASP.NET MVC 5 course now.

Complete ASP.NET MVC course in C#

This is also another alternative to our main course that aims to teach the basics of MVC in order to develop web applications that are not only fast but secure as well. The things that a learner will manage to learn will help them to improve their web development skills. The ASP.NET MVC 5 course will help learners to understand how to use Scaffolding templates, perform different validations and annotations, how to use various action results, how custom helper and extension methods are developed, and much more is explained in the ASP.NET MVC 5 course. The accent of the instructor is very easy to understand and seems like the instructor knew what he was delivering. The rating of this ASP.NET MVC 5 course is 4.2 and it has been found out that many students were able to start a career in this field after completing the course. Also, the course is available at a very appealing price so if you think that the course is worth buying for you then click on the below-mentioned link to get it now.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude our topic by saying that this course is a perfect choice for many people out there who wish to develop custom web applications using three different tools, ASP.NET MVC, SignalR and bootstrap. A learner will be able to learn about how to create websites with the help of this course in no time. The course contains different assignments and quizzes that will also play their part in helping learners to learn these tools and develop a strong base. The lectures available in the course are very to the point and clear. Every concept is being taught with the help of real-world examples so that a learner can develop a better understanding of every term explained. The instructor has tried to be as elaborate as possible and has added his whole experience in the course so that the learner can benefit from the ASP.NET MVC 5 course as much as possible. The rating of this course is 4.5 and many students who took this course have claimed to be satisfied by its content. So if you think that this course can give you an edge on becoming capable of developing custom websites then click on the take this course button now and get your hands on the contents of the course for a lifetime. Yes, you heard it right, once you take the course you will get lifetime access to its content. So I think that the course is totally worth buying.

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