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Marketing is one of the best components to grab customers in any business. It demands a very sharp mind that is capable of coming up with unique and brilliant ideas for their customers to get their attention and make them buy their product. The purpose of marketing is to satisfy customers and make a strong relationship with them so that they become a regular customer and choose our product over any other product. Marketing is a proper degree and many people opt this subject as their major course of study in order to make their career in this field. This course is a gateway for all those people who have interest in marketing as it has all the information that one needs to do better.

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Who should take this course?

All those people who have passion for marketing and have the ability to think out of the box can take this course. Those who have a marketing degree can also take this course and update their knowledge as advancement in studies is happening every day and one must cope with it in order to stay on top of their game. The course has everything that a marketing student needs to know and is explained in a very organized way. How you can target the correct audience, how you can select the right area to advertise your brand, how you can gain customer loyalty and make them your long term customers and much more has been taught in this course. Even the rating of this course is amazing that is 4.7. With the help of this course so many students have started their career and have been successful.

Social proof:

In social proof section, we have highlighted some of the feedbacks that our students gave. These comments are solely given by the students themselves based on their experience from the course. How this course has help them in taking their career to an advanced level or how they have got to clear their concepts is all given in this section. The purpose of this section is to help other students in deciding whether this course is a good choice for them. We’ll start from 5 star rating till end.

5 star rating:

It has changed my vision about pricing.

Before this course, I was not an expert in marketing. I knew a few things about marketing and its strategies. How to deal with pricing strategies and how to do branding were some of the things I knew nothing about. But with the help of this course, my vision about pricing strategy became very broad and I have learned a bunch of new things from this course.

I don’t have any experience in this field and yet this course has cleared so many concepts of marketing.

I am an inexperienced student in this field, but I had some interest in this field so I took this course and trust me even though I knew nothing about strategy but still I got to learn and understand so many terms in a very excellent way. Indeed the course is designed in a very meticulous way.

Best course in developing marketing skills.

If you are a marketer and need to update your skills, then you should definitely take this course. This course can easily help a marketer to develop all those skills that are necessary in becoming a good sales person. This course is a complete guideline for marketing students.

Has a lot of insightful content.

I already have a lot of experience in marketing but still I decided to take this course and trust me when I finished this course, my mind was filled with so many new content. This course indeed has many insightful content that many courses fail to provide.

The content was beautifully delivered and not monotonous.

The content is amazingly delivered by the instructors and there isn’t any repetition in the course that can develop a feeling of boredom. Every second of the course provides new and useful information to its students which makes this course very unique.

The duration of every video in the lectures were manageable.

What I found interesting about this course is how the lectures were so manageable. The duration of each video was very manageable. Neither the duration was too short or too long.

The scripts present at the bottom were really helpful.

The script given at the bottom of the course was very helpful for me to understand.

Great for beginners. And the course work is also in a very organized manner.

This course is very helpful for all the beginners. I would definitely suggest all the beginners to take this course.

Provides a brief yet holistic view of marketing.

The course is made in such a way that it provides a brief explanation if every term of marketing but still that brief description has all the information needed.

Instructors have explained the whole course with excellent examples and cases.

The course is very amazing as the instructors have tried as hard as possible to try to explain all the terms to the students with the help of excellent example and cases.

4 star rating:

Very insightful and relevant information was given.

No doubt the information given in the course is very useful and I was able to clear my concepts in a way that I was never able to do so before.

Helped me a lot in evaluating my company’s marketing approach.

This course has helped me a lot in evaluating my own company’s marketing approach. It has taught me tips to evaluate so many things about my company.

Well-structured course.

The whole structure of the course is very well maintained. Every section had so many interesting topics that were explained very well.

The quizzes were very helpful.

The quizzes given in the course turned out to be very helpful and has cleared so many concepts.

A very fresh and practical approach to marketing.

The course has a very fresh and practical approach that is a very plus point for all the marketing students.

A very challenging course.

I took this course as a challenge and tried to quench every bit of information from this course. I listened to all the lectures very carefully and then tried to apply all of the information that I learned practically and it worked. The course made me a better marketer. It changed my marketing strategy and the results were very obvious. I was now clearer of how I have to get things done.

Best part was real life examples.

The examples given in the course were based on real life experiences. These examples played a vital role in understanding many of the terms and techniques that have been discussed in the course.

3 star rating:

Good course but week 3 should have been more dynamic. I found week 3 a little less informative.

Information given is amazing but would appreciate if Coursera could update the course as now so much improved ways are being taught for marketing purposes.

The course was interesting and informative but at some point the professors would give reference of such terms that were not discussed before. So it got a little difficult at some point to figure out what they are trying to say.

Felt disorganization in the course but overall would definitely recommend it to a friend because I myself was able to learn so many new things about marketing.

Lectures were very helpful but the slides were non-downloadable.

The slides should have the option to download so that it can be used for a later time as they were very useful and informative.

Very helpful course but more projects should have been given to work on.

The only problem that I found was lack of projects. If they had given more projects to work on, this would have been very useful. But overall the course is amazing

The whole course is very good but some lectures were too complex.

I found some of the lectures given very complex and those complex lectures had less information given.

2 and 1 star rating:

There were not many exercises given in the end which was a problem as more exercises can enable a learner to clear his concepts in a better way

I found the lectures long and tiring.

Case study given was useful but the course was very brief according to my point of view.


Let us discuss some of the alternatives related to this course that can also be taken. We will give some brief explanation about these courses that will help students to understand better about what the course is.

Marketing strategy for entrepreneurs:

This course is also for those who are specializing in marketing field or have the passion to run their own business. If you have this kind of passion then you should take this course “Marketing strategy for entrepreneurs” by Henrik Blomgren. The course will help you learn all the important marketing tools that are required in any business. How you can develop a business plan for you product and how you can advertise it and get the right customers for your product, all this will be taught in this course. This course will also give their leaners an insight about digital marketing. So taking this course will be a wise choice.

The marketing plan:

What if you become capable of making your own marketing plan for your product and take it to the next level? If you think you’re capable of that then you should take Ramon Diaz –Bernardo’s “The Marketing plan” course. The course has all the information that a learner needs to know about how they can target correct audience for their brand, service or a specific product. How they can make new customers and maintain their old customers is also a strategy that is been taught in this course.


Let us conclude this topic by saying that marketing is for sure a field that has no limits and boundaries. Continuous customer targeting, making new ones, keeping old ones, advertising the brand or product wisely and much more are the key points of marketing and all these points and much more are discussed in this course by the instructor in a very easy and applicable way. The instructor has tried to be as elaborative as possible so that the leaners can take full benefit from this course. The course is a next step for those who have experience in marketing. It will not only increase their knowledge in marketing but will also enable them to modify their way of doing marketing for their business. Taking this course will not be a waste of money or even your time so hurry up and click on the take this course button now.

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