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Using Interactive Quizzes To Improve Online Course Effectiveness


When you have takegn an online course and started learning from it, how are you supposed to find out whether or not you have understood the taught concepts properly or not? Or how can you make sure that there aren’t any gaps in your knowledge? Well, this is the part where the role of quizzes in an online course comes. Interactive Quizzes are considered to be revealingly helpful. And they provide a great deal of feedback in finding out how much you have learned from the course. In short, interactive quizzes to improve online course effectiveness play an important part in making an online course effective. And that is why, majority of the learners before enrolling in any online course make sure that the specific course has quizzes in it.

Quizzes make an online course even more interactive, helpful, informational, and challenging. Many instructors before creating a course have this mindset that their course should have a very interactive Quiz (es) in it so as to make it more effective.

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Types of Interactive Quizzes To Improve Online Course Effectiveness

Below are some of the types of quizzes that can improve the course effectiveness to a great extent.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice is most probably the most common and widely used type of quiz questions. It is preferred by most teachers and instructors. Multiple –choice questions are known among one of the effective ways to test learners. In these types of questions, there are multiple possible answer options against one questions. Among these answers, only one is right and the other ones are just distracters. Multiple-choice questions come in different templates which one can use in interactive e Learning courses.

And below depict some of the multiple-choice questions templates.

Spin the Wheel

Spin Wheel

Spin the wheel is a very interactive template that presents a pool of multiple-choice questions covering different topics. Once the learner spins the wheel, he has to answer the question in which the needle of the wheel has stopped.

One-page Assessment

This is the classic multiple-choice questions template where all the questions are presented in a simple manner without getting all fancy.

Million-dollar Quiz

To spice things up, instructors can transform the conventional multiple-choice questions to an exciting million-dollar game quiz. This was spice up the course and learners would get to test their knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Gamification is an effective way to improve course effectiveness, learn more here.


In a match-the-pair quiz, there are two adjacent lists of words, or pictures, or even phrases. Now each of the items in the first list will pair with one or even more items in the second list. So, it is up to the learner to match the right pair.

Here are some of the relevant templates.

Analogous Pairs Having Fixed Attempts

In this template, learners would get a fixed number of attempts to match each pair. Using this template, you can reinforce different concepts and related details easily.

One-page assessment

This is the classic interaction template that learners use to set a comprehensive assessment. By adding a variety of questions in it including match-the-pair questions, learners get to learn in a fun and interactive way.

Fill in the blanks

fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks has to be the most old and common template that any instructor can use in a quiz. It requires a learner to complete the sentence by filling in the most suitable missing word. Fill in the blanks are considered to be a no-hint questions as there is just one line and a blank in it that you have to solve. This enables a learner to test his knowledge even more thoroughly. But many instructors believe that adding a hint would also help a learner to recall the concepts.

Below are some templates showing the usage of fill in the blanks questions.

One-page Assessment

As usual, one-page assessment is the classic template that demonstrates the creation of a comprehensive online assessment.

Drag/drop sort

This is a different template that would add a flavor of fill in the blanks in your exercises. The drag/drop template is very engaging and visually stimulating and would keep the learners stick to the screen.

Open-ended Questions

Open-ended questions, as the name suggests require a very detailed and meaningful answer from a learner. The questions that you will find in this template would generally help those learners who wish to express their own thoughts and feelings about a specific topic. Whatever a learner learns in a course, he will find questions relevant to the content and can then evaluate his level of understanding. Follow here to find out how to make an online course content effective?

Closed-ended Questions

Simply put, closed-ended questions require a very direct and simple answer typically of one word. They can be of true/false or yes/no type questions and would help a learner to instantly find out how much he has learned from the course. Below are some templates of this type.

Tic-tac-toe Questions

tic tac toe

Tic-tac-toe is a very popular game and everyone likes to play it no matter the age group. Now in this template, each cell grid will present a true/false questions. So learners can answer the questions right and win the game.

True and False Maze

In this template, instructors can set a stimulated puzzle in which learners will get to proceed further by answering the true and false type questions correctly. By answer each correct answer, learners will remove barriers to the correct path. And if they answer the questions wrong, then this will take them to a different path.

Final Thoughts

So these are the different templates that can be used in quizzes to improve online course effectiveness. Takethiscourse.net fully understands the importance of quizzes in an online course and gives score to an online course based on the availability and quality of the quiz.