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How To Create Online Course Content Effective?


There is no doubt over the fact that online learning has taken the world by storm and is reaching new heights with each passing day. The sheer convenience of students being able to learn anything, anywhere, and anytime and that too at lower costs is the biggest reason of online learning’s success. Now-a-days, students have this wish of studying at their own ease and pace and also work at the same time. And they were never able to do that when taking in-person classes. With online learning, students get to do all that they couldn’t do otherwise.  In short, online learning gives all the students a freedom to learn whatever they want, whenever and wherever they are. Today we are going to talk about some factors or points that are playing a vital part in creating online course content effective.

Online learning indeed has put all the students at ease by offering high quality content but has any of you ever thought how the online course content is created? Or what are the factors that play part in creating online course content effective?  Through online learning, students experience less limitations to learn and even take any course of their choice.

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What can help to create Online Course Content Effective?

Below are some of the factors that play a vital part in creating online course content effective.

Deciding the Audience


Think of it according to the instructor’s perspective. When you as an instructor are planning to create a course, the first thing that you should consider is choosing the right audience. If you don’t know who your audience is and what level your audience is already at, then the chances of maximum students making the most of it are very low. So before creating a course, you should first target the right audience.

Being Specific at Describing the Course Structure

The course structure is another factor that decides whether your course is effective and worth taking or not. If you have made it difficult for students to find out what topics your course covers and how well they are covered, then students will eventually lose interest in your course. So creating a well structured course is very important as it helps to determine the effective of the content of the course. The more clear and precise the structure is, the more effective would be the course content.


What good a course can bring to a learner if it’s content is not informative enough, right? Although there are hundreds and thousands of online courses available but they are of no use if not informative. And that is why, as an instructor, you need to make sure or most of the instructors make sure that their course is informative enough and has only relevant content in it.

Choosing the right Content Type

Content type

Before creating an online course content, it is very important to decide the content type you would want to add in the course. An online course may contain lecture videos, slides, text and photo lessons, or simple audio or any other mode. So it is up to you to make sure to choose the right content type. In our opinion, if you want to make your course content more effective, then it has to be a combination of different lecture videos, slides and text, and more.


Many online courses focus on theory only and they ignore the fact that majority of the students tend to demand both, theory and practical questions. So you should focus on whether your course content is only theoretical or has practical questions in it or not.

Easy to get Along with

When a student enrolls in an online course, it is highly likely that he is a beginner. And what he expects in a course is to be very easy to follow. So what should be done here is to make sure that the course content is not very difficult to understand but should be easy to get along with. If a course contains very difficult terms and learning material, then it is very natural that a learner would lose interest in the course and would find it a worthless course. Therefore, know that an easy to understand course also makes up for creating an online course content effective.

Continuously Updated

Creating a course and just adding informational content in it one time is not enough. It is because a lot of new information comes everyday regarding a specific topic and if you don’t update the course content according to it then it is of no use to the learners. Therefore, it is very important that you keep the course content up-to-date so that whoever takes the course has all the latest learning content about it and can learn and develop new skills accordingly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these above and many more factors are responsible for making online course content effective. And these factors are the ones which takethiscourse.net considers while measuring the effectiveness of an online course. We believe all the online courses content can be effective enough if the instructors keep these factors in mind while creating them.