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Top 10 Human Physiology Online Courses 2021 [Updated]

Human Physiology Online Courses

To understand the functions and mechanisms in a living system, takethiscourse.net has made a list of top 10 Human Physiology Online Courses and MOOCs for you. So let’s see what this list has for you.

So today, we have gathered down a list of Human Physiology Online Courses for you. So let us take a look at each of these courses.

  1. Introductory Human Physiology
  2. Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us
  3. Physiology and Biochemistry
  4. Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology
  5. Microbial Physiology and metabolism
  6. Physiology: the Science of Life
  7. Exercise Physiology – The Body in Motion
  8. Animal Physiology
  9. Introduction to physiology
  10. Plant Physiology

List of top Human Physiology Online Courses:


Introductory Human Physiology

      • Duke University via Coursera
      • 33 hours of effort required
      • 348 285+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (3,595 Reviews)

Intro to human physiologyIn this Human Physiology Online course, you are going to learn all about what human physiology is. As a student, you will recognize and apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function in nine of your organ systems. The course has a variety of concepts to teach and at the end of the course, you will develop many skills. This includes understanding metabolic pathways, medicine, organ systems, and biology.

Through this Human Physiology Online course, I was able to gain a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for how my body works. The information related to human physiology in this course has been presented in a structured manner and is quite valuable (David JH, ★★★★★).

I am an incoming medical student in the Philippines and decided to take this course to understand how the human body works. Thanks to this course, as it provided me with enough background about the human body and the underlying machinery of all the systems inside us (KIN IRN, ★★★★★).


Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us

      • University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
      • 15 hours of effort required
      • 243,267+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (4,285 Reviews)

Vital SignsThis Human Physiology Online course will help you understand what your body does and how it communicates with you. The body communicates through vital signs which include heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and, pain, etc. you will be exploring the anatomy and physiology underlying the vital signs. This will help you develop a systematic and integrated understanding of how your body functions. Similarly, you will also understand what normal ranges, normal variants, and other mechanisms in your body, work.

This was a great course that provided me with all the information I needed about the anatomy and physiology of the main systems in our body. The video lectures were very interactive and the Human Physiology course instructor has shown great ability to teach. I am really glad to have taken this course (Tercio ADRB, ★★★★★).

I really loved how the professor was too much invested in this course and the way she has taught everything made me feel as if I was in a classroom. The Human Physiology Online course lectures were very engaging and even the hardest concepts have been taught really well. So, a big thank you to the instructor for her efforts (Andrenna B, ★★★★★).


Physiology and Biochemistry

      • Dr. Ramtej J. Verma | Gujarat University via Swayam
      • 236+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
      • Level: Undergraduate

A course that covers all the essential aspects of physiology and biochemistry in detail. The course has a variety of topics covered which will help you reach your goal. You’ll start with understanding all about nerves and muscles. Then you will get a detailed lecture on what digestion is and how your digestive system works. Similarly, in your next video, you will learn about your respiration system. How you breathe, what is pulmonary respiration, and other topics will be discussed in this section. Furthermore, you will learn about excretion, the cardiovascular system, reproduction, and more.


Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology

      • New York University (NYU) via Coursera
      • 47 hours of effort required
      • 30,334+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (260 Reviews)

Engineering healthAn interactive and challenging course that will give you a chance to explore physiological systems thoroughly. You will identify the role, structure, and function of human physiological systems first. Then you will learn to differentiate between normal and abnormal functioning of a human physiological system. Similarly, you will also examine the underlying physiological mechanisms that connect healthy functioning to yoga practice and more. Lastly, you will learn to practice yoga that will target therapy, prevention, and overall wellness.

I would say it was a superb course and is suitable for all those people out there who are interested in Yoga. The course expanded the reach I thought yoga had. So many new concepts were explained in the course. Even a lot of scientific research connected to yoga is also explained along with practices. And thus I would recommend this course to all my friends who want to practice yoga like me (Manuel GJ, ★★★★★).

This is one of the best Human Physiology Online courses I have ever taken and completed in my entire life. Edie’s book also has additional support and that too a good one. And thanks to this course, I am miles forward with my teaching (Helena MG, ★★★★★).



Microbial Physiology and metabolism

      • CEC and Maharani’s Science College for Women via Swayam
      • 192+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
      • Level: Undergraduate

The whole syllabus of the course has been designed in a way that will cover all about microbial physiology. Different topics will be discussed here like what are microbial enzymes, their structure, and their classification. Next, you will learn about the mechanism of enzymes. Similarly, you will understand what batch and continuous culture are, what are the phases and types of the growth curve. Moreover, you will learn about microbial growth, the classification of bacteria, photosynthetic pigments, and more. This Human Physiology Online course is divided into weeks and at the end of each week, there are different MCQs and assignments for you to solve. Thus with every week, you complete, you get to solve the assignments as well which will improve your understanding.


Physiology: the Science of Life

      • University of Liverpool via FutureLearn
      • 8-10 hours of effort required
      • 17,542+ already enrolled!
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • ★★★★★ (20 reviews)

Physiology the Science of lifeGet a complete introduction to human physiology and understand all about the amazing systems in our bodies that keep us healthy and alive. Upon completing this course, you will be able to describe the whole cardiac cycle. Next, you would have understood what a sinoatrial node is and its role. Similarly, you would have also learned all about what nerve impulsion is. Other topics like the effects of exercise on tidal volume and breathing rate, variations in ventilation and cardiac output, and more will be covered.

Completing this Human Physiology Online course has made me realize I never knew enough about how our body works until this course. Everything in this course turned out to be fantastic including the theoretical and practical parts. Lecture videos regarding respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems were the best ones for me. Looking forward to enrolling in more courses like this (Sumayah K).


Exercise Physiology – The Body in Motion

      • Athlete 365 and University of Exeter via Independent
      • Taught By: Dr Richard Winsley & Dr Joanna Bowtell
      • ★★★★★

To keep your mind and body relaxed and healthy, it is important to make a habit of doing exercise daily. And that is why we present to you a course that will help you understand the types of exercises and how they keep you healthy. You will understand what exercise physiology is and how it affects your training. Similarly, you will know what resistance training is and how it impacts your mind and body. Moreover, you will also understand how regular exercise and activity can help you stay healthy and prevent you from getting sick. Thus with this course, you will learn techniques in the prevention and treatment of certain chronic health conditions.


Animal Physiology

      • Prof. Mainak Das | Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur via Swayam
      • 1,608+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
      • Level: Undergraduate/Postgraduate

From the Human Physiology Courses, this course can also be called an informal journey to help you know all about your own body. You will get to know how you’re and the rest of the human body, work? Next, you will learn all the things that make up your body. Similarly, the instructor will also help you understand the organizational hierarchy of the body. How your body’s regular function is disrupted and how it tries to restore its normal functioning will also be discussed. Moreover, you will also know how your body adjusts under extreme physiological situations and re-calibrates its functions.


Introduction to physiology

      • Saint Petersburg State University via Coursera
      • 27 hours of effort required
      • 9,896+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (32 Reviews)

Introduction to physiologyIntroduction to Physiology is quite an interactive course that will allow you to understand the basics of the functioning of a human body. The overall aim of the course is to help you obtain the basic knowledge of molecular-cellular processes. These processes underlie the activity of organs and as well as the principles of their regulation. At the end of the Human Physiology Online course, you would have mastered the basic terminology and understanding of the basic functions of cells. Thus you will gain a complete understanding of the basic principles of controlling the functions of organs with this course.

A very interesting course that encloses in it interesting and valuable material to learn. Though the ten-week duration of the course is very little to cover such a huge area of knowledge. But we can say that completing this Human Physiology Online course will give you most of the information you need to understand human physiology. I have finally completed this course and realized that the course has indeed taught me a lot about how our body systems work (Vladimir Y, ★★★★★).

From Human Physiology courses this course is quite amazing and encompassing and helped me understand a lot of points. From cell level to organism level, everything was amazing (Ryabinina M, ★★★★★).


Plant Physiology

      • Dr. Mohmad Arief Zargar | University of Kashmir and CEC via Swayam
      • 968+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
      • Level: Undergraduate

The  Plant Physiology course has been designed meticulously to acquaint you with the key concepts regarding the functional aspects of plants. With that, you will also gain a sufficient understanding of different topics of plant physiology. The Human Physiology Online Courses instructor has put a special focus on the uptake and translocation of water and nutrients in the course. Different topics will be discussed like transpiration and the mechanism of stomatal movement. The importance of mineral nutrition, how nutrients are up taken and transported across cell membranes, and many other topics are a part of the course.

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So pick for yourself a Human Physiology Online Courses from this collection now and stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.