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How to Evaluate Coding Skills: Interview Questions for Web Developers


Web developers play an important role in the digital world. 


They are the ones who build platforms for a better relationship with your customers. Without them, it would be impossible to keep up with the digital projects demanded by your clients. Trends are quickly changing and if you’re in search of finding the best web developer for your company, it’s good that you’re here. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about all the ways you can evaluate coding skills in web developers, and choose the best candidate for the job. How to evaluate a coding Interview

Ways to evaluate coding skills in your potential web developers. 

As a web developer, you always have to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Will they find this site helpful? Is there any way that I can make the site more appealing? A ton of questions to improve their work and make it even better. With the tight market, it can be hard to evaluate candidates that would be perfect for the web developer position. 

Sometimes making one bad decision of not choosing the right person for the job will cost you thousands of dollars. Being a web developer is a high-paying position, and comes with high responsibility and wide technical knowledge. 

Interviews for web developers 

Interviews usually consist of three phases. Each one will help you determine whether the candidate it’s perfect for the job position that you’re offering. With the first phase of the interview, you carefully examine the behavior of your candidate, as well as their experience according to their resume. 

The second phase is the technical interview where you’re going to evaluate the coding skills of the candidate by asking different questions. The last phase is allowing your candidates to ask any questions that they would like to know. Interview for Web Developer

Backend Developer interview questions 

You can use the backend developer interview questions that will help you to find a web developer to your liking. It may not be an easy job to do, but the requirements and desired skills that you want to exist in your company are the same ones you should look for when hiring a web developer. 

Technical interview questions 

Any of the technical questions will help you decide whether a candidate is a right fit for your company. We’ll continue with the questions now.  

1. Can you explain what computer programming is?

This is basic knowledge that every web developer should know. Computer programming is a process of creating instructions in the form of code for the computer. A code is written in a programming language so the computer can understand it easily and perform the tasks. 

2. What is web development?

Yes, work development it’s the process of creating a website for the internet, but to be a professional web developer you might need to elaborate on that. A web developer should have strong knowledge about tools like: 

  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language that can be easily inserted into HTML. 
  • API (Application Programming Interface) is responsible for receiving requests from the user and sending responses to the rest of the server. API’s ranks help improve the website experience of the clients.
  • HTML/CSS (HyperText Markup Language / Cascading Style Sheets) are coding languages. HTML helps in creating and organizing the content and structure of the website. On the other hand, CSS is the style of the website. 
  • JavaScript is a language that controls the content on the site and can interfere with both CSS and HTML. When a user is scrolling through the content of a particular site, that’s usually controlled by JavaScript.

3. What programming languages do you have experience with?

Every great developer should know at least two programming languages that they can work with. Potential web developers should have a deep understanding of programming, data structures, and algorithms. A web developer has a duty of understanding CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

4. How can a string be transformed into an integer?

A good web developer should write robust code with all the negative, and positive symbols, including the overflow and maximal and minimal integers. The code is expected to contain all the cases even in situations where the input string isn’t numeric. 

5. What do you know about data structures and algorithms?

Data structures help you organize the data, an array, linked lists, and stacks. This will help to evaluate the programming skills of your candidate. Since data structures help to have better access to items that were recently placed. On the other hand, algorithms are instructions that developers give to the computer to solve some issues. 

6. What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is a technique of computing in a shared folder of files, etc, that can be accessed through the internet. All the resources are placed in data centers and are available to anyone. Python, Java, Go, and Ruby are a few of the programming languages that can be used for cloud computing. 

7. What is Structured Query Language (SQL), and the database?

SQL is used for communication between relational databases. It helps in storing and organizing the data in the databases. NoSQL is the opposite and it’s mainly used for storing and accessing data by using key values. A database is the structured collection of all the data and stored information. 

8. What are text editors?

Text editors are used for editing, viewing, and opening text files. It helps in writing and editing programming and markup languages. The configuration files are maintained by text editors. Text editors can improve the workflow and productivity, while allowing any web developer to effectively write codes. 

9. Is software testing important?

Software testing is important that will help any web developer to determine whether the website contributes to a better experience for the user. It’s a process of checking the quality of the site and finding different ways to improve it.  

10. Can you spot any bugs just by looking at the codes?

A good web developer should be able to analyze the code and trace all the previous actions, as well as find the starting point of the code. Understanding the codes usually comes with more experience you have with programming. 

11. While building a website, what user interface and security principles do you employ?

Web developers should know that a good website should be easily navigated, and have a seamless design,  consistency, clarity, flexibility, etc. Having aesthetically appealing features is also important to make your site stand out from the competition.

12. What can you do to improve a less appealing website or application?

There are different ways that can be taken into consideration to improve a particular web page or app. Good web developers can find ways to improve the site by making navigation easier, call-to-action colors, etc. 

Live coding interviews 

Live tests will help you understand the ways how your candidates think and perform by using their prior knowledge. You’ll be able to observe their tasks through many online apps. Live coding allows you to dig deep into the logic, and coding skills of the candidate. They offer valuable sources of information about your potential web developers. 

Features of a successful web developer 

Aside from having the technical knowledge to become a professional web developer, there are some things that are important as well. A passionate web developer should always be eager to learn more and add to their knowledge. With nowadays technology, it has become very easy to access educational resources and learn something more about being a web developer. 

Understanding that web development requires being a teammate player, rather than working alone it’s also important. You would want a web developer who can bring success to a certain project while taking part in the whole team who is working on it.

Being a great planner is also another trait that developers should have. Planning the project is important since it would contribute to the end results. Before jumping to immediate action, planning can help to visualize and learn about the end result of the project, and find ways to improve. 


If you need the perfect web developer, you should ask the right questions. By asking the wrong questions you might miss the great potential of web developers who would bring success to your company. You can employ different methods and tests that will help you determine the right candidate for you.